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Ford, General Motors Issue Statements Congratulating Joe Biden

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After days of vote tallying and a bit of controversy, major news outlets declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election over Donald Trump in a rather tight race. As is typically the case, the results of these elections promises to have a major effect on the way automakers do business for the next four or more years, and both Ford and GM were quick to issue statements following Biden’s declared victory.

“We congratulate President-elect Biden and the newly and re-elected officials across all levels of government,” Ford’s statement read. It is our hope these leaders will focus on bringing the country together and pursue policies that encourage U.S. manufacturing, sustainability, and global economic stability.”

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“We look forward to working with the new administration and incoming Congress on policies that support our customers, dealers, and employees, help strengthen our manufacturing presence in the United States, and advance our vision of an all-electric, zero-emissions future,” GM said in its statement.

Joe Biden has already talked extensively about his plans for the environment, which involve lowering emissions and combating climate change. Regardless, Ford has continued to push forward in this regard, recently signing a binding agreement with the state of California that will compel it to follow the state’s vehicle emissions standards moving forward, which are currently stricter than those imposed by the federal government.

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The automaker also recently signed a new labor deal with Unifor that includes a retooling of the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant to build a total of five new all-electric vehicles beginning in 2024, with the first such vehicle scheduled to roll off the assembly line in 2025. In the meantime, FoMoCo’s first-ever all-electric vehicle – the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E – just entered production, and the Ford F-150 EV and E-Transit, the Ford Transit EV, are both scheduled to launch in mid-2022.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris uniting America and Building, Back, Better a stronger future job well done, Congratulations

      • Congratulation Biden for taking down a dictator I haven’t seen no mess like this is Jim Jones Guyana tragedy. To think in 2020 from 18 to 100 you can still find 70 million fools to follow a CULT He file bankruptcy 6 times, his Casino went belly up, his University fail, He RAPED a lady, got in office and put kids in cages. Fail on a virus that’s killed 240,000 plus which killed the economy that he inherited from Obama just like his money came from his dad. Now what we looking at is a 74 year old hiding in the White House like a 3 year old at Walmart having a Tantrum firing staff because he LOST. Taking money from the 70 million who voted, for his next FAILED VUTURE He’s good at down on others but Horrible Sour Grapes at LOSING,Silence is the sign of Defeat. I don’t have time to baby him or his followers If you don’t know RIGHT from WRONG. Voting me down is like Spitting on your MOTHER you have No RESPECT for COMMON SENSE or HUMAN LIFE

      • The most PATHETIC thing is not knowing when your time is up and leave with CLASS. Instead of wearing out your WELCOME and being Embarrassingly kicked out of the Peoples House, this is his Legacy we’re talking about which is just one more thing he don’t care about STOP putting people on Pedestal all who do will only be let down at the end of the day AMERICA is better than this

        • Want to talk pathetic? More than half of the population hates you for your anti-American ideology. Why do you want to be owned by China????

          You will regret this criminal removal of a great president!

          • What you fail to learn along with the rest of the Sore Loser here every 4 years Americans have right to elect a new President. Someone forgot to tell you all and him, he’s just visiting.Be it Democrat or Republican, he Lost GET OVER IT, GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE and LET HIM GET ON WITH HIS LIFE He not GOD so I don’t understand why you all are making a FOOL of yourself HATE is bred by ignorance so you all keep right on HATING HAHAHA

            • Roy–you are a TOOL for the corrupt democrat party. I don’t deal in “hate”, only facts, you moron.

              The criminal you mention, Biden, can only be “president elect” after the Electoral College approves, as long as President Trump choses not to concede.

              Read up on the US electoral process before you spit up more nonsense. And–please read your posts aloud to yourself before clicking the button.

            • Sore loser? What’s this? You mean #notmypresident for four years? You mean Hillary Clinton in 2019 saying the election was stolen from her? You mean a three year ghost hunt to investigate Russian election interference that only proved there was help for the democratic party?
              Roy, the fact is your entire attack on Trump is moot and ripe with ignorance. Joe Biden is not the president elect. Trump is completely within his rights to challenge the election. Al Gore did the same thing and his feud was less substantial and took 38 days. No legal body has determined Joe Biden has won. No politician that has the ability to rule the election has declared it. The media has and that’s it. If there are politicians have said it, they are saying so outside of their authority.

        • Joe Biden has been elected to be the next President of these United States. I truly believe he’ll do what’s best for America and more importantly for American made products. If he gets the support needed from congress he’ll also start on infrastructure. I wish him luck!😆

      • In reply to “Roy Chile’s”…And your lack of the English language and grammer. Just another puppet spouting fake news. All of what this person mentioned of President Trump doing, the Obama administration was guilty of.

  2. But he’s not the president elect…many media outlets have declared it, but it’s a legal process, not the media, that decides the outcome. That legal process, even in a more stable year, will take until December unless one of the candidates concede.

  3. FoMoCo: Even if inaugurated, Biden will never be considered a legitimate U.S. president outside of the deceitful sham media [or any of his supporters], because of massive and obvious election fraud. After this gets aired out in court, we’ll see that Trump annihilated him by hundreds of thousands of votes.

    Without fair elections, this country no longer exists in the form that it was, and over half of the population IS NOT okay with this outcome. Do you really want to alienate more than half of your domestic market?

  4. How can these two corporations congratulate a man of total mediocrity and zero accomplishments. He sold out his country for his own personal wealth. The cheating in all of the big democratic and union controlled states put this guy in. He knows he’s a farce and I only hope karma dies its thing during his term. He’s not a legitimate president in half of the country’s opinion. His calls for unity ring very hollow considering the way they treated Trump. I say we extend Biden every courtesy he and the democratic party/media extended President Trump.

    TRUMP 2024!

      • In reply to “Roy Chile’s”…And your lack of the English language and grammer. Just another puppet spouting fake news. All of what this person mentioned of President Trump doing, the Obama administration was guilty of.

      • I am so disappointed in Ford. I will say, I will NEVER buy another. I thought ill of GM when they took the government bailout. Ford did not. So I purchased a Ford. Is there any company not buying into this hatred of America? They forget who their loyal customers are. The people can have their say by not purchasing their products any longer, or shopping in their stores. If we make ourselves aware of who these companies are, and do just that, they will feel the pain financially. Let’s all jump on that bandwagon.

  5. So, let me get this straight. FOMOCO & Government Motors are congratulating Biden/Harris. For what, exactly, being globe trotting criminals?
    Here’s the problem with that. The only thing they’ve won is the lame stream medias’ fawning adoration. This ain’t over by any stretch of y’all’s feeble imagination.
    Stand by & stay tuned.

    • Yes! I’m so amazed at the audacity of the media and what I thought was an American car company. [I dumped GM in the communist column years ago].

  6. Well, at least now there will be a unified emissions standard across the US. Makes my work easier. Don’t need to redesign vehicles to suit CARB specific markets. Just sell one vehicle nationwide.
    Ford planned to implement CARB nationwide on all vehicles anyways to reduce engineering variances and save costs. GM may not have planned for this, so they might feel a pinch.

  7. You spineless, liberal morons. Jumping on the hate Trump bandwagon. Go ahead and slit your own throats ! Biden who you imbeciles Don’t know has not been duly elected. The electoral college has to vote him in, not the press !!!! You asshats !!!
    I am truly embarrassed to say I worked in Ford service for over 20 years. I will never own another one. Junk now and have been for a long time. God bless our duly elected President. Donald Trump.

      • Is it? Did you think that Pelosi was thinking about Trump when she tried to get the law changed about getting rid of an unfit president? Not a chance, that was about Biden

      • Let’s revisit this conversation when she takes his place. I’ll save it and get back to you. You folks are so clueless. In the meantime, just do a web search on Pelosi’s move,which was done very fast, to introduce a bill under 25th Amendment for commission to evaluate fitness of future presidents. Most immediately thought it was for Trump. She actually clarified that it wasn’t. Put the pieces together.

  8. Yeah I’m of one mind -> but 2 different opinions about this….

    Its obvious to anyone looking that this is a blatantly stolen election on several levels.

    First opinion:

    Since the vote count is being handled EXACTLY as instructed by Mexico’s PRI party – who have held power for around a century there, Biden is almost certainly going to be certified as the winner…

    Second opinion:

    I might have wished that Trump would have been a STRONG president – calling out the National Guard to count votes just as Eisenhower opened school house doors for black kids.

    Instead, I get 2 emails a day telling me to contribute money to $Billionaire lawyers who tell the NY Times that they hate working for Trump, and therefore, will be as ineffectual as Bush’s guy who is currently our Attorney General, who incidentally, wanted FBI agent
    immunity from any innocents killed at Ruby Ridge.

    Trump tweeted that he saw all this coming in June. There ain’t much time to do ANYTHING NOW. So should we congratulate Biden? With Trump being apparently as weak and gutless as he is – I would be surprised if Biden is not certified POTUS.

    Jesus’ Comment comes to mind: “Because you are neither Hot nor Cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”. Lukewarm ” I would never do anything against the Clintons – they’re Good People” Trump appears to be the spittle once again.

  9. Do you all consider that republican led states where Biden has won are corrupt? You all don’t make any sense. Sorry about your hate! It’s blinding you…😆

    • Hate? Really. The hate is what has been spewed at Trump and his supporters for 4 years non stop over made up stories and plenty of pure lies. This isn’t hate, this is common sense amd love for our country. Venezuelan elections were more honest than this one. Take the names and parties out and just look at what happened. Ever see states stop counting? I haven’t in the 40 years I’ve been voting. Ever see leads like Trump had at 3 am disappear over night, after counting was supposedly stopped? Ever heard of a computer glitch giving 100,000 votes to the wrong guy?never mind one computer glitch, but every state that Trump was up in had them. Use your head.

  10. Thought Ford was held its head up high to not use Goverment Money. Many of my relatives who came here for freedom bought Ford’s. Why would you let these freedomm fighters down. Henry Ford is turning over in his grave.

    • In reply to “Roy Chile’s”…And your lack of the English language and grammer. Just another puppet spouting fake news. All of what this person mentioned of President Trump doing, the Obama administration was guilty of.

  11. What a joke, it’s not over anyway. All these stolen votes will get removed. Trump did win and will be in for a second term. No way a guy as dumb as Biden should ever be president of anything. But the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and any of our other enemies will be happy if he was to win. They own him. If he gets to stay, it will truly be a sad day for America and the rule of law. If they get away with stealing this election, the republicans will never win again. It will just be a matter of time before the demorats have a super majority in both houses. If they don’t have to worry about getting caught, why stop. The idea that Biden got 10 million more votes than Obama in 2008 is hilarious.

  12. Don’t get all butthurt over this. Ford had to do this just in case they get away with stealing this. Besides, the one Ford great grandson, Bill I think, is a tree hugging liberal anyway. He got rid of the money making excursion because his tree hugging buddies were complaining about the gas mileage and how over sized it was.

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