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Ford Torino GT Rendering Reimagines Cool Classic As Modern Muscle Car

The Ford Torino GT offered buyers a sportier, high-performance version of the regular Torino in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was an aggressive, good-looking, and rather popular vehicle in its day, with roughly 350,000 produced across four model years. And yet today, they’re still overlooked for the most part, which is a shame indeed.

Artist Oscar V. recently found himself wondering what a modern take on the classic Ford Torino GT might look like, so he went ahead and created these renderings. And at first glance, it’s pretty easy to see both the vintage and modern influences for this car. For starters, it looks like it’s been based on the current S550 Ford Mustang, albeit with a very different body.

Up front, we can clearly see the blacked-out grille with minimalist headlights, as well as the Mustang-like front bumper. However, as we move down the side, the original Torino GT influence is quite apparent. It starts with the semi-squared-off wheel arches, leading back to the signature fastback look that protrudes from the sloping roofline.

The doors on the rendering look essentially just like the Mustang, however, as does the front portion of the roof. But it would also make perfect sense to use the pony car as a base for a theoretical new Gran Torino, even though the original was much larger than the Mustang from that era or the new one.

Throw on a set of Performance Pack 2-like wheels and some vibrant side stripes, and we’ve got a pretty interesting nod to another slice of Ford history. And as is usually the case, we would love to see it come to reality, even if that isn’t terribly likely to happen.

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    I like the 72 Gran Torino bwtter

  2. Roy Chile’s

    This looks good it would look great with closed grill headlights like the 70 model above has. Sad there’s no rear picture of the rendering which should show full black out taillights also. I had a 73 Fast Back with a 351 Windsor fun car

  3. fpvfan

    not a fan of the render, but i love the idea. unfortunately, it will never happen.

  4. Bruce

    I want a 1970 Gran Torino Cobra, the King Cobra is badass but the front end looks wired to me!

    1. Troy Whittle

      Cobra was made from 1969-71.
      Gran Torino was 1972-73.
      King Cobra was 1970 with 3 prototypes made.
      You just like running car names together?
      My 1970 Cobra is 545 ci. SCJ. 5-sp. 3:89 gears.

  5. Lurch

    Looks much like an Aussie Ford Falcon.

  6. Jack

    I sure miss my 68 Gran Torino

    1. JD

      I’m building one right now

  7. Don Speece

    I have two 70 torino gts they didn’t get the gran torino name till 1972 that is beautiful rendering i like it alot both of mine have 351 Cleveland in them .

  8. Mark Mundwiller

    The only thing that I see in common is the color and the God awful rainbow stripe. The rendering is crap …sorry

  9. fpvfan

    I breezed over this a few weeks ago with a short comment stating how I’m not a fan of this person’s rendering of the legendary mid-size muscle car however I love the idea. I’ve stated before my opinions on Ford’s Performance vehicles and how the Mustang has run its course and it is time for a mid-size performance vehicle to take it’s place completely. The Torino family of vehicles includes the Falcon, the Fairlane and even the Ranchero sub-compact pickup. the Torino-like Falcon of Australia was an amazing vehicle and should have been the global performance car of Ford right from the start. Names like Cobra, GT and Talladega need to return to the streets along with the Aussie trims such as Sprint XR6, XR8 and Boss. The Torino family should have a coupe, convertible, crossover and sub-compact truck With other trim levels including Fairlane (non-performance versions) and Falcon (4-door sedan) and even an electric variant in all white called the Thunderbolt. Yes they should all be on the CD6 platform and they should be larger than the mustang, roughly around the size of the Dodge Charger or BMW M8 and they should be rear wheel drive based. The styling should blend the look of the 70-71 Torino and the Aussie Falcon fastback and four doors of the early ’70’s just modern. As far as powertrains, Although I love V8 engines, these cars should NOT be focused around V8 powerplants. I love V8 engines but Ford has other engines that are way better. Ford’s Barra 325T 4.0L Inline-6 Turbo and the Supercar 3.5L V6 are amazing sounding engines and they put out alot of power and can easily be at the top of the performance food chain for Ford Performance vehicles, not to mention the 3.0TT, the 3.0TT Hybrid and the 3.5TT Hybrid would make great power plants in these cars as well with the 10-speed auto, the 10-speed hybrid auto and 7-speed DCT options with AWD systems inspired by the Focus RS and Taurus SHO, big Brembo brakes, Magnetic ride/Air ride suspension systems, double wishbone setups, etc. Do this with the Torino family of vehicles and the Ford Explorer and Ford will truly have some serious performance vehicles in their lineup as well as desirable regular vehicles. Have Roush, Ford Performance and Mountune really get with the program on these new turbocharged 6-cylinder powerplants and let go of the old school V8 thing and Ford can easily trounce all over GM and Mopar with this lineup. Bring over the Ford Puma and get rid of the Ecosport and Escape and give the puma the ST trim and an RS trim. Detune the 2.3L Down to 330hp/350tq for the ST trim and give us a 2.5L Ecoboost I-5 with 375hp/380tq like the MK2 Focus and give it a similar AWD setup to the last Focus RS but with a high performance DCT setup. Of course there needs to be a normal pedestrian variant but a Puma RS I-5 is needed. The great thing about a Puma is, in real life, the Puma and the Cougar are the same animal which means Ford could bring back the Cougar head logo for this car which would be really nice. I’d much rather see that than a Ford logo.
    Another thing Ford needs to do is move the Ranger/Bronco to the F150 platform like what toyota is doing with the Tundra/Tacoma. Also, give the Ranger more of the Expedition grille and a more truck-like look with a proper 6ft bed option. Granted it should still be a step under the F150 but it should be new and different. The interior needs a full make over and that should look alot more like the F150 with alot of the same features. Get rid of that 2.3L and put in the 2.7L Ecoboost and the 3.0L ecoboost and do the same for the Bronco. The F150 should come with a minimum of the 3.5L Powerboost V6 and step up to the 3.5L Ecoboost and up so a supercar derived variant of the 3.5L Ecoboost for the Raptor. The Expedition should receive the same equipment as the F150 all the way around and if Ford would do a Vignale package for the Expedition, F150 and Explorer along wth the Puma and a Fairlane Vignale, they wouldn’t need the Lincoln brand at all! Saves alot of money especially since Lincoln isn’t global. The F150 Lightning should return as well as a short bed, AWD, 660hp 3.5L ecoboost V6, 7spd DCT powered crew cab pickup with side exit exhaust, lowered ultra high performance suspension, aero upgrades, Lightning interior, unique 24″ wheels, huge Brembo brakes and sever al other things. Lastly, Ford needs to come out with a new Powerstroke Diesel Inline-6 turbo that will out performance the Duramax Diesel in the Silverado HD and the CUmmins Diesel in the Ram trucks The Super Duty needs to be more on-par with the Ram Heavy Duty series of pickup trucks along with an electric option to compete with the Hummer EV. Beyond that, Ford should truly focus its EV programs into law enforcement, commercial, fleet, first responders, freight transport and things like that. Vehicles like the Mach E, the C-Max, the Transits and even the concept EVOS should all be fully electric and the place where Ford can channel all of their ideas about electric vehicles.

  10. jaime

    it needs a chrome bumper and the Torino logo painted on the hood with duel exhaust and a nice purr sound

  11. Mbaylog

    I personally like it. I’m an art guy and Ford fanatic. I had a ’71 Torino Cobra and loved it, very fun car. What all the downers don’t realize is that in today’s corporate culture being able to share parts or platforms keeps a project in budget. By using aspects of current models you vision a car that blends old meets new. You just used your artistic license and that’s fine by me. Keep up the great work!

  12. Mike Williams

    Just for general information there are no Gran Torino’s for 70-71 Gran Torino’s are 72 and newer, 70-71 are unibody card and 72&up are full frame cars. Personally I will stick with my 70-71 cars I have owned around 10 parted out many and have a 70 Torino GT, 71 Torino GT convertible and a 70 Ranchero GT right now. Have only owned 1 72 Gran Torino Sport they are very heavy and drive nothing like a 70-71. Everyone has their preference my are hands down 70-71’s

    1. Lurch

      My grandfather, who was seriously old school, never cared for unibodies. I guess Ford was just in the game of making everything bigger every body change and wanted a bigger intermediate. Road-hugging weight and all that.

  13. Chris

    That laser stipe… some things are better left in the past.

  14. William bush

    Come on Ford company.
    You have the bottom of that car looking like a Toyota. Go further back to the old American style.Slim that rear end down a little bit.
    Add a little chrome.

  15. Donald

    I have a 68 Torino GT convertible that I’ve been working on for a while. Always loved that 1st gen body style. I drive it every now and then, always get appreciative nods wherever I go.

  16. Keith

    I miss my 1973 grand torino sport fastback dark blue 351 cleveland .I would love to find another one, or a new version.

  17. Charles

    I had a 1970 Ford GT Torino loved my car it was yellow with white interior and it did run faster than what it was posted


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