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Forgeline Debuts New Flow Forged Ford Mustang Wheel Design: Video

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Aftermarket companies produce a staggering amount of accessories for the Ford Mustang, and the sheer number of Mustang wheel designs are no exception to that rule. Forgeline recently debuted the Flow Formed F01 series for Ford’s muscle car. While the wheel isn’t exclusive to the Mustang, we think owners should consider them, as they look right at home on the pony.

The Flow Formed F01 is a 5-lug design developed exclusively for modern sports cars. Forgeline designed the wheels for street use and offers them in three distinct finishes: Black Ice, Liquid Silver, and Anthracite.

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The Flow Formed F01 Mustang wheel received its name from the three-step process used by Forgeline to create them. First, a pre-heated casted wheel is placed on a specially designed barrel mold. Next, rollers press into the wheel as it spins on the mold. As a result, the aluminum flows thinner and forms into the shape of the inner rim, at the same time increasing tensile strength. Finally, the inner rim profile is shaped into the necessary form required for mounting.

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Since the F01 is Forgeline’s newest series of wheels, it utilizes advanced flow forming techniques and processes. The company uses a tuned Tilted Gravity Cast method for initial casting, a style that yields a stronger and lighter wheel when compared to other flow formed designs.

It also employs Cold Vertical Flow Form Technology when forming the barrel. Foreline says that the technique maintains a steadier spin angle and a consistent material temperature that provides it with a higher quality product than the more common hot, horizontal processes employed by competitors.

The Flow Formed F01 Mustang wheel is available in two offsets, 38 for the front and 53 for the back. The 20-inch wheel is compatible with any Mustang GT from 2005-2020. Its wide availability is augmented by its status as an award-winning product, as the F01 earned the “Best New Product” award in the wheel and tire category during the 2020 SEMA360 show.

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Written by Edward Snitkoff

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. MEH ! Why comes to mind. The Mustang comes with wheels from the factory does it not ? THe money would be better spent on true performance upgrades. E-85 tune, cat delete pipes for example. The last thing I want on a car is something that screams “Steal Me !”

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