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Gorgeous 1988 Ford F-350 SuperCrew Dually Has Just 5K Original Miles

These days, we don’t see a lot of low-mile Ford F-Series trucks from decades ago with low miles or in even reasonably great condition. And that makes perfect sense, of course, because trucks like this 1988 Ford F-350 SuperCrew dually were built specifically to serve as workhorses, not investments to be stowed away for the future. However, this stunning pickup, which we spotted for sale on Craigslist, has survived all these years with just 5,682 miles on the clock.

We’re not sure how this beautiful Ford F-350 SuperCrew has made it this long with so few miles on the odometer, and the listing doesn’t really provide any clues. Perhaps the owner purchased it and didn’t need to use it much, or maybe they wound up leaning on another vehicle for the hard work. Regardless, it has reportedly lived its life in a heated garage and looks brand new as a result.

Unlike many similar ads we’ve seen that claim such low mileage, this F-350 also comes with documentation that proves it and even has records of how much fuel it has consumed over the last few decades. Proper maintenance has reportedly been performed on time as scheduled, which should keep that 7.3L diesel running strong.

The seller does note that while the big Ford is rust free, it has a couple of paint defects from sitting in storage for so many years. But that’s to be expected. Regardless, this could be the lowest mile 1988 F-350 out there in the world, and likely the nicest.

It’s not particularly rare by any measure, but the simple fact that this big Ford been used so sparingly for a big, purpose-built work truck makes it a bit more special than your average ’88 F-350.

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  1. The Gentle Grizzly

    That truck is from the days when pickups looked like pickups. Now, they all want to imitate 18 wheelers, with the crazy-high grilles, and being further off the ground than they were in the 1980s.

    1. Lee Anderson

      Bear in mind that this was when one-ton pickups had a GVWR of 10,000 lbs., and a max tow rating of around 10-12K, which today is doable with a 1/2 ton. The massive grilles on modern HDs aren’t just for show.

  2. John Hyman

    The interesting part about it is market value is only about $2,500. That’s the retail value. The rest of it comes from an idiot that’s willing to pay for it. you can only get exactly what it’s worth not what you think it’s worth

  3. Lester

    I’d like to purchase that Ford.. I have a 1997 f250 crew cab that is in immaculate condition as well.. it needs a big brother!!

  4. Lee Anderson

    “[B]ut the simple fact that this big Ford been used so sparingly for a big, purpose-built work truck…”

    Ehhhh, judging by the interior (XLT Lariat with bucket seats and an aftermarket wooden console), this looks like it was a high-end trailer puller, the ’80s equivalent of a King Ranch or Platinum F-350 today. So it’s not too surprising that it was well-kept.

  5. Michael

    it is for sale

  6. Kim

    Is this truck still for sale, if so how much is it and where is it located?


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