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Jeep Wrangler Copies Ford Bronco With New Doors-Off Mirror Kit

Ford designers spent a lot of time studying the Jeep Wrangler during the 2021 Ford Bronco development process, and they sought to correct everything owners hated about their Wrangler. That included the fact that the doors weren’t able to be stored in the vehicle once removed, as well as side mirrors that are attached to the doors – not the vehicle itself. And now, even though Jeep tried to tout its side mirror problem as an actual benefit, it is now offering owners a new solution for relocating them to the vehicle itself.

That solution is a doors-off mirror kit, sold through Mopar parts as an add-on accessory, that moves the side mirrors from the doors to the Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator itself. This means that when Wrangler owners want to take off their doors and enjoy some fresh air, they can do so without giving up the benefit of having side mirrors to check their six. Funny thing is, the Ford Bronco comes from the factory with its side mirrors attached to the body – no aftermarket kit required.

Jeep’s doors-off mirror kit consists of two extra side mirrors that can be easily attached when the doors are removed. Mopar’s doors-off mirrors are specifically engineered and tested to original-equipment standards, providing a production-equivalent field of view with minimal vibration. Each mirror in the kit attaches to a cowl-end cap bolt and the upper door hinge. In addition, a custom thumb wheel-nut-clamp is used as an attachment point to the door flange.

Mounting brackets are finished with an anti-corrosion undercoat and black powder-coat finish. Mirrors include a built-in break-away feature that prevents damage while in tight spaces on the road or trail. Installation can be performed with a T40 bit wrench, which is included with all new Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models.

The new Mopar doors-off mirror kit sells for an MSRP of $295, and is available for current-generation (2018-current) Jeep Wrangler and (2020-current) Jeep Gladiator models. And it’s likely not the last Jeep-produced solution we’ll see that addresses a problem with the vehicle that the new Bronco has already addressed.

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  1. Clam Juice

    The Jeep has Body color tops and the Bronco don’t . Jeep wins

  2. Tommy

    Let’s be honest doors of mirror kit is a minor thing considering Found On Road Dead knocked off everything else and still DNF at Baja way to go blue oval still waiting the recalls on this pos

    1. RubiconRon

      Seems to be some insecurities exposed here, eh?

  3. Rick

    If my doors are off I just look behind me before I change lanes.

  4. Justin

    Jeep is copying the Bronco? Jeep has had mirror relocation brackets for 35 years…

    1. Brett Foote

      Yes, mirror relocation brackets have been around for some time. The point here is that Jeep just introduced this kit for the JL mere months after the Bronco debuted with mirrors mounted on the body, not the doors.

    2. Travis Jones

      3rd party relocate kits where a available when I bought my jeep in 2020…went with the Lange kit instead…. Maybe nice if it was a factory option but not the end of the world… And more NE would have broken off already just like my passenger factory door mirror!

  5. Broncoisashetlandpony

    “JeEP cOpIEs FoRD…”

    Ford wishes. Freaking Old Rebuilt Dodge will NEVER be king of that hill, especially with that IFS crap but good try.

  6. Oldman


    I had mirror relocation brackets on my ’93 YJ, genius. Nothing new.

  7. Derek

    Hmmm those have been out for years.

  8. Jay

    So jeep copies one thing on the bronco…and even that has been available for yearsssss as stated above, and that generates an article? The whole bronco going back to the inception was a copy of jeep, portly done in the last 40 years. Ford making jeeps for the war effort in WWII was the closest Ford has been to making a great off-roader.

    1. Brett Foote

      Well if Ford hasn’t built a great off-road vehicle since WWII, I guess Jeep fans have nothing to worry about then, do they?

  9. Ford Fan

    all of you complaining that the relocation kit has been around for years, not too long ago jeep put out a brochure about how having body mounted mirrors was a con, and now they are promoting it…

  10. Steve

    How about some mirrors for the Mopar tube doors? Been teased about them for awhile and this is what they put out?

  11. Darren

    Another side mirror option from Jeep if it’s preferred is the way I see it. It’s nice to have so many options to pick and choose from. If this is the option you prefer, you got it. I myself like the mirror option I have chosen and this one has not changed my mind.

  12. Steve

    Mirrors for the Mopar tube doors would be great, instead they do this? Been teased long enough and still nothing.


    I just bought some rigid side view mirros and attached to my body. if you wanna see…

  14. Hestao101

    Hu? What does jeep have to copy? Those parts have been around for 40 plus years…. Seems like ford is going to nitpick at everything because they finally built a vehicle that a select crowd WANTS to drive. But good try…

  15. Briguy

    Mopar made a Jeep jk mirror relocation kit long ago , for the 2007-2019 jk. It uses the existing mirrors and you just need to remove the original mirror from the door bracket.

    Mounts on the windshield frame using 2 of the hinge torx screws, securing the new powder coated mounts

    Comes with a black powder coat round cover plate for the door with a nice gasket too. Neat set up with doors off.


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