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Low-Riding, Diesel-Powered 1950 Ford Bread Truck Really Hauls

To us, there’s nothing cooler than an old commercial truck repurposed as a hot rod. There’s just something undeniably awesome about former workhorses from another era being fitted with modern suspension components, big, powerful engines, and of course, awesome visual updates. All of these characteristics (and more) apply to Pot O’ Gold Kustoms‘ 1950 Ford Bread Truck.

This slammed vintage beauty recently made an appearance at SEMA360, the online-only virtual version of the usual SEMA Show, and it predictably turned quite a few heads. Much of that came from the truck’s stance, which is quite low thanks to an AccuAir air suspension. Up front, the 1950 Ford Break Truck utilizes a Mustang II suspension, with a triangulate four-link out back.

A narrowed 9-inch Ford rear differential helps make room for a massive set of Detroit steel wheels wrapped in equally large rubber, and there are disc brakes at all four corners to help slow the boxy pickup down. And that’s a good thing, because it’s got copious amounts of torque underhood thanks to a Cummins 4BT four-cylinder diesel engine.

The truck itself is a real-deal vintage bread hauler used by a company in Denver, Colorado back when it was new. The old Ford actually continued to do just that all the way until 1966, when it was retired. Pot O’ Gold found it stranded and in rough condition, with giant rust holes everywhere and lots of hail damage, as well as missing body parts.

It wasn’t much to start with, but the folks at Pot O’ Gold did a heck of a job bringing this poor Ford back from the dead. And considering how many hard years of service it put in, that’s the least anyone could do for an old and deserving commercial truck.

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  1. Raymond

    So I guess during the refurbish process, they discarded all the 1950 front end body parts and installed the 1952 front clip that is currently on the truck, since the article repeatedly calls it a 1950?
    Cool truck none the less, I like it!

  2. Brett Foote

    They call it a 1950, and they found it without the front end. So yes, it is possible they put different body parts on it.


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