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Rendering Imagines The Mid-Engine Ford Mustang Of Our Dreams

Throughout the course of history, more than one person has dreamed of a mid-engine Ford Mustang. That includes not only us, but various artists and Blue Oval designers, who even went so far as to create more than one mid-engine Ford Mustang concept. Turns out, many people want a reasonably priced alternative to the Ford GT to battle the C8 Corvette, and we want it now.

Mid-engine Mustang concept

Sadly, there’s no indication that our cries for a mid-engine Ford Mustang will actually be answered, however. So we’ll just have to live vicariously through renderings like this one from Future Cars Now. What’s particularly interesting about this particular piece of art is that it doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. In fact, it goes back in time a little bit, using a pre-facelifted S550 as its base.

There aren’t a ton of changes to the car’s design, either – just a slightly elongated rear end and some large air intakes protruding from the sides behind the rear doors. This design is quite similar to the C8 Corvette’s, and is also functional, as it siphons air inside the engine bay to cool whatever powerplant might reside in there.

Mid-engine Mustang concept

We imagine that engine would be Ford’s 5.0L Coyote V8, but who knows? The artist implies that the car has a twin-turbo V8 of some sort, which we could certainly get behind. The mere thought of an affordable, world-beating mid-engine Mustang is an appealing one, even if it’s incredibly unlikely to ever actually happen.


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Regardless, we can certainly dream, and that’s precisely what this exercise is all about. It may not have the exotic looks of a C8 or something like a McLaren or Lamborghini, but a powerful mid-engine pony car would definitely provide some competition for those machines. And ultimately, that’s exactly what we Blue Oval fans want to see happen.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    That’s the best looking mid engine rendering of a Mustang I’ve ever seen, the scoops are in the right place to take in all the air it needs. Portion wise it looks worlds better than the C8 Corvette I seen one in person the other day it looked to wide and short, I didn’t like it

  2. Mark L Bedel

    But wait…Ford already has a fantastic mid-engine vehicle…the GT!

  3. Gary.

    I think the key word was affordable. You know something for us poor hard working dude and dudetts…


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