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Revamped 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Captured In New Spy Photos

Back in September, we reported on a leaked photo that was reportedly posted to social media by an employee from the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is produced alongside the Ford Edge. The photo gave us our first look at the new, revised 2021 Lincoln Natilus interior. Now, we have some new photos of the revamped Nautilus cabin to share, which provide even more details regarding what we can expect.

As we saw in the previously leaked photo, the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus interior design adopts the same layout as the Lincoln Corsair and Lincoln Aviator, which is defined by a horizontally-oriented layout and a large center screen. Like those models, the 2021 Nautilus features a horizontal trim piece that effectively “splits” the dash into two sections, while the infotainment screen protrudes from the center.

Below the infotainment screen, the HVAC controls are all-new as well and also similar to other Lincoln models. The infotainment system itself appears to be brand new and looks much like the SYNC 3 system in the Aviator. Push-button shift buttons are located below the infotainment screen, which leads us to a new steering wheel design lined with a host of controls.

It’s somewhat difficult to discern additional details from these images, as they were taken at night and are a bit blurry as a result. But it’s quite clear that the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus is indeed receiving a pretty big interior overhaul, one that better aligns it with the rest of the luxury automaker’s lineup.

Meanwhile, the Nautilus faces an unclear future, as Ford Authority recently exclusively reported that production of the Nautilus, formerly known as the MKX, will end in July 2024. After that happens, it’s unclear what will happen to the Nautilus. It could be imported from China, or it could cease to be offered in the North American market altogether.

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  1. Alexander

    Finally! This is something that the Nautilus desperately needs. I really thought it was a missed opportunity when they updated the exterior but left the interior when they facelifted it in 2019.
    That being said, I do wonder if the rumors are true of them discontinuing both this and the edge. If they were redesigning them it seems to me that they would release them for the 2022/23 model year. So redoing the interiors for MY 2021 just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Maybe they are doing what they did with the fusion where they facelift it to try to squeeze a few more sales out before they fully discontinue it.

    1. Rhyco Mamangon

      Yes, and this interior looks more promising than the Genesis GV70 and the Lexus RX. So maybe if this interior steers customers in, they can keep it and they won’t end the its production in Canada and move it to China or discontinue it all together! This interior looks nice compared to its competitors.

  2. Chris G

    Made in communist China. Another GM Envision which any true patriot would not buy.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Thank you, Chris G. Very nice.

    2. Edward

      Your comment is incorrect. It is NOT made in China. After 2024 (over 3 years from now), it might be made in China, but that is nothing but projection/guesswork.

  3. Vern

    The article mentioned that the aviator has sync 4…it does not.

  4. S Riley

    Transmission buttons are below the info screen, not to the left.

  5. Mick1

    Bejing Biden will ease rules on Chinese imports. So be it.

  6. Larry

    Spy pics??? What about the flyout detailed 100 pics of them on this page

  7. Bill Dodger

    So I did not put in a 2024? Do you live in Hong Kong? How did that work out or are you across the strait? Saw a whole bunch of brand new Buick Envisions on sale on the internet. List price = $35-36,000 or so. On sale for $23,000 or so. Brand new! How would you feel paying $32M or so and thinking you got a good deal. Unless Biden and Harris make us a state of China, General Motors and Ford will regret using China communist party slave labor to build cars shipped to the US.

    1. Karl

      The election is over,the American people has spoken, live with it!

  8. Roy Chile’s

    Lincoln get it together this Interior update should have shown up in the 2019 model. Maybe Too little, Too late


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