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Should Ford Offer An All-Wheel-Drive Mustang When The S650 Launches?

Rumors of an all-wheel-drive Mustang have swirled for some time now, and though it might seem like a big departure for the legendary pony car, it makes a lot of sense on a number of levels. The Ford Mustang has always been a rear-wheel-drive performance car, so the thought of adding an AWD model is certainly unprecedented, though also enticing. However, the question remains, will Ford actually build and sell an all-wheel-drive Mustang?

All-Wheel-Drive S650 Ford Mustang Hybrid Mule

“Well as you know, the Challenger has AWD. We’re always looking at different kinds of performance, but we have nothing to announce at the moment,” Mustang brand manager, Jim Owens, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview.

All-wheel-drive cars present a number of advantages, as well as a con or two. For starters, the additional traction afforded by such a system would help the Mustang better put its ponies to the ground. As we’ve seen in a few real-world drag races here and there, that’s oftentimes a problem with the current Mustang – or at least with more powerful models like the Shelby GT500.

All-wheel-drive also provides better traction in slippery conditions, whether that be snow, ice, rain, or mud. While most Mustang owners don’t drive their cars in severe winter conditions, the added traction would certainly be welcome in the wet. And for those that like to track their cars, AWD provides quicker acceleration from a standstill and when exiting a corner thanks to its ability to deliver torque to all four wheels.

There are a couple of cons that come with all-wheel-drive systems, however. They are more costly and more complex than two-wheel-drive vehicles thanks to the addition of an extra differential, driveshaft, clutch(es), and software, all of which can lead to higher maintenance and repair costs down the road as well. That added weight can take a toll on fuel economy as well.

If the 2023 Ford Mustang does come with optional all-wheel-drive, it would be the very first in the pony car’s illustrious history to do so, save for the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. But two of the car’s main rivals –  the Dodge Challenger and Charger – already offer it. So that begs the question – should Ford offer an all-wheel-drive Mustang when the S650 launches? Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. Jorge Esquinca

    Absolutely yes. And also an EV version (the make beleive Mustang, named the Mach-E, is not a Mustang, it doesn’t feel like a Mustang, it doesn’t drive like a Mustang, it doesn’t look like a Mustang and it is not a Mustang) and a serious Ford sedan.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Have you driven a Mustang MACH E ? I haven’t seen one in person

  2. Roy Chile’s

    All the top model high horsepower ponies should come with AWD standard GT350 GT500KR, GT500, BOSS. A Lincoln coupe should share the AWD model standard. It should come as a option on lower level Mustangs EB, GT, and EV

  3. George S

    My brother in law bought a AWD Charger for snowy conditions in the Northeast, but it wasn’t available with the Hemi V8 engine. He had to get the V6 and likes the engine and fuel economy. Question is is there enough to room for AWD with big engines?

  4. Gerard

    Ford should offer AWD on all of their cars…. oh wait…. Ya: all ONE of them.

  5. Kahless

    I thought that was a foregone conclusion. Isn’t the new mustang based off the explorer so they could do awd?

  6. Matt

    AWD should be optional, at least on the 5.0 and Ecoboost until they get the handling sorted out with the added front end weight on the GT500. Or make a lincoln coupe with AWD and substantially different styling.

  7. robert r fisher

    AWD yes, but please put the mustang on a diet. our company makes most of the aluminum for the f-150’s and the Mach E. i’m sure we’ll be more than happy to make some aluminum parts for the mustang.

  8. gerald watkins

    Yes indeed, optional across the board, standard on high performance models, except for maybe a specialized light weight track model

  9. Joseph White

    Please also add 4 wheel steering

  10. Scorpio I g0102

    Definitely, I have owned two Mustangs. A 1969 S code Mach 1 and 1980 2.3 turbocharged one. Both were fair weather drivers due to the lack of good traction when the weather went north. Yeah, I know there are Mustang “purist” that think it would be a bastardization of the iconic pony car.
    Most European manufacturers offer AWD high performance sedans and in order for the Mustang to rollover the completion, it’s going to have to keep up with the times.
    I’ve been waiting for the Mustang to “morph” two more legs so I can get away from AWD SUV’s.

  11. Mark Bedel

    I replied yes to the survey above, acknowledging the cons. One more I’d like to add specifically as it pertains to road course applications.

    As I’m a relative newcomer to this arena, when the topic of all wheel drive versus rear wheel drive among my instructors, it is certainly interesting to see how two camps develop.

    Among the rear drive camp, driver induced throttle oversteer seems to be a common refrain, whereas AWD can allow for earlier throttle exiting corners.

    When I posed the question, if lap times were the same, which would you prefer, it seems to boil down to driving style. Some don’t mind the addition on another “nanny”, while others do.

  12. MikeyTX

    Only as an option. I have an ST Explorer. I for one don’t want/need the extra weight nor mechanicals involved. I do not track my 5.0 drop top. It is a pleasure only vehicle for me.

  13. Robert Dionne

    I had said yes it should be an option, but there should also be a “purist” trim package to satisfy the owners looking for the classic experience. Even though I am in the minority, I would love to see a mustang chassis based 4door sedan to compete with the charger. Bring back the falcon name plate to the USA and make sure that our aussie cousins get it as well as a thank you for keeping the 4door muscle car alive for so many years.

  14. Tim

    Yes assuming of course it is a rear wheel biased AWD setup. Anything else would be a waste.

  15. John Taylor

    What would be even better would be a semi all wheel drive, with lockable front wheels, this way you would have the best of both worlds, the traditional two wheel rear drive and for wet conditions the AWD.

  16. A DOSS

    I think the AWD should be offered for the premium GT and upward models as an option. The maintenance up keep is a concern for me along with reliability.

  17. PontiacBixler

    I’ve been harping on the GM sites for almost a decade that the Camaro and Corvette should offer AWD options on those vehicles. Hell if Ford wants to man-up and do the right thing by offering AWD, DO IT!
    It’s only going to make the vehicles more sellable north of the Mason-Dixon Line and aid in performance.

  18. Martie

    Yes, as long as the front drive is electric mated to a V8 motivating the rear wheels!

  19. James

    I guess I’m a bit of a dinosaur cause I have 3 mustangs a 67 s-code coupe an 85 GT and a 2000 ragtop I THINK typical of these younger generations they just don’t seem to know how to drive rear wheel drive cares I prefer manual transmission too ice driven all my mustangs throughout the Ohio winters and I never had a problem driving any I have a Ford focus I drive as a daily driver now only because I don’t wish the salt to rust out my mustangs awd is fine for ppl tgat want life easy but just like 4wd trucks and I’ve owned 3 Ford’s they get stuck just like everything else I’d you don’t use common sense to drive them


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