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Take A Closer Look At The Ford Bronco Filson Concept: Video

The Blue Oval revealed its latest 2021 Ford Bronco concept, the Bronco Filson concept, just a few weeks ago to much fanfare. At the time, the automaker provided a nice rundown of the many details that make this firefighting Ford Bronco special, but there’s apparently much more to see here than that. Thus, this video takes a closer look at all of the cool features and details on the Bronco Filson concept that we might have missed the first time around.

For starters, it’s worth noting that the partnership between Ford and Filson is about far more than just a cool concept build. The two companies will also be working together to celebrate the wildland firefighters that are on the front lines risking their lives to protect America’s natural resources.

The two companies are also working to raise funds to support those folks, as well as the National Forest Foundation in their efforts to reforest 1.1 million acres of fire-damaged land. Altogether, over 7.5 million acres of land have been devastated by wildfires.

Thus, Ford and Filson will be donating two Bronco firefighting rigs inspired by the Bronco Filson concept, both of which will go to support forest firefighting efforts. The concept itself is packed with equipment for this very purpose, including Rigid lighting to increase visibility. The back seat has also been removed to make room for a Kimtek fire rescue transport skid, along with a fire hose, hose reel, and a 50-gallon high-pressure water tank.

There’s also a chainsaw and high lift jack onboard for sticky situations out in the woods, as well an axe and shovel. The platform on top is capable of carrying lots of equipment, but can also double as a lookout point for up to two firefighters. The soft top is particularly cool, as it’s made from a fire-resistant material that covers a bespoke interior with plenty of Filson fabrics and leathers.

Overall, this is a very cool look at a very cool and rather useful concept. While most similar one-off vehicles are built specifically to look good, this one was designed to serve a specific purpose. The fact that it looks cool is just an added bonus.

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