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The Lincoln Continental Has Now Been Discontinued

Ford Authority was the first to report, over two years ago, that the Lincoln Continental would be discontinued at the end of its current generation. Lincoln later confirmed that fact this past July. And now, we can confirm that the iconic Continental has in fact been discontinued, as the last model built for the U.S. rolled off the line at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant on October 30th, 2020, Ford Authority has learned, just as we reported would happen back in June. However, additional units will continue to be produced for international markets for a short time.

The Lincoln Continental first bowed back in 1940, but has shuffled in and out of the automaker’s lineup several times (now three, to be exact) in the years since. The current 10th generation model launched in 2016 for the 2017 model year following a 14-year absence, and immediately regained its position as Lincoln’s flagship model. The Continental shared its Ford CD4 Platform with the also-discontinued Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ.

Sales Results - USA - Continental

YearJanFebMar AprMayJunJul AugSepOctNov DecTotal
2021263 231274 258171 7684 2414 1613 361,460
2020541 527495 348320 344465 419413 501378 5115,262
2019452 452452 497497 497632 632632 589529 7276,586
2018815 758832 867660 546573 626657 578676 1,1708,758
20171,167 1,079963 1,0031,061 973958 816857 996923 1,21612,012
2016 775 1,2221,419 1,8455,261
*** This manufacturer is now publishing only quarterly numbers for this market. Monthly figures may be averages.

Lincoln Continental sales started off strong when the current-gen model was introduced for the 2017 model year, totaling 12,012 units as it ushered in a new styling direction for the long-running brand. But sales quickly tapered off as consumer preference shifted toward crossovers and SUVs. By 2019, just two years later, total sales had decreased by nearly half, and Lincoln has sold just 3,872 units year-to-date. The Lincoln Navigator has since replaced the long-running Continental as the luxury brand’s flagship model.

The Continental was Lincoln’s last sedan in production after the MKZ was discontinued earlier this year. As Ford Authority exclusively reported last month, the automaker has no plans to replace the Continental or produce another sedan in the foreseeable future, barring a significant change in consumer preference.

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  1. Jorge Esquinca

    One of Lincoln biggest mistakes. This leaves Lincoln as a boring non luxury car company. Not everyone likes SUV´s and Crossovers, is willing to buy one or even consider an SUV as a luxury vehicle. Even if SUV´s sell like hot cakes today, the market is cyclic and Lincoln is leaving a whole market segment out. Those buyers will go to other brands and may not come back to Lincoln when market trends change again. This abomination leaves Lincoln way behind the car companies it intends to compete with. Cadillac, MB, Audi, BMW, Tesla, Volvo, Jaguar, Lexus, Infiniti, etc., all of them offer at least one sedan in its lineup and sell them successfully. If Lincoln wants to be comparable with them it has to offer a product for every market segment like those brands do. Otherwise Lincoln is not competitive by far.

    1. DR R


  2. Crabbymilton

    I have been transitioning away from having any builder preference. If you like a vehicle and the price is right just buy it regardless of who builds it. FORD made the choice to discontinue the LINCOLN CONTINENTAL and larger size sedans and so did GM.
    No problem there are others so FORD and GM have nobody to blame but themselves when the market may turn in favor of sedans again.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    There was nothing iconic about this Fusion / MKZ / Continental. It didn’t last longer or out sale the 18yr old Chrysler 300, it wouldn’t hold a candle to Genesis G90. Lincoln power that be need to get there head out of the sand and build a real Luxury Flagship Sedan

  4. CAPT Edward S Schweizer

    The Lincoln sedan has for over 90 years been a symbol of the finest luxury automobile in America. Lincoln sedans have always been the the preference for custom stretch limousines. The reason? Because Lincoln sedans stand for incomparable comfort and appointments. Ford Motors should have retained Lincoln sedan production to meet the demands of consumers who desire the finest.

  5. JR riley

    My wife and I own a 1961 lincoln continental in excellent shape. Guess I should hold on to

    1. Roy Chile’s

      It can only go up in value compared to what Lincoln want to call or think is a Continental today. If I was a betting man I say hold on to it for sure

  6. Robert Bonefant

    It was a bust the day this generation of the Lincoln Continental Launched!
    You absolutely cannot have a major company such as Ford try to invigorate sales of a luxury brand such as Lincoln
    With a front wheel drive flagship ! Luxury
    Ok , performance NO WAY. Ford have the balls to build a true Luxury Flagship. Even
    Cadillac screwed up with the CT6 . It was a half backed attempt for USA flagship from Cadillac . Ford and GM listen up. Build a world class vehicle . Lexus, Benz, BMW . They look down at the American brands. Why won’t Detroit go all in and build beyond Japanese and German standards . I will tell you why. A major lack of intestinal fortitude !!!! GM or Fords
    Board of Directors. Stop looking at quarterly profits for the stock holders. If you keep this lack of vision up. You won’t have a company left to run. Good enough
    Should not be allowed . I dare you to be great again! America deserves it !!!!!!

  7. Ben W. McCoy

    The 1963 Lincoln Continental 4 door sedan that I drove to high school was in my opinion the finest motor car ever built.

    Ford has lost its way. I am sorry this has happened. They stopped building Quality into the Continental in 1969.

  8. Robert Mcgeorge

    The MKS was the perfect vehicle for older drivers as was the town car,you can’t beat the ride on long trips and the comfort and style rival any luxury vehicle…..Bring em back..

  9. Greg Doornbos-Ross

    I think Ford is foolish to get rid of the Continental and the Fusion in the Ford lineup.I have loved my Mercury Milan, same platform as the Fusion. My Milan was nice with a good ride and decent gas mileage with the V6. When it was totaled out it had 215,000 miles and still going strong. It was a chameleon color. Officially it was Dark Amethyst. In the sun it was a beautiful purple metallic. Other times it looked black, maroon, blue and a few people thought it was brown. My Fusion was gorgeous. I had some custom features on it and got lots of compliments on it. It was great in West Michigan snow and the V6 was reliable and economical. I had no desire to get a crossover or suv. I tried the Ecosport. It would be ok around town, but driving it 6 or 700 miles would not be comfortable. The Escape is pretty nice, but it is harder for my 91 year old mother to get in and out of. That’s one of the reasons I wanted my Fusion. She lives with us so a car is best. All I have driven most of my adult life is Fords. Now it’s looking like a Toyota Camry is a possibility. I really hate to leave Ford, but a crossover or suv just isn’t practical.

  10. Mike V

    Shame. I’m a GM fan but I’d buy this Lincoln. It’s beautiful .

  11. Crabbymilton

    I never had the pleasure of driving one but everyone I was able to talk to that has or owns one absolutely loves it. It was designed as a smooth and comfortable highway cruiser with a V6 as standard equipment. I suppose there are some that are put off by front wheel drive but for many it’s not a factor in a sedan. Besides most of them we’re all wheel drive. But regardless of that, FORD is going in the wrong direction with this idea of no sedans and so is GM.

  12. Rich S

    I purchased a 2014 Lincoln MKS in 2017. It is a gorgeous car and I absolutely love it! It is a shame that Ford has discontinued all sedan production. I have my F-150 for a reason, and I have my Lincoln for a reason. Wake up, Ford!

  13. Saa Osaze

    THIS IS NOT SMART! I own a 2007 mercury Grand Marquis and I love it! I was very disappointed when they discontinued the panther platform (Marauder, Grand Marquis, Town Car) and now they are shooting themselves in the foot again! This was potentially my upgrade, now definitely not, service/parts will be through the roof. Shame on you Ford.

  14. Henry B

    What a shame. I currently have a 17 mkz and I love it. I was entertaining the thought of a continental in a few years but now you might have a problem getting parts to fix it down the road. Look like a Impala might be the way to go. Lots of room and a decent ride. The one I rented was amazing. I would never own a crossover… Just a confused station wagon.

  15. Dan Jenkins

    I am a 5 time Lincoln customer. Two Lincoln continental, three Town Cars. I do not like SUV’s and will never buy one. I will buy a used Lincoln Town Car first. If I can’t any longer find what I want in an American car I will buy a foreign luxury car but never an JUNK SUV.

  16. Dan Jenkins

    I am a 5 time Lincoln customer. Two Lincoln continental, three Town Cars. I do not like SUV’s and will never buy one. I will buy a used Lincoln Town Car first. If I can’t any longer find what I want in an American car I will buy a foreign luxury car but never an SUV.

  17. Robert Caesar

    This is a beautiful car. Why discontinue…..this car turns heads.

  18. Edwin Pennell

    Best car I ever owned and people love to look at my car. When my son gets married he wants me to use my Lincoln. SUV is just a truck with no box. Everyone buys one because their neighbours have one. My Lincoln will definitely increase in value.

  19. R James

    Nice car but a bit too deep into Ford parts. And a luxury sedan should be RWD. I dislike SUVs that perform like trucks while pretending to be like sedans. Horrible things.
    The Continental was a bold attempt but fell a little short for me. I will stick with my Cadillac CTS for now in the hope of one American auto maker bringing out a top rated vehicle. Ford may have made an “Edsel” error dumping all their sedans. They still have the Mustang which is limited in utility.

  20. Stan

    Stupid move Ford. You have just driven a loyal segment of your market to foreign auto makers. Soccer moms and MBA weenies have no brand loyalty, they will buy whatever their peers bought last week. I have owned 2 continentals, a Mark VIII, and now I have an MKZ, which I love. I have a RAM pickup so I have no interest in an SUV, so I guess I will be looking for a good pre-owned Continental in a few years or switch over to something foreign. Too bad, I’d say that the doomsday clock is ticking away for Lincoln.


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