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Young Buyers Make Up Largest Lincoln Aviator Customer Demographic

As a brand, Lincoln has long suffered from a bit of an unfair reputation – that only older folks buy them. While we know that isn’t true, it’s nice to receive a bit of confirmation, and now we have, at least in terms of the Lincoln Aviator customer. According to Ford Motor Company, the crossover’s largest age demographic during Q3 2020 was between 35-44 years-old, representing 22 percent of sales.

That’s a telling statistic, indeed, and proof that Lincoln holds some strong appeal with younger buyers. In addition to this interesting information about the largest current Lincoln Aviator customer, the vehicle itself enjoyed a strong quarter overall as well, as U.S. deliveries totaled 6,118 units in Q3 2020, an increase of about 222 percent compared to 1,899 units sold in Q3 2019.

Lincoln Aviator Sales - Jan-Sep 2020

MARKET Q3 20 / Q3 19 Q3 20 Q3 19
CANADA +612.74% 727 102
MEXICO +2,166.67% 68 3
USA +222.17% 6,118 1,899
TOTAL +257.73% 7,169 2,004

According to Lincoln, the Aviator’s performance during Q3 enabled it to continue expanding its retail share on a rich mix of high-series Grand Touring and Black Label models, which comprised 15 percent of retail sales for the quarter.

Aviator expanded its retail share of the segment by an estimated 8 percentage points in Q3. Despite this overwhelmingly positive sales jump, the crossover did not fare so well when it comes to overall sales within its segment, with the three-row luxury crossover placing second-to-last in its competitive set.

U.S. Lincoln Aviator sales improved substantially during Q3 2020, posting a healthy triple-digit increase. However, it’s worth noting that the year-ago quarter (Q3 2019) represented the Aviator’s first quarter on sale, during which time availability and sales volume were limited.

The Lincoln Aviator returned after a fifteen-year hiatus for the 2020 model year as an all-new mid-size plus / full-size three-row luxury crossover that slots between the Lincoln Nautilus and the Lincoln Navigator within the automaker’s lineup.

The Aviator is assembled at the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant in Chicago, Illinois alongside the 2020 Ford Explorer. Both ride on the Ford CD6 platform.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Lincoln needs to quickly grow its young base because 6k sales is not a lot of customers I’ve only seen 3 on the street. I’ve seen more Maserati which can sale Cars and SUVs that is a Boutique Luxury Brand truth be told at $60k Ford has sold more BRONCOS and it’s not even on the market yet

  2. Wayne

    The younger generation is buying Lincoln Aviators? Evidently they are too young to know the same basic car is available for thousands less at Ford: Just like the Cadillac Escalade buyers overpaying for a gussied up Chevy Suburban.
    “A Sucker Born Every Minute” still applies today.

    1. SJ Husak

      Go drive both as I did. I drove the Aviator Grand Touring and the Explorer Platinum. Far from the same.

  3. Eric

    My wife just purchased an Aviator Reserve and the vehicle is amazing. Stunning looks and it drives much better than the Lexus and Acura we used to own. The last Aviator was a “luxury” Explorer but that is not the case today!! This vehicle now rivals anything from Europe or Japan. Well done Lincoln!

  4. Patrick Howe

    The Lincoln MKT needs to be put back into production. Why buy the Aviator. I can save money by buying the Ford Flex which has the same appeal of the Aviator. If I was going to buy a Lincoln again I would purchase the Contennintal. Disregard that has been discontinued along with the MKT. If you want to attract young buyers why don’t you start a racing version and enter NASCAR. What 35 year old can afford a brand new Lincoln with kids. You better start an electric division courtesy of Bejing Biden.
    55 year old who will keep my 2017 Lincoln MKT until it dies.

    1. J

      I’m 47 with a 2014 MKT and we’ll probably be purchasing an Aviator as soon as our loan on the MKT pays off next year. From our test drives, the Aviator is a much more impressive car than the MKT/Flex, and I say that as someone who liked the MKT/Flex very much. As for saving money by buying a Flex, production ended in 2019, and production of the Continental ended last month. Unless you’re buying old inventory, or buying used, none of those are options anymore. Finally, if the MKT was to be put back into production, it would need to be redesigned to make the third row viable for more than just kids or extremely short adults. The biggest advantage the Aviator has over the MKT is comfort; we tested a Black Label with the top-line seat package and it made getting back into the MKT feel like we were getting back into a basic rental sedan. I do share your concerns over EV ridiculousness, though.

  5. Curtis

    All car manufacturing consist of mass production some vehicles share the same platform and you pay extra for luxury features that separate the luxury from the base model…… What’s your point

  6. Les Green

    We purchased an Aviator last April and now have 11k miles on it. We first test drove an Explorer. Nice but the four cylinder engine and transmission never seemed to agree on what to do. The Lincoln is a luxury car, powerful on the highway, quiet at speed. Compared to my last car, a very nice Buick Enclave, gas mileage is much better. I’m a very pleased owner.

  7. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Finding and securing younger buyers for Lincoln must be job one for survival, so this is a little good news regarding the Aviator. As Boomer Lincoln owners, we are extremely satisfied with our MKX and MKC but I’m not too sure Millennials (and younger) even know Lincoln exists or understand the brand’s value. Apparently, most drive on by for Acura, Audi, Infinity and more.

    In 2017, I helped our youngest son shop for a new car. To his surprise, we started at our Lincoln dealer and he liked the MKC but wanted to shop the market. So we did the grand tour of Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan–even domestic brands Buick and Chevy. When the day was done he kept comparing the small crossovers to the Lincoln and felt they ALL fell short. So he purchased an MKC and three years later he said, “Dad, I plan to keep my car much longer, but I will go back for another Lincoln–I’m very spoiled by the luxury features and technology.” He’s had great VIP service experiences too.

    Seems to me, this is how brand loyalty is built.


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