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1967 Ford Cortina GT MK II Is Packing Focus SVT Power Underhood

This classic 1967 Ford Cortina GT MK II that’s currently up for grabs at Bring a Trailer is a left-hand drive model that hails from British Columbia, Canada, and it’s a fairly rare sight in places like the U.S. But this isn’t just any old Ford Cortina GT MK II – it’s packing some serious modern heat under its tiny little hood, enough that it should be an absolute riot to drive today.

That engine is a 2.0L inline-four cylinder pulled from a 2004 Ford Focus SVT, which was installed using custom engine mounts. The mighty mill sports some cool touches including individual throttle bodies from a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle, as well as a custom radiator, MegaSquirt electronic fuel injection, and a stainless-steel exhaust system. The new I-4 sends power through a Ford T9 five-speed manual transmission from a Merkur XR4Ti to the rear wheels.

The seller completed the engine and transmission swap after acquiring the car in 2011 with the drivetrain removed. At the time, the car was already sporting a host of rally-style modifications, including a roll cage, racing seats, and seam welds. The car was already repainted with a bright red hue, and now wears some cool yellow accents as well.

The exterior sports some rally lighting and English Ford Line graphics, SVT badging, and 14-inch Minilite-style wheels, which are wrapped with 175/65 Federal Formoza FD1 tires. The brakes have been gone through as well, and the car also comes with a set of Yokohama Advan 032R semi-slick tires for the track.

Add it all together, and we’ve got one seriously cool little rally-inspired Cortina that can certainly hang with more modern cars on the track. And we’d wager that the competition will never see it coming, either.

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