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2021 Ford Bronco Base Interior Photos Reveal Rather Nice Entry Level Cabin

While most buyers will undoubtedly opt for a fancy trim level when it comes time to order a 2021 Ford Bronco, it’s nice to know that a bare-bones Base trim is available for people that just want a basic off-roader. And, as it turns out, the Bronco Base interior won’t even be a half-bad place to be, as we can see from these images provided by a member at the Bronco6G forums.

While a few folks have complained about the interesting color options present in higher trim level Broncos in recent months, it’s hard to hate on this particular Bronco Base interior configuration. While Ford could have easily just gone with a straight-black cloth for the seats, it has instead chosen to do a two-tone black and gray combo on every surface, which gives the cabin a nicer, higher-end appearance.

Those two colors adorn not only the seats but also the dash and door panels, which is a very nice touch. It’s a far cry from most of today’s bargain-basement automotive interiors, which are nothing but a sea of boring, drab colors and cheap plastics. There are certainly some of those in the base Ford Bronco interior as well, but they’re less prevalent at least.

Another welcome feature of the Base Bronco interior is the fact that its entry-level infotainment screen is still a fairly large 8-incher, which was actually the optional screen in even high trim-level Ford F-150 pickups produced through 2020. Thus, even those that opt to buy the cheapest Bronco out there will be getting a decently-sized screen and SYNC 4, which makes it a nice value.

This is great news for folks who just want a basic off-roader, and we certainly imagine that a few people will certainly go this route. Throw in the Sasquatch Package, and the Base would make for one nice, simple, and rather affordable combination that’ll be hard to beat.

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  1. Alan Lang

    I wish there was a bench seat option.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    The Base model looks as Cool as the Top model it’s a win, win for everyone Ford get it right PLEASE NO RECALLS

    1. royly

      The tiny 2.3 ecoboom bolted to the chinese mfg 7sp manual, found in the entry level broncos will fail on the trails and off road. I hope the interior is okay for long waits, and tows. I understand why one poster on this string would like a bench seat- they have no intention of going off road, or up and down the trails, rather they like the “look” for their four door, mall crawler. The “Fanboys” are alive and well, not one of the fanboys has ever seen, sat in, driven, viewed at a distance, or even know a guy that once saw a production bronco, zero have been produced. The first group of buyers are not buying a 4×4, but rather a “look”. This group frets and whines over their choice(s), such as, “Should I get extra sound proofing, or the heated stearing wheel?”, Or, “what color would look best with my poodle (he’ll be riding with me a lot)”, etc. Jeep killer? It does Not appear the trails are going to be packed with broncos any time soon. We all shall see.

  3. Couchpotato

    Royly sure is a big ball of know-it-all sunshine. How dare someone not have the same opinion as you. Too bad we’re not all as smart or cool as you.

    1. John

      Cool enough to spend an hour or so reading about, then throwing a tantrum about, a vehicle that he hates. Nitpicking and complaining just to complain is just so awesome. When I grow up, I wanna live in my mom’s basement and spend all my time studying vehicles I hate, too!

      1. royly

        When you grow up? That appears to be a long way off. When little fan boys attack the messenger, and not the facts, they have already lost the argument. I realize many of the fan boys are upset that anyone would point out the short comings of a Chinese made manual (most of them can drive a manual or parallel park for that matter), or, the irony of the mall cruiser being fitting with “off road” equipment! Get a grip on reality! I know the four door bronco will be popular in San Francisco, but not so much out on the trails. We shall all see in 6 months. I’m sure you won’t let facts stand in your way, when those that actually go off road don’t see broncos on the trails and report this-you’ll attack them for stating the truth!! Say hi to your mom, when she comes down to the basement to do your laundry…

        1. royly

          In an attempt to correct some problems with this post, I was unable to edit.
          correct: most of them CAN DRIVE, CORRECT TO: CAN’T DRIVE
          Mall cruiser being fitting, CORRECT TO: FITTED

  4. Gary.

    Don’t fret about the 2.3 EB it been proven to hold up well. 😊

    1. John

      Yes it has.

      However, it wouldn’t matter if it were Ford’s worst engine, its still 10x better than FCA grab bag powertrains.

      I respect the Wrangler for what it is, but I wouldn’t touch one with a 10 foot pole and you pushing.

    2. royly

      “””It been proven to hold up well”””” It is a shame the English language has not. “It Been”????? If one actually spends some time researching the 2.3 ecoboost, the list of problems fill many pages. Where you got the idea that “It Been proven to hold up well” must have come from a source that is not known to much researchers-maybe your mom told you it was great….

  5. royly

    I have not been able to edit the above comment
    “ not known to much..” should read, “”IS NOT KNOWN TO MANY”
    My edit function is not working.

  6. Gordon Keith

    If you actually research any engine or anything mechanical you usually will find problems that are well researched but you wouldn’t know they existed if you hadn’t heard about it.

  7. Gordon Keith

    An example. Had anyone heard about the problems that the 4.6 & 5.4 had with injectors? Not spark plugs but injectors. Do some research on this subject and one would wonder how they could sell them like this, but I have driven them since 1999 and never knew about it until I heard someone talking about it. It’s a real problem…..if it happens to you.


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