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2021 Ford Bronco Build And Price Updated, Causes Prices To Rise For Some

After a months-long wait, 2021 Ford Bronco reservation holders were finally able to build their vehicle, albeit virtually, when the Ford Bronco build and price configurator finally launched back in October. Since then, many thousands of Broncos have been built as both reservation holders and interested parties tinker around to figure out the right combination for their own needs. However, Ford recently updated the Bronco configurator, and some folks were a little surprised by the results of that update.

According to Ford North America Product Communications Manager, Mike Levine, Ford updated the build and price tool and “corrected some earlier preliminary pricing errors.” These corrections caused several reservation holders’ build to subsequently rise in price, which understandably didn’t go over so well.

According to Ford, the pricing problems stemmed from the fact that the tool was not adding in charges for the 10-speed automatic transmission and Advanced 4×4 options when the Sasquatch Package was chosen. Thus, trim levels that come with the seven-speed manual as standard equipment – the two-door Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands – were affected.

The Sasquatch Package costs $4,995, the 10-speed costs $1,595, and the Advanced 4×4 costs $795, though the build and price tool was apparently listing the latter two at a cost of $0, while some builds were getting charged for the transmission twice.

Meanwhile, Black Diamond and Badlands trims with the Mid package were having the same problem with the 10-speed, which was zeroed out in the configurator. Finally, choosing Ford’s 2.7L EcoBoost V6 now adds $1,595 to the cost of builds that come standard with the seven-speed manual, a cost that wasn’t previously shown in the configurator.

In addition to these pricing corrections, Ford also added the Shadow Black-Painted modular hardtop and modular body color-painted hardtop, the latter of which comes bundled with a black soft top. However, the tool doesn’t mention that the painted tops will be a late availability option, which is something Ford told reservation holders back in October.

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  1. Normand tremblay

    What about escape phev production and delivery in Canada?

    1. Ken Powell

      I recently went to my dealer to move my reservation to an actual order. They told me that you can no longer pick your options but instead they have created option packages as it was becoming too confusing. The problem is none of the option”packages” include exactly what I want. I am ordering the Outer Banks with the High Package which gives me most of what I want but some stuff i don’t want. This is disappointing but I still want one.
      Ken powell

  2. royly

    Ford’s job one=make money. Ford has a large number of fanboys that have already put up $100, to reserve the right to order! Again, not order, but, rather, reserve the right to order. The fan boys have never seen a production bronco, why? Answer: there are zero production broncos. Not one fan boy has ever driven a new production bronco, yet they are so “excited” about the bronco they are going to order, they’ll pay the higher price(s), no problem. We’re only talking a few thousand dollars/vehicle after all. It isn’t as if ford has had plenty of time to get this function/ordering system down pat, they’ve been rushed???? Actually, when you do the math, a few thousand/per X number sold-it adds a few bucks to their bottom line. Don’t worry, the vast majority of the broncos “ordered” will not be delivered for MY 2021, ford will fix this by adding a few $$ to the MY 2022, even if it were ordered in 2021. These “deals” are being built “ford tough”.

  3. Galoolie

    So they forgot to charge for the bigger engine and just figured it out?

    1. royly

      I love your post! Funnnneeee, also don’t forget with the “bigger engine”, you must take the automatic trans, the chinese made 7sp is only offered with the tiny 4 banger…

  4. Clam Juice



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