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2021 Ford Bronco On Low-Profile Tires Would Make It A Pavement King

Ford developed the 2021 Ford Bronco to be, first and foremost, an off-roader with class leading off-road capabilities. That said, a substantial number of Broncos will most likely never leave the pavement. Some of those SUVs will inevitably receive some type of aftermarket wheel and low-profile tire combination that will prevent them from leaving the asphalt, or escaping an encounter with a pothole unscathed. Several recent renderings anonymously sent to our inbox demonstrate what those Broncos will have in store for them once they’re outfitted with those type of wheels.

2021 ford bronco wheel rendering

To be fair, the wheels themselves certainly appear attractive, and the artist responsible for creating them deserves credit for designing a fetching set of wheels. The double eight-spoke, asymmetrical wheel design looks good in its black paint, and the chrome painted accents around each spoke are a nice touch.

2021 ford bronco wheel rendering

However, it is hard to deny the inherent limitations of this configuration. An owner opting for such wheels would no doubt be subjecting themselves to an overly harsh ride, and they may as well forget about taking the rig off-road. There’s simply no way such thin tires would survive any form of sustained punishments, and we’d bet even a decent-sized pothole would be capable of popping them.

Then again, there is something to be said about heavily customized Broncos. We previously covered another 2021 Ford Bronco rechristened as an on-road warrior. This slammed Bronco is even more ludicrous than simply sticking some ill-advised wheels on a stock Bronco. But it does make more of a case for itself due to its extremely unique appearance. If it were real, it wouldn’t be able to drive over a speed bump, not without some sort of adjustable air suspension, anyway. But the Coyote-powered fantasy would absolutely turn heads, and that does have some value.

If there’s any lesson to be learned here, it’s that any 2021 Ford Bronco sporting low profile tires needs to go big or go home, preferably with wheels that won’t render the 4×4 incapable of going off-road.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Chris

    I don’t get this “off-roading” thing with a $40,000 vehicle. Maybe it’s because I’m in NYS but why beat the crap out of a brand new vehicle. I guess you can if you have the cash and your new Bronco is just a toy to play with in the desert or mud. Im ok with just towing my 4 wheelers to an enjoyable off road experience in the beautiful Caskill mountains.

    1. Alex Luft

      But it’s about so much more than just off-roading or “playing in the mud.” That’s probably the least popular use case of them all.

      The Bronco is about overlanding, it’s about exploring, it’s about camping, it’s about on-road driving with the top off and/or doors off. And in the event that one is “just” off-roading, then the truck can take the abuse… though many will probably never push it to extremes.

    2. royly

      You don’t have to “get it”, why? Because 99% of the new broncos won’t go “off-roading” to say the very least. The legion of FanBoys is hilarious, think about the fanboy that is anguishing over what winch, off road lighting, tire size, etc. for a vehicle that will never see off road use! It’s all about the “look”, typical fanboy’s dilemma! Fanboys are still trying to figure out what color their new bronco should be (to best match their hair color, I’m guessing), let’s face it, the Vast majority of these new broncos will spend far more time getting washed and waxed than ever getting used off road. I know a few will see improved/well maintained park roads, as long as it hasn’t rained in a while, and there is zero chance of getting a scratch. Wannabees are delighting over the bronco-they’ll be opting for the extra sound proofing, carpet, deluxe infotainment centers, heated seats, etc. I guess there are some believe this type of configuration will be real “chick magnets”!!! Most still live with mom. ZERO of those putting up one hundred dollars (fully refundable), have ever driven a new production bronco, sat in a new production bronco, or even caught a glimpse of a new production bronco at their favorite mall! Why? Answer: there are zero production broncos-none have been produced, at the earliest a few may be produced in june of 2021.

  2. Rookie Banter

    Every one of those renders is a useless vehicle to me. To me they are just ugly. Worse than when people do that to a truck, but not by much.

    On anther note, I had to prove I am not a robot a few times to write this message. WTF is wrong with this site?

    1. Lee Glidewell

      Amen brother. They’re not only ugly, they’d probably beat your kidneys to pulp!

  3. GaryB

    Silly and impractical. Like eating broth with chopsticks because eating with chopsticks “looks cool”. Can’t wait to see slammed and stretched out broncos next year. Could use a chuckle or two after 2020

  4. Dave Mathers

    The black one – NO. The blue one – oh YEAH!! That is one nasty piece, probably the best new Bronco I have seen yet. VERY well done.

  5. Andre Cole

    Id love to see the bronco all dressed up seudo -luxo on tight ass wheels, a-la G wagon vibe.It would be a cool weekend sorta snobbish americana we need to stop buying , well ..G wagons!!! Ford puts a coyote and this would be the shizzle!!!

  6. Roberto Ugalde

    There is a magic in treating yourself to off-road experience. Knowing you have a off road rated vehicle gives you peace and some fear that might break it. But then, again, that is the magic.

    If you have that Bronco to park it in front of Starbucks… Then you need a show Truck .

  7. Earl

    Holy ugly! Those wheels look absolutely terrible. Anyone putting low profile tires on am off road vehicle has no taste.

  8. Billy Robinson

    Wow! The negativity is overwhelming! Although it’s very common today.
    If you’ve never taken a ride in a customized lowered vehicle you really have no place to say anything. A good air ride suspension makes the vehicle ride 100% better than stock! Also with this powertrain…this customized truck would be a great choice for a street rod by any means! Also? Have you ever been to a car show? This thing would be a show-stopping trophy taker! Why limit the technology that Ford has put into this vehicle! I’m sure you’ve heard the term built FORD tough! Why not have custom industries for custom vehicles? Just creates jobs and let’s people use their creative sense!! BOOST ECONOMY!
    Besides… It’s just a machine…

  9. Billy Robinson

    Pencil pushing clothes-minded city boys! Let me tell you what… Stock vehicles suck!! You probably won’t agree because you have no idea what the lifestyle is about! So enjoy your Starbucks and your champagne and leave our passion alone!! Custom always! Stock sucks!

    1. Chris

      Clothes minded!? Hill Billy Robinson didnt get none of that there fancy book learn’n!

      1. jason c

        Probably using speech to text like me. But yeah we can focus on that. Maybe we can talk about your haircut and what color shirt you’re wearing while we’re avoiding the point.

  10. Jason c

    I don’t want this, I need this. some of you guys might not live in the woods, some of you might not have to go up an easement that is extremely steep just to get home everyday. And in Central Wisconsin sometimes that easement up the side of a bluff is glare ice. I’ve slid down at a few times with a truck and I end up in the ditch and I’m stuck. Hopefully when I slide into the ditch next winter in a bronco I can just keep on trucking with the 35-in tires. I jacked up truck might get the job done, but it’s going to be way longer and might bottom out in the deep snow on the side of the road, and it will cause the hell of a lot more to jack up a truck to try and make it capable of the same things as bronco will be able to do Snow wise.

    1. royly

      And you know all this how? I know you’ve never driven a new bronco, you have driven a new bronco in the snow, you don’t know anyone that has, you’re guessing-buying the hype. You “Need this”, I guess no one living “In the woods” has been able to come and go in any other 4×4, for years? Are you “laying in” winter provisions, as you are stuck “in the woods” all winter. Regarding your truck, does it have good snow tires? 35 in tires may or may not help, as the type of tire, when operating in the snow is more important than the size (within reason). I guess you’ll be going another year without the ability to go down a hill in the winter, I don’t know how long this has been going on, but over the years have you considered any other 4×4, or have you just stayed stuck, hoping ford would some day bring out a 4×4 with a bronco badge on it?


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