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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Deliveries Are Officially Underway

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E deliveries were always expected to begin by the end of 2020, and it appears that The Blue Oval has managed to meet its deadline by a hair. We know that at least one Mach-E was delivered just yesterday to a customer at Five Star Ford in Dallas, Texas, as the dealer posted some pictures online showing the handoff.

“Stephen brought his whole family today to take delivery of his special ordered California Route 1 Mach-E from Joe Crawford,” the post reads. “Pictured to the right is Stephen’s ’65 convertible in Wimbledon White and to the left is his 2015 California Special GT. Congratulations Engro Family!”

With a pair of classic Ford Mustang models flanking the new Mach-E, this delivery made for one special and truly unique photo opportunity. It’s also sure to rile up more than a few die-hard Mustang fans who feel like the Mach-E shouldn’t bear the iconic pony car’s name, but we digress.

Given that Dallas is reasonably close to the Ford Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico, where the Mach-E is produced, it makes sense that it would be the location for one of the very first Mach-E deliveries to take place, if not the first. After all, Ford previously noted distance as the reason behind the delay in Mach-E deliveries in Europe.


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However, the first batch of Mach-Es was spotted arriving in Norway earlier this month, though those models are believed to be demo units for dealers – not actual customer vehicles. Regardless, over the next couple of months or so, we’ll be seeing many, many more units of Ford’s first all-electric production vehicle hitting dealerships and driveways across the globe.

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  1. Chris

    I guess Ford did the research showing there’s a mainstream market for electric vehicles. If anything sales will be regional to warmer climates. Do you really want an electric car in the northeast during winter? How fast is that battery gonna wear down when you’re stuck in the snow? Cold weather alone does a number on the battery. Cadillac says they are going to be all electric in 10 years? C’mon man really? What BS. Ford and GM are just trying to get their stock price up with their “electric fantasies”.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      You do realize Teslas have a setting that allow the car to remain warmed overnight, right?
      It’s not that difficult. There are a lot of Teslas in my state and the winters get 40F below and even colder. Apparently, they do just fine. Just because it’s not based on ICE tech doesn’t mean it’s bad. Try to do some reading on it before you assume.

  2. Ken Powell

    Too bad the brain trust at Ford couldn’t come up with an original name for the new EV. Calling it a Mustang takes away from the iconic image of the beautiful performance car that many of us grew up with and that still looks and performs better than anything else in its price range.

    1. Richard Klima

      Mustang is now a brand, not a model. There are more to come.

      1. Healthier Locklear


  3. Chris

    I thought we were talking about the Ford Mach-E. But, ok you want to talk about Tesla. Teslas are purchased by the wealthy to advertise their wealth. The same reason they buy a Bentley, to show off. If you own a Tesla, you have more than one car and those cars have an ICE for winter driving. Electric cars will never be mainstream until we run out of crude and are forced to drive them. So maybe 200 years? BTW the Mach E looks sharp. If it had an ICE, I would buy one.

  4. Ford Owner

    By 2035 all the new cars will be electric only by all the manufacturers. So if you want to continue to deny the reality and only drive with gas, keep your present car until it or you break down.

  5. Ford Owner

    Take a test drive of the 2021 Mustang Mach-E and see for yourself that it is a better Mustang than what you expect.

  6. Chris

    There’s no denial here. Electric cars will not dominate the roads in our lifetime. New ICE cars will be made for decades to come along with electric cars. They’ll share the road together well into the 22nd century.

  7. Tom

    Wow, can you feel the excitement in the air! Just like 1964 when the original Mustang made its debut….NOT! Now wackos will have another “virtue signaling” car to drive their kids to soccer practice besides a Tesla. Take away the tax credits for these things and let the market determine if we go electric.

  8. Bruce Holberg

    The manufacturers except for Tesla are between a rock and the overly aggressive CAFE standards that are being foisted on them by the feds. All the rest is commentary.

  9. Tom

    I wish there was a bet in Vegas about electric cars completely taking over the market by 2035. This would be easy money betting against this happening.

    p.s. How long do you think it will take before the recalls start on these Mach E’s. Remember, the final preparation for launch was done by work-from-home employees. I see how much “work” is being done from home, driving around in the afternoon.

  10. Chris

    Yes that comment was a bit much about all new cars being electric by 2035. Wishful thinking by the climate change crowd. I had this Yeyhoo in a pickup in front of me blowing all this exhaust out of two smokestacks. I mean I could not see. They were smokestacks you’d see on a big rig. What the hell is that moron doing?

  11. Nellie Barrios

    Does anyone know what the GVWR is on the California model? Web/dealer info only posts curb weight. Thanks


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