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2021 Lincoln Nautilus Gains Phone As A Key On Reserve, Black Label Trims

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, which was just revealed a couple of weeks ago, debuts an all-new interior design and minor exterior tweaks for the new model year. But there are a few tech upgrades present in the newest Lincoln Nautilus as well, as Ford Authority has learned. Most notably, Lincoln’s Phone As A Key feature makes its debut on the 2021 Nautilus, which means that it’s now available on every model in the automaker’s lineup.

On the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, Phone As A Key is available on models equipped with the Reserve trim level, and standard equipment on the Black Label.

Phone As A Key debuted on the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, giving owners the ability to use their smartphone as a key to access the vehicle. It allows owners to lock and unlock, open the liftgate, and start and drive the vehicle, all without having to use a traditional key at all.

Phone As A Key offers additional functionality, too. Drivers can recall individual preferences for adjusting the seats, side mirrors, and steering column positions. Comfort and entertainment settings can be activated through the feature as well. If owners want to loan their Aviator to a family member or friend, the technology makes that equally effortless, as up to four “keys” are provided with each vehicle in addition to the standard smart key fobs.

Should a phone battery go dead, a passcode can be entered on the standard exterior keypad to gain entry, then a backup code can be entered on the center touch screen to start and drive the vehicle. If a phone is lost or stolen, Phone As A Key can be easily deleted as well, so owners don’t have to worry about enterprising thieves also making off with their vehicle.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Lincoln should have used the Nautilus to show case a new grill and light treatment front and back with the new interior with sales down it could only help .Lincoln didn’t give huge rebates on the Continental and MKZ, I thought SUV supposed to be selling so great? So what’s going on with the Nautilus and Edge ? Lincoln is off to a BAD start if it’s already having a problem selling it SUV line up. I got a great idea since it’s a luxury brand add 2 sedans and a coupe suicide doors EV Continental coupe and sedan and 4door Zephyr AWD 3.0 400hp Hybrid 3.0 494hp with a glass to option, A new Corsair model with AWD 350hp with optional 6spd transmission and the return of Blackwood EV with a retractable bed cover and rear window with suicide doors, GO BIG SHOOT 4 THE STARS

  2. Me

    Off your meds again?

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Off your knees yet???

  3. Mick1

    Roy must reside in a cannabis legalized state. That’s his med.

  4. Donald Ellerbrock

    Ford “family” is not friendly!
    I recently suffered a stroke and now cannot drive my leased Edge for six months.
    I asked Ford if I could return the Edge since I it is not being used. Thy said no, and I must continue payments until the lease expires. Not only that but I must keep full insurance coverage on the car while it sits in my garage.
    I guess I am not part of the Ford “family”
    This will be my last lease car!


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