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2021 Lincoln Navigator Special Edition Package Officially Revealed

Back in September, Ford Authority exclusively reported that a new 2021 Lincoln Navigator Special Edition Package was on the way for the Black Label. Now, Lincoln has officially revealed the new package and provided additional details as to what sort of features it brings to the Navigator’s range-topping trim.

This is the first time that Lincoln has offered a Special Edition Package for the Black Label, building on its successful Reserve Monochromatic Package and the strength of its current SUV lineup. The new monochromatic-inspired Black Label package debuts on the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, the brand’s flagship SUV.

The Special Edition Package features a new, specially painted black roof and monochromatic accents including a black mesh Lincoln grille, 22-inch, 12-spoke black aluminum wheels, black side-view mirror caps, and spoiler.

“The unique black roof coupled with additional monochromatic elements emphasize the strong lines of the Navigator, giving it an even more dramatic look and greater presence on the road,” said Earl Lucas, Lincoln exterior chief designer. “Black is a great partner to almost any color, providing a brighter appearance and more contrast – this makes Navigator really stand out.”

The package is available with the following exterior colors: Pristine White, Chroma Crystal Blue, Silver Radiance, Chroma Molten Gold, Burgundy Velvet, and Lincoln’s signature color, Flight Blue – new to the 2021 Navigator lineup.

Meanwhile, Black Label continues to introduce new clients to the brand. Some of Lincoln’s newest and youngest clientele are Navigator owners, as the flagship continues to help build brand momentum. Nearly 20 percent of total Navigator sales in 2020 were Black Label, in fact.

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Special Edition Package will be available next spring.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Jim Farley or Jim Hackett are not car guys what’s not to UNDERSTAND? If Ford build a front wheel drive MUSTANG it will sale like the CONTINENTAL, So if Lincoln use the Rear Wheel Drive Chassis from the Avatar to build a Real CONTINENTAL it will sale like MUSTANG.If Ford can sale all Truck, SUV Coupe and Convertible MUSTANG then Lincoln would have NO PROBLEM selling A SEDAN, PROBLEM SOVLED it’s not ROCKET SCIENCE JUST COMMON SENSE GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY ARE ASKING FOR. Lincoln build the wrong sedan slap a Iconic name on it and discontinued it and expect sales to grow EPIC FAIL LINCOLN. The Special Edition is nice but it address the biggest problem More customers will be buying CADILLAC AND CHRYSLER because they have SEDANS to sale and LINCOLN DON’T

  2. Mark

    I agree they had the potential to make the continental a lot better, but they failed. Hopefully in a few years they’ll reintroduce it and make it better than a Mercedes or bmw (I don’t see Cadillac because their current vehicles really suck also but the 300 is amazing but its in need of a update). Genesis and Mercedes shows that there’s still a market for sedans in the US it’s just that the continental’s primary market was seniors and I personally do not want to drive grandpa’s car. But right now sales have spoken and people want the Navigator so until then the Navigator (which is starting to already look outdated in my opinion) is Lincoln’s “Icon”

  3. scorpionking0102

    Lincoln SUVs upped the ante when they refreshed a couple years ago. But after seeing the new Escalade refresh, Lincoln has to break out the sketch pads once more. The tablet screens are beginning to look like an afterthought. Especially after seeing how Escalade incorporated their screens in dash. Bigger is not always better and I think Lincoln needs to be thinking about a move away from the tablet screens. Which are also intrusive.
    Also, the American auto makers have just handed over the car market to the European and Asian vehicle manufacturers. The day will come when American vehicle buyers will long for the days of the sedans. Don’t get me wrong, the Asians and Europeans build great cars. Although, some European vehicle manufacturers over engineer their vehicles which make them a bit more expensive to own, especially when it comes to repairs.

  4. Mark

    Cadillac is just full of a bunch of fan boys. Lincoln would literally release something lot better like the Aviator and Cadillac would release some crappy rebadged thing like the XT6 which is basically a exact replica of the GMC Acadia with a Cadillac grill and carbon fiber trim and very little HP and people would buy that over the Aviator.

    1. Mike

      The Aviator is currently the leader in its class and Cadillac has no SUV in that class to compare. The new Escalade is definitely stiff competition for the Navigator but it remains to be seen if the Escalade can overcome it’s poor quality ratings.


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