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Artist Renders Ford Bronco Tremor Based On 2021 F-150 Tremor

It goes without saying that the 2021 Ford Bronco is a massive hit, and that’s saying something considering deliveries of the reborn SUV won’t begin until next summer. Regardless, 190,000 plus folks have reserved a new Ford Bronco, and everyone loves it. Well, except for Jeep brass, that is. But there are still a few folks that would like to see Ford build a full-size Bronco like it once did, based on the Ford F-150. And if it did, we’d love to see a Ford Bronco Tremor just like this one imagined up by artist Oscar V.

Oscar essentially took the brand new 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor, which just debuted last week, and transformed it into a mighty handsome Ford Bronco Tremor. It sounds simple because, well, it is. But the results are undeniably awesome, and it makes us want a new full-size F-150-based Bronco more than we already did.

The Bronco Tremor has been rendered in both a solid color and two-tone paint, and they both look great to us. It’s also essentially a straight port of the F-150 Tremor, which means that it wears the same Raptor-inspired wheels, 33-inch tires, and special front grille and styling details of its pickup brethren. But there’s also a big roof rack with a light bar mounted up top, just for good measure.

We’re particularly digging the front fender emblems, which take the 2021 F-150 badges and add a bucking Bronco in place of the F-150 logo. The look is simple but cool and seems like something that Ford might actually make and adhere to such a vehicle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the return of the full-size Bronco any time soon, but we can dream, no? And if The Blue Oval does ever decide to bring it back, we hope it looks just like this.

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  1. royly

    A lot of people have put down $100, to reserve the right to order a bronco, but none have been able to buy a bronco, of those with the refundable $100 deposit, most will have to wait until 2022 to get a bronco, if they stay in line. I hope the full size bronco is a two door, white top, V8 machine. Ford seems determined to push the ecoboom, four door, wanabee machine. How about a real bronco, a tough, V8 machine with the potential of going 100,000s of miles? Keep the new bronco in the line up for the “want the look” crowd-you know, the guys that are still “fretting” over which color, the sound proofing, which carpet, can I get a heated seat and steering wheel type. The New bronco was suppose to take on the Jeep-and “whip its butt” off road, not “look cooler” at the mall and the kids soccer games.

  2. John M.Stecz

    l have been waiting patiently for the return of the Full Size Bronco.I would have been the first one in line to buy a full size two door designed after the F 150, and all I get is a wanna be Jeep model, I am disappointed.I am a die hard Ford man and I enjoy my 1979 FULL SIZE ford Bronco

    1. royly

      If you are going to be first, okay, I’ll be second. NO BS, I’ll drive it home today! The F-150 is what some might call a successful vehicle, you’d think Ford may realize, if they made a Bronco based on the F-150 they may sell a few!

  3. J

    That super large F150 Bronco was built when Ford lost its way and left the better original Bronco. I don’t like it.

    1. royly

      Based on the F-150, in my mind, does not mean, the same size as the quad cab, long bed, f150. Based on, for me is different from, put a camper shell and some seats in a F150, hang the spare off the rear door….. The new bronco, four door, is a wannabee mall cruiser, interestingly enough, the 7sp manual, with the super low gear, is only going to be offered with the tiny 4 cylinder ecoboom mill. My guess, the four doors will be fitted out with, winch, off road lighting, 35 meats, lift kits, but also with the carpeting, sound proofing, heated steering wheel, deluxe sound system, etc. Mall Cruisers to be sure. While they [four door mall cruisers] will have all kinds of “off road” extras, few (very few) will actually see any off road use-it’s the look you see….

  4. Z-tar

    Would buy.

    Also the LED light bar is slick, is that conceptual or a real product?

  5. T

    Please Ford, do this!


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