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Ford 5.2L Predator V8 Replacement Engine Costs $25K

Simply buying a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is expensive enough, as the base model sports an MSRP of $72,900. And that’s if one can circumvent insane dealer markups, which is still a difficult task, months after the car launched. Then, adding on the Carbon Fiber Track Pack costs another $18,500, which is actually a bargain considering how much the GT500’s carbon fiber wheels cost to replace. But the most expensive component of all is unsurprisingly the Ford 5.2L Predator V8 that makes the GT500 so special in the first place.

That supercharged monster of an engine costs a whopping $24,748.43 through Ford Parts, Ford Authority has learned. That’s a lot of dough for an engine, but the Ford 5.2L Predator V8 is a lot of engine. In the 2020 GT500, the Predator pumps out 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque, which is obviously quite a bit.

As if that isn’t enough, Ford also slaps the replacement engine with a $1,000 core charge, which is normal. But those looking to replace their Predator, as one YouTube probably is after he just blew his showing off on the highway, there’s also some additional bad news – it’s currently on backorder, so there’s no telling when that might happen.

As Ford Authority exclusively reported last month, Ford is also working on selling a crate version of the Predator. Ford has not yet announced how much it will sell that for, but we imagine that $25k is in the ballpark of what it might ultimately cost. But nobody expected the all-aluminum, dual-overhead-cam, hand-built masterpiece, which is the most powerful production engine ever built by Ford, to sell for a discount, to be fair.

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  1. JimL

    So the engine by itself is $26k. Buying the four wheels separately is almost $25k. So for $51k I can have an engine and 4 wheels. It almost makes the complete car seem like a bargain!

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Am sure the transmission is $8K, add the painted on stripes $10K and your at $69K Yes is a bargain because your still haven’t bought the body, interior or brakes

  3. royly

    If one spends five minutes on the net, you’ll find plenty of very high HP V8 engines for sale, for a much lower cost. The FI V8’s are readily available for numerous custom houses, that are virtually hand built by really talented small teams-what they turn out matters to them, they aren’t part of a multi national, billion dollar mfg, they live off their reputation. For those looking for a High HP V8, you can buy a lot more for less.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      We know that the difference is it’s not the 2020 GT500 engine they building. Which is the most powerful factor built block from Ford today

      1. royly

        If you would like a very high HP V8, one that is hand built by talented builders, and don’t go weak at the knees because it wasn’t produced in the Ford shop, you can get a lot more for a lot less. I like my mills built by those that go the extra mile to be certain what they have built is right, just like proof reading, some people just don’t care…

  4. Dave Mathers

    Ah, ‘back order’!! How many times did I hear THAT expression back in the day!! LOL

  5. Lawrence Coleman

    That motor cost all that money and I always see a turbo 5.3 ls from the junk yard spank the gt500

  6. Jack Narly

    Why didn’t they fix the GT-350 5.2 engine to make it equal to the corvette Z06 flat plane crank engine? That’s the motor that should be the standard V-8 engine in all mustangs. A few engine upgrades and i’m betting that engine could get 2 horsepower per cubic inch, naturally aspirated.


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