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Ford Bronco Reservation Holders Will Receive Free FordPass Rewards Points

When Ford announced that 2021 Ford Bronco deliveries would be delayed until summer of 2021 earlier this month, the automaker also stated that as a consolation prize, it would be providing Ford Bronco reservation holders with FordPass points they could use toward the purchase of accessories. Now, Ford has revealed exactly how many of those free points Bronco reservations holders will receive.

In an email sent out to reservation holders, Ford stated that at the time of delivery, Ford Bronco buyers will earn 42,000 FordPass rewards points (over $200 value) to use toward maintenance, service, accessories, and more at their local Ford dealer. On top of that, Ford is adding an additional 20,000 rewards points at the time of delivery, which adds up to 62,000 points, or an over $300 value.

It’s a bonus for Bronco reservation holders after they received word that deliveries have been pushed back at least a month, and possibly longer, due to a COVID-19 related supplier issue.

As we recently reported, 2021 Ford Bronco order banks will now open in January, rather than December 7th, which was when dealers and customers were originally slated to begin converting reservations to orders. The order conversion window will now shift to mid-January through March, while initial 2021 model year dealer allocation forecasts will be provided in early January before order banks open.

Ford also announced that the much-anticipated Sasquatch package and seven-speed manual transmission combination will not be available until late next year as a 2022 model year option. Previously, this was scheduled to be a late availability feature, added after a large number of customers requested it.

As we reported earlier today, Ford anticipates that some customers will receive a 2022 model year Bronco instead of 2021, as deliveries will extend into the following year. If that happens, customers will get access to any product improvements for the new model year, according to Ford.

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  1. bob the builder

    $100. in purchase points at full retail at a dealership, yeah that makes all the extra wait worth it, It must feel like the folks have won a lottery spending 40-50 thousand dollars on tickets and winning $100.

  2. John T.

    I see ford is giving care package for those still waiting on the broncos. I haven’t heard a thing from ford or got anything from them and I’m still waiting . It’s been 9 months and haven’t heard a thing . Talked to my sales rep. And he hasn’t heard a thing .


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