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Ford Delays 2021 Bronco Deliveries Until Summer, Order Banks Pushed Back

For months now, Ford has remained adamant that 2021 Bronco deliveries would begin in the spring of 2021. However, the automaker has now announced that it will be delaying 2021 Bronco deliveries until the summer. Ford is blaming the delay on COVID-19 challenges that some of its suppliers are facing, which has pushed the entire process back a few weeks.

Aside from 2021 Ford Bronco deliveries being delayed, order banks will now open in January, rather than December 7th, which was when dealers and customers were originally slated to begin converting reservations to orders. The order conversion window will now shift to mid-January through March, while initial 2021 model year dealer allocation forecasts will be provided in early January, before order banks open.

If all of that isn’t enough bad news, Ford also announced that the much-anticipated Sasquatch package and seven-speed manual transmission combination will not be available until late next year as a 2022 model year option. Previously, this was scheduled to be a late availability feature, added after a large number of customers requested it.

Bronco Reservations

However, there are two pieces of good news that Ford also shared in this announcement. For starters, it will offer First Edition Ford Bronco buyers the option of a black interior. Previously, the only choice for that model was the Navy Pier interior, which didn’t go over well with a lot of reservation holders.

Also, Ford is creating a customer appreciation program for Bronco reservation holders which will provide FordPass Rewards points for use towards the purchase of Bronco accessories. More details on these changes will be provided soon.

While this is obviously disappointing news for those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2021 Bronco, it appears that they’ll only be waiting roughly a month longer to take delivery of their vehicles, which isn’t too terribly long.

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  1. Donald Hayes

    Unbelievable. Ford drops their sedans which lost me as a customer. Now after all the hype, the Bronco gets pushed back. Ford needs to rethink their game plan and restart production of the Fusion which even at it’s end produced over 170,000 sales and if possible some select models of the Taurus like the SHO (which I was looking for before purchasing a new Chrysler 300C Hemi) to give the dealers some some inventory to sell. I dropped by my local Dealership and it’s full of Ecosports. Not a vehicle that brings customers in your showroom. A few Mustangs which is the wrong season. A few Explorers, expeditions and pickup trucks. When sales are down over 40%. I think it’s time for concern. It seems when Ford takes a shot. It seems the only thing they hit is their foot. At this rate Hyundai and Kia will move ahead of Ford with better products and availability of products. Blame it on Covid when the real issue is Ford following through on their business plans. I guessing the next delay will be the Mach E.

    1. Me

      Mach E’s are already on dealer lots.

    2. royly

      Great post! There are none so blind as those that will not see. A quick drive around most towns car dealerships will reveal, other mfgs have vehicles to sell, those that sell well. I can’t understand how the covid decided to attack ford, but decided to leave the other mfgs alone. I think ford is concentrating far too much effort on the chinese market, and allowing the US market to go to hell if necessary. I don’t want to forget to mention the new bronco sport-is made in mexico, strangely enough, the bronco sports are starting to show up at dealerships-why hasn’t the covid attacked that ford plant?

  2. Gary.

    Meanwhile Fiat or who ever owns Chrysler now keep selling jeeps…😢

  3. GaryB

    Disappointing but understandable. Much harder for me to commit. I’ve been without a road legal vehicle since July so waiting a full year or longer from now to get a mansquatch 2 door Badlands is must less feasible.
    As for the other complainers here going on about the sedans, there are plenty of other manufacturers that build sedans. If you feel you must stick with ford then get a Lincoln. I heard those fusions were crap anyways. Transmission issues and what not. Not having to manufacturer crap sedans means they can make more vehicles that actually sell.

  4. royl

    Will the chip shortage effect scheduled delivery times?? If not, why not?


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