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Ford Maverick Pickup Will Only Be Available In Four-Door Configuration

Though few buy them these days, there are still a lot of folks who appreciate a regular cab pickup. A lot of buyers were likely also hoping that the forthcoming Ford Maverick pickup would be offered in regular cab configuration, marking the return of an affordable, compact, simple hauler for those that don’t need big, fancy, expensive trucks. However, that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with product plans that the Ford Maverick pickup will only come in four-door configuration, with no Regular Cab or SuperCab in the works. So far, only four-door/SuperCrew Maverick prototypes have been spied testing, so this really comes as no surprise, especially when we add in the fact that most modern pickup truck buyers opt for four-door cabs.

Regardless, this decision stands in stark contrast to what is offered in Ford’s existing truck lineup. The mid-size Ford Ranger is available in both SuperCab and SuperCrew configuration, while the full-size Ford F-150 can be configured as a Regular Cab, SuperCab, or SuperCrew. Meanwhile, the Ford Super Duty is available in Regular Cab, SuperCab, or SuperCrew configuration as well.

Meanwhile, the Ford Maverick pickup will share a number of components and the Ford C2 platform with the Ford Bronco Sport, though it will be longer.

The Maverick is expected to be offered with either Ford’s 1.5L EcoBoost Dragon I-3 or an optional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, both of which are expected to be paired with FoMoCo’s new 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s currently unclear, but a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder is also a possibility, as is a hybrid drivetrain. The compact pickup will come in front-wheel-drive configuration, but all-wheel-drive will also be available.

Production of the new model will take place at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico, which is also the birthplace of the new Bronco Sport. Expect a launch in mid-2021 as a 2022 model.

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  1. L.J.Chauvin

    No regular cab NO SALE !

    1. Joe

      Agree , don’t want a 2 foot bed like this one.

    2. John


  2. Lurch

    In a way, I understand: I’m 6’4″ and don’t fit well in old compact pickups. On the other hand, not having regular and Supercabs misses people who really want to use them as something other than a family vehicle.

  3. Tucsonhooligan

    I’d buy a 2-door regular cab with a 6 foot bed. 4 door with a 3 foot bed? Nope. And I was looking forward to this coming out and being an alternative to my gas-guzlling F-100. Ford misses the mark again.

  4. Mike

    No need to wait for it then. I’ll have to see what the Nissan looks like, as much as I hate to. I can’t get in to the Ranger and I want the longest bed I can get. This is stupid, what’s next, calling a fat suv a Mustang?, or worse, an electric Mustang. I know no one is that crazy

  5. Doc

    Say no to 4 Doors…

  6. John

    After I read that there would be no 2 door I lost complete interest. Ford will regret not offering this in regular cab configuration.

  7. Paul

    Oh well no two door. But it is still happening and going to have AWD too which is better than nuthin’

  8. Paul

    It’s looking pretty good. Four door only is OK and at least it will get AWD, although better capability would be nice.

  9. Buce

    I can afford to pay cash for a top-of-the-line super duty. That is NOT what I want! I want a small regular cab, 4wd with a manual trans., a floor shift, And a coyote v8, lowered, and fully loaded. It can cost $60k for all I care! I know this is a impossibility, but I will NOT buy what I consider to “ soccer-mom mobile. Am I that Rare?

  10. Tommy Frizzell

    If there is no two door there will be no purchase by me! I will continue to drive my old Chevy. I did see a red two door on site that I would definitely purchase if made available! The young generation is looking for something to sport out and this is a prime opportunity for Ford to step up?

  11. Tommy Frizzell

    I have been waiting on a small affordable 2 door truck for several years. Looks like I will have to wait on GM to build one? Just keep driving my 1997 for a while longer.

  12. Tommy Frizzell

    Been waiting on an affordable 2 door truck for several years with a minimum of 4 cylinders! Looks like I’ll be driving my 1997 GM a while longer.

  13. Sandra Slusarski

    Please make it a “cab and a half”…so there will be room for groceries and a decent bed length.🙏
    It will be useless as a pickup without a bed.🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. John Smith

    In the mean time I’ll just keep using my 81 year old 3/4 ton Ford with a wood flat bed large enough to haul 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood with room to spare with the tail gate in. This is with the 2 x 4 sidewalls and gate in place. Why can’t Ford make a simply work truck that someone other than a doctor or lawyer can can afford? Truck is equipped for dual rear tires but hasn’t had any since the the 1940s when it was used to deliver powdered milk.

  15. Mark Remely

    I bought the “original” Maverick in 1976. I’ve owned many Ford vehicles since then. I’m just a Ford guy! Currently own a 2005 Ranger with 245,000 miles on it.I was excited to hear of a new small pickup being introduced to replace my aging baby. Of all names too, Maverick. Unfortunately I have no need for a four door. Please consider a two door option with an extended cab next model year.

  16. Charlie Rubin

    For the following model year, please consider a two door option with an extended cab with a long bed. AWD with a hybrid option.

  17. Ron

    I absolutely would have purchased one if available in extended/supercab. Bummer.

  18. Mike F.

    One of the most popular vehicles around is a Ford Ranger with and extended cab. Looks like Ford forgot to take notice of what we are driving, old Ford Rangers with extended cabs and decent sized beds. I’ll keep driving what I have and maybe someone can make a suitable replacement for me, my wife and my dog. We just want to buy a newer version of the perfect truck for a DIY’er.

  19. Tommy

    I want a maverick truck just like the 2 door Red concept shown on the Fords ate when the maverick was announced! 4 cylinder of course!
    Never bought a 4 door or extended cab truck and never will. I want a classy 2 door truck with shot bed!

  20. Tommy

    I want a maverick truck just like the 2 door Red concept shown on the Fords site when the maverick was announced! 4 cylinder of course!
    Never bought a 4 door or extended cab truck and never will. I want a classy 2 door truck with shot bed!

  21. dpoultridge in PHX

    No Super cab I’m out.
    And as far as NCEcoBoost is concerned it’s a dandy 1.5L power plant. I’ve owned many cars w/1.2-1.8L power plants all 4 bangers and only one compares to the 1.5L EcoBoost 3 banger.
    In addition, I’ve owned several 3 cylinder motorbikes, Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket III, Yamaha XS 750 & 850 and a Kawasaki H3 Mach 4. 3 cylinder power plants are quite capable around town and on a road trip. I like our ’20 1.5L Escape a lot more than our ’15 V6 Toyota Avalon and our ’19 V8 Dodge Ram (new body).

  22. Jim

    I bought my 93 Ranger regular cab cause I was told there would be no extended cab. Three months later here it came – an extended cab model but to late for me. Without the extended cab I am out also on the Maverick. I’ll keep driving my 93 Ranger.


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