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U.S. Ford Motor Company Sales Decrease 21 Percent In November 2020

Ford Motor Company sales decreased 21 percent to 149,931 units during November of 2020 in the United States. Sales decreased at both of FoMoCo brands – Ford and Lincoln.

“Super Duty sales produced a strong gain in November with sales up 7.5 percent. F-150 inventory continued to tighten as we moved through our Q4 changeover to the all-new F-150,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “This was a result of coronavirus-related production stoppages in Q2 and a strong sell down of the current model F-150. Dealers are really looking forward to the 2021 F-150, which is now in transit, as well as Bronco Sport and the all-new Mustang Mach-E,” he added.

FoMoCo Sales Notes – U.S. November 2020

Sale types:

  • Total Ford Motor Company sales during November 2020 decreased 21 percent to 149,931 units
    • Retail sales fell 16.7 percent
    • Commercial and government fleet sales recovered and were both up 7 and 14 percent, respectively, compared to a year ago.
      • Daily rental fleets sales continue to weigh on the overall fleet total, with sales down 87 percent
  • Ford estimates that November’s total industry declined 15 percent on total sales of 1.24 million vehicles.
    • At retail, Ford estimates the industry was off 12 percent, while fleet was down 25 percent.
    • Industry declines are largely attributed to one less weekend in November this year than last year and a renewed focus on stay-at-home policies due to rising coronavirus cases.
  • Fusion and Fiesta continued to wind down as at transitions from cars to SUVs

Inventory & SAAR:

  • Ford did not provide inventory or SAAR information, representing a notable change in the details provided by the automaker for its sales reporting

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales decreased 20.8 percent to 141,544 units:

  • Ford Bronco Sport sales totaled 22 units
    • The sales represent the first Bronco Sport deliveries as Ford transitions from cars to SUVs
  • Ford E-Series sales decreased 8.7 percent to 3,412 units
  • Ford EcoSport sales decreased 14.4 percent to 4,318 units
  • Ford Edge sales decreased 34.6 percent to 9,096 units
  • Ford Escape sales decreased 15.1 percent to 13,411 units
  • Ford Expedition sales decreased 32.3 percent to 7,025 units
  • Ford Explorer sales increased 21.9 percent to 18,848 units
    • Ford continues to see a strong mix of high-end performance ST which represented 17 percent of sales in November.
    • Explorer continues to be on pace to take back America’s best-selling mid-size SUV for the year.
  • Ford F-Series sales decreased 27.2 percent to 52,698 units
    • F-Series sales were impacted by lower inventories attributed to the lingering effects of the Q2 coronavirus production stoppage combined with the transition to the all-new F-150.
    • All-new 2021 F-150’s began shipping to dealers at the end of November.
    • November Super Duty sales increased 7.5 percent.
    • America’s best-selling pickup has sold 713,325 pickups through November of this year. This is just over 195,000 more pickups than its second-place competitor, placing F-Series in position to record its 44th straight year as America’s best-selling pickup.
  • Ford Fiesta sales decreased 97.9 percent to 51 units
    • The model has been discontinued
  • Ford Flex sales decreased 95 percent to 118 units
  • Ford Fusion sales decreased 21.2 percent to 5,902 units
  • Ford GT sales decreased 80 percent to 4 units
  • Ford Heavy Trucks sales increased 32.1 percent to 1,115 units
  • Ford Mustang sales decreased 36.4 percent to 4,119 units
    • Mustang retail sales gained 7.4 percent expanding its retail share of segment 1.4 percentage points, totaling just over 32 percent share. Mustang’s retail share continues to buck the trend, with retail share of segment up almost 2 percentage points in November to just over 32 percent of segment.
    • Combined November retail sales of Shelby GT350 and GT500 increased 33 percent.
  • Ford Ranger sales decreased 19.8 percent to 8,495 units
  • Ford van sales gained 5.2 percent, on sales of 16,322 vehicles:
    • Ford Transit sales increased 13.9 percent to 9,917 units
      • The figures represent a 70 percent increase in sales to commercial customers for the month.
      • Transit outsold its second-place competitor by 41 percent, with 31 percent total share of the full-size van segment.
    • Ford Transit Connect sales decreased 2.4 percent to 2,993 units

Lincoln sales decreased 22.9 percent to 8,387 units:

During the first eleven months of the 2020 calendar year, Ford Motor Company sales decreased 17 percent to 1,835,224 units.

Ford Sales - November 2020 - USA

ModelNovember 2020 / November 2019November 2020November 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019YTD 2020YTD 2019
Bronco SportN/A220#DIV/0!220
Heavy trucks+32.1%1,115844-44.2%8,52315,285
Transit Connect-2.4%2,9933,067-18.1%31,12038,014
ModelNovember 2020 / November 2019November 2020November 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019YTD 2020YTD 2019
BrandNovember 2020 / November 2019November 2020November 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019YTD 2020YTD 2019

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for November 2019, unless noted otherwise

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  1. crabbymilton

    Crappy quality has consequences. Gee, couldn’t happen to a nicer company so they get what they deserve. 🙂

    1. trailhiker

      Honda was down just as much, and Genesis was much worse.

      Oh, and kinda odd that the vehicle Consumer Reports said had the worst quality, had the biggest sales gain!

  2. trailhiker

    Lack of F-150s due to the change for 2021 made a big impact on sales.
    Once there are morei n the supply chain, the sales will be back strong again.
    Discontinued models are running low on inventory, and new models are just getting started.
    There were also less selling days in November 2020 vs 2019.

  3. Gary😆

    It’s amazing how some people wish bad luck on American auto companies. Good luck to Ford and GM in 2021. My 2004 f150 is still on the road with engine,rear end, transmission still running strong 182,000 miles. My next truck will be 2021 American. 😆


      I don’t wish bad luck on American auto companies, I’m 63 and have never owned a foreign car, however I prefer sedans over P/Us, SUVs and CUVs, well this company does not know how to build and sell sedans profitably and I wish they replace the current management with one that knows how to build and sell sedans profitably, I used to own Ford sedans for 30 years and enjoyed them all. I currently own a 2018 Dodge Charger GT Plus. I hope FCAU and GM don’t make the same mistake this company did, or my next automobile will be a foreign make.

      1. Crabbymilton

        You have to remember that while TOYOTA is long known as a Japanese builder, most of their products that are sold here are built here. For me if I had to buy a new sedan right now, the CHRYSLER 300 would be first and TOYOTA AVALAN second.
        The CHARGER is a nice car but I wouldn’t get one since they no longer offer the standard model only sporty packages. I like soft and quiet hence the 300.


          In 2010, I rented a Chrysler 300 Touring model for 2 weeks and drove it 3,000 miles, and I enjoyed every mile, the bad news is unlike the Charger, you cannot lease the 300, I would not mind owning a 300.

  4. Crabbymilton

    I own a FORD product a 2004 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS. 193k from new and that engine still runs like a Swiss watch. The car itself still rides like a million dollars. So I was a FORD man. However they stopped building my car and the CROWN VICTORIA twin and TOWN CAR cousin. Then the TAURUS which I thought was a smooth and comfortable car was discountinued then shortly later the beautiful CONTINENTAL. So FORD does it to themselves when they don’t build what I want when the time comes. Then they build these crossovers and SUVs that are crap. They deserve to be blasted until they get their stuff together. No problem I’ll just buy from whoever.


    So only 1,362 Navigators were sold in Nov 2020, and only 12,958 units sold thru Nov 30, 2020, and yet this company claims this overpriced rebadged Ford is profitable. The company that does not know how to build and sell sedans profitably is being less truthful.


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