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Ford Mustang EcoBoost Humorously Wears Shelby GT350 Badges, Body Parts


It’s long been sacrilegious to put any sort of badges on any kind of car that they don’t belong on. And yet, people persist with this silly practice, attempting to transform their less expensive vehicle into something it’s not. Or, at least make people think that it is. But real car folks always know better, and this Ford Mustang EcoBoost up for sale over at Dubi Cars is guaranteed to set off anyone’s fake car detector from a mile away.

If this Ford Mustang EcoBoost looks suspiciously like a Shelby GT350 from certain angles, well, that’s by design. In fact, the car is wearing a GT350 front end and front fenders, along with the requisite cobra badge in the grille and GT350 badges on the sides. But look anywhere else, and it becomes painfully clear that this isn’t a GT350 in any way, shape, or form.

The most obvious sign, aside from the fact that this car is a convertible, are those base wheels. Why the previous owner bothered to upgrade the entire front end of the car and not at least change out the wheels, well, who knows? Or, perhaps they reinstalled the originals when they traded the car in. All we know is, they stick out like a sore thumb when combined with those upgrades.

The same goes for the engine bay, where Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 sits instead of the magical 5.2L Voodoo V8. Not that there’s anything wrong with the EcoBoost, but it’s not what we’d expect to find under the hood of anything with GT350 badges.

What’s particularly humorous about the car’s sales ad is that it doesn’t attempt to hide the fact that this car is pretending to be something it’s not. In fact, it proudly mentions the fact that it has Shelby GT350 badges in the title, along with the description, though it leaves out the bit about the fenders and front end.

We imagine that the previous owner could have just saved the money they spent on all those goodies and applied it toward the purchase price of a real GT350, but then again, who are we to judge?

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  1. Materialman

    That “GT350” has more horsepower then the original!

  2. MikeyTX

    Actually, minus the badges, I like the body work. Maybe, Ford should build an HO 4 banger tt Cobra. I’d be all over that. Massive hp isn’t everything in this day and age.

  3. Dave Mathers

    How absolutely appropriate that this piece is offered by Dubi Cars (Doobie? LOL).

  4. Stalkbroker94

    Being a detailer for a Ford dealership, I’ve seen some weird stuff. Most memorable and relevant to this, a guy once traded in a 2017 Mustang with the 3.7L V6. It was actually a nice car, overall. There were decals on either side that designated it as a Mach 1, including some racing stripe-esque decals that clashed horribly with the bright yellow that otherwise looked pretty good. There were also some authentic, metal badges from a real Mach 1 on the back. The guy swore up and down it was a real Mach 1. I got to take off the extra decals including the lettering and I even got to keep the metal badges.


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