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Fox Body Mustang Terrorizes The Competition With Turbo’d 5.4L V8: Video

The Fox Body Mustang remains hugely popular in the world of drag racing, thanks mostly to its availability, lightweight, and the potential to stuff pretty much any engine we can dream of under the hood. This particular 1987 Ford Mustang, which recently rolled into Holley’s Ford Fest, is an ultra-clean machine that packs a somewhat unique powerplant under the hood, at least compared to what we normally see in Fox Bodies.

That mill is Ford’s 5.4L Modular V8, which has been built to the hilt by AES Racing Engines. The car’s owner, Dave Ginter, has been competing in NMRA drag racing for nearly a decade now. This very Mustang was actually the first real street car that Ginter ever owned, but it’s a far cry from the typical stock Fox Body Mustang now.

Ginter and his crew have spent some serious time and money transforming the Mustang into a dedicated track car, which makes mega power thanks to a huge Precision turbo. It sends that juice to the rear tires via a TH400 transmission, then puts it to the ground courtesy of a Team Z suspension. The chassis was built by Chassis Pro and Tobiner Motorsports in a joint effort, while Holley electronics keep it all under control.

Ginter is still working on getting the car dialed in, but it looks like it’ll be a serious competitor in NMRA’s Renegade class once they get all the bugs worked out. Now is the perfect time to do that, with winter settling in across the U.S. And even if this sweet Fox Body Mustang doesn’t dominate the competition, it’ll sure look awesome trying to do so.

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