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Jim Farley Gives Jay Leno An In-Depth Look At The Mach-E: Video

As the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E begins to reach dealerships, we’ll undoubtedly be seeing more and more of Ford’s first-ever ground-up all-electric production vehicle. But before that happens, Ford CEO Jim Farley was able to stop by Jay Leno’s Garage and give the comedian and car fanatic an up close and personal look at the new Mach-E.

Interestingly, the two kick off their conversation by discussing Ford’s decision to name the Mach-E a Mustang to begin with, which has caused more than a few enthusiasts to engage caps lock and express their disdain all over the internet. But as Farley is quick to point out, the Mustang name holds a certain prominence with buyers, and producing an electric version allows the automaker to continue to build the V8-powered Ford Mustang GT for years to come.

Leno is quick to point out the fact that before ICE power came along, cars got by with steam, so it’s likely time for a new powertrain revolution to take place. The duo then begins to explore the details of the Mach-E, starting with its rear- or all-wheel-drive configuration, along with the reduced operating costs electric vehicles offer. But perhaps the most interesting part of the tour relates to the car’s interior.

Like Tesla vehicles, the Mach-E is able to pre-heat or pre-cool the interior, and unlike a lot of other EVs, reportedly performs very well in cold weather. Farley also talks at length about how Ford spent a lot of time and engineering effort working to make the EV perform and feel like a Mustang, which is a big part of the reason why they opted for a rear-wheel-drive base layout instead of front-wheel-drive.

Overall, this video provides a very unique and in-depth look at Ford’s futuristic, all-electric crossover from the automaker’s top boss and perhaps the most notable car collector on earth. And those reasons alone make it well worth the watch.

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  1. G K

    Ok Boomer, move over.

    1. MikeyTX

      Not to worry, with that attitude he’ll be in the ground from Covid shortly.

  2. Tom

    Let’s talk about the pollution that will be caused by manufacturing these massive batteries and the electricity to charge them. I feel like I’m having electric cars forced down my throat by politically correct corporations. I personally could give a nano-shit about the carbon footprint of my ICE powered Mustang. I also don’t lean on the taxpayers of this country with a $7,500 tax credit for being pushed into buying one of these things. Why is a nation $28 trillion in debt, paying people to buy electric cars? Let the free market decide.

    Ford can’t afford to build both sedans and trucks at the same time, but can plow billions into the development of this Mach E thing. Ridiculous.

    1. MikeyTX

      Ford is not wearing blinders. Their marketing department obviously sees what you don’t. If you are dissatisfied with the direction Ford is going, then pony up the bucks, buy out Bill Ford. Then you can call the shots. In the meantime, I’m liking what Ford is doing with the F150. A true money maker.

  3. MikeyTX

    One more thing Ketterer, my livestock aren’t adapt at wearing oxygen masks. What will you eat if and when your carbon footprint kills them ? Even vegetation needs clean air to grow. You really need to get over yourself.


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