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Joe Biden To Enact Defense Production Act To Speed Up Vaccine Production

Back in March, President Donald Trump enacted the Defense Production Act, a federal law created in 1950 in response to the Korean War. The Act allows the president to compel private companies to manufacture items deemed necessary for national defense, and in this case, resulted in automakers including Ford and General Motors switching gears from producing cars to making personal protective equipment including ventilators. Now, it appears that President-elect Joe Biden will follow suit when he takes office next month.

“You will see him invoking the Defense Production Act,” Dr. Celine Gounder, a member of Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board, told CNBC. “The idea there is to make sure the personal protective equipment, the test capacity, and the raw materials for the vaccines are produced in adequate supply.”

The wartime production law could help the U.S. secure specialized products needed to produce COVID-19 vaccines, something that pharmaceutical company and vaccine producer Pfizer has already requested from President Trump. The White House has been in negotiations to secure vaccine doses, and last week reached an agreement for an additional 100 million doses, which will be distributed by July.

To date, Trump has enacted the Defense Production Act a total of 18 times. “Efforts to expand the manufacturing capacity across the nation’s pharmaceutical production base include: enhancing plants and production lines with specialty tooling and staff, optimizing the supply chain of raw materials, investing in the production of supplies such as glass vials and syringes, and scaling up fill/finish lines,” a representative for the Department of Health and Human Services told CNBC.

It’s currently unclear if automakers will once again be called upon to aid in this process after Joe Biden enacts the law. Recently, Ford completed its ventilator contract as part of its widely heralded Project Apollo PPE-making efforts, helping to build a surplus of equipment that is now in storage awaiting use. The automaker also recently announced its plans to produce and distribute 100 million face masks to at-risk communities through 2021.

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  1. Chris

    Stop posting fake news. Joe Biden isn’t going to do anything because he’s not, and will never be, President.

  2. Me

    It’s you know, the thing!

  3. Todd

    This is funny as if Biden will be POTUS. Even HE called Harris president elect and more than once. Cracks me up how he is trying to take credit for this vaccine. Good grief I sure hope these four years go by fast.

  4. Tony

    You guys are funny. Was it 50 or 51 lawsuits thrown out? By Trump appointees no less. You guys don’t know sh’t from shinola about constitutional law or election law but now some idiot on OAN has granted you an honorary degree.

    1. Clarence RICHARD Moody

      Let me get this straight…you support massive tax increases, massive invasions of illegal aliens, the increased slaughter of babies, the promotion of the Chinese economy over ours’, statehood for Puerto Rico and DC, free healthcare for illegals, the elimination of automobiles and air travel, tearing down and rebuilding all residential and public buildings ( have you read the Green New Deal?). What a wonderful country that you would have!

      1. Joshua

        Bruh why you say angry about statehood for DC and Puerto Rico? Scared that people living there won’t agree with your politics?. And in areas where abortion is legal, the amount of abortions done go done, due to Increased birth control. Elimination of automobiles and air travel? Bruh you’re just repeating whatever Alex jones and friends pump out.

  5. Clarence RICHARD Moody

    Please do not adulterate your fine reporting with the unmistakeable stench of Senile Old Joe. The prospect of Joe Biden popping up in your reports will most assuredly force me to avoid them. I am sure that you understand that Biden is anti internal combustion engine, anti fossil fuel and anti automobile (he supports AOC’s Green New Deal). Please spare me any future nausea…”come on man!”

    1. Al Jake

      Mr. Moody,
      Tony is so right. Mr. Moody you state that President Elect Biden is “anti internal combustion engine” and you go on from there. So what would President Elect Biden do with his ’67 Corvette send it to the crusher. Again Tony’s post is correct you guys don’t know what your talking about other then what comes out of your mouth and that you believe it if you say it.

  6. Tony

    Sorry, your rubbish might fly on the epoch times or OAN boards but in the real world we can smell it for what it is.

    I benefited significantly from the Trump tax cuts and paid a lot more on two capital gains assessed transactions under Obama. You do realize that having a functioning society requires those who make more to pay more? Society has decided on certain goals, I find those goals more palatable than the Dow centric policy of the outgoing administration. An economy with a lessened income gap is a broader, stronger and more equitable economy and society. But you wouldn’t find anything in common with me, Im a NYC landlord and contractor more like Fred than Donald, I started and built my company and paid everyone what they were owed along the way.

    BTW- the Obama recovery was the longest period of expansion in US history and the BS you claim about the green new deal, did that pass the dem controlled house or is it part of dem policy platform? Nope, so stop the garbage spewing. You are either ignorant or seek to spread unfounded division.

  7. Clarence RICHARD Moody

    If more of you continue to imbibe the (apparently) addictive Marxist Kool-aid, you will live to enjoy the freedoms described in 1984. I note that you have a glaring need to use barnyard colloquialisms in your narrative. Perhaps a high school English refresher would be in order.

  8. Clarence RICHARD Moody

    Classic leftist, never back up what you say, just adhominem attacks. Like the Governor of California, you must be related to Nancy P.
    I am sure that she will be proud.

  9. Tony

    You are boring Clarence. The most interesting aspect is your projection. In response to factual statements you produce hyperbole yet accuse me of assertions without a sound basis. Enjoy your new president, amateur lowlife hour is over, the professionals are back in charge. Your blind partisanship does not serve you nor our country well.

  10. Mike

    That jackass doesn’t know where he is, never mind what he’s going to do. If they get away with stealing this election, they’ll put him in the basement again. They don’t need that law enacted anyway. These companies already have anything they need. Once again, Biden talks big and says he’s going to do some big move that’s already been done. Of course the media will give him credit for everything. Pisses me off that Ford is backing these idiots. They’re going to force me into a foreign car after buying over 70 Fords since I’m 16. Hopefully Biden will be in jail instead of the White House


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