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Lincoln Continental Discount Offers $3,450 Towards Lease In December 2020

During December 2020, a Lincoln Continental discount offer includes a $3,450 cashback rebate towards the lease of a new 2020 Continental. Additionally, Lincoln is offering interest-free financing for any new 2020 Continental. Notably, the special financing offer appears to be available nationwide, while the cash discount is region-specific.

Lincoln Continental Incentives

Lincoln Continental discount offers for December 2020 are as follows:

  • Featured Finance Offer: 0 percent interest for 72 months
    • Offer observed in the Detroit and Los Angeles markets
  • Featured Lease Offer: $3,450 cashback rebate
    • Example offer:
      • $680 per month for 36 months
      • $0 down payment, $0 first month’s payment, and $0 cash due at signing
    • Offer restricted to select regions/markets

Interested parties should note that some of the above offers are valid through January 4th, 2021.

Lincoln Continental Incentive December 2020

For reference, here are the 2020 Lincoln Continental trim levels and their corresponding starting MSRPs, including the $995 destination charge:

  • Standard – $47,300
  • Reserve – $60,865
  • Black Label – $71,200

This month’s headlining deal differs the vast majority of Continental discounts offered in prior months of 2020 as they were retail discounts rather than lease offers. For reference, the most generous offer in 2020 was the $4,000 retail discount observed in January, which also included interest-free financing.

It’s worth noting that the 2020 model year will be the last year of the large luxury sedan, as first reported by Ford Authority. In fact, the last model built for the U.S. has already rolled off the line at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant.


  • Must take delivery from an authorized Lincoln dealer’s stock January 4th, 2021, unless specified otherwise.
  • See dealer for details.
  • Incentive for the United States of America, unless otherwise specified.
  • Some customers may not qualify for this offer.
  • Residency restrictions apply.
  • Offer not available with special finance, lease, and some other offers.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles and their incentives in question, but errors and misprints can happen. In addition, the manufacturer can change incentive information at any time and without notice. Always consult with your dealer regarding color availability information before making purchase decisions. Ford Authority will not be held responsible for any misprints, typos or any other errors.

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  1. Jorge Esquinca

    The demise of the last real Lincoln. Lincoln without a sedan in its lineup is far behind its competitors and is not even competitive. Not everyone likes SUV’s or Crossovers, are willing to buy one no matter what or conceives them as luxury vehicles. Letting a whole market segment go is one of biggest mistakes in Ford/Lincoln history and those buyers leaving now to other brands may not come back when market trends change again as they will become familiar with other brands. Cadillac, MB, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, Infiniti, Acura, Tesla, etc., all of them offer at least one sedan in its lineup. That’s common sense. The idea of Ford/Lincoln of cancelling all sedans is pure and absolutely nonsense and is not expectable from a company with the history, tradition, knowledge and expertise of Ford/Lincoln. A company with vision shall be capable of fulfilling the needs of all kind of customers they had, have and may have in the future. And that shall include sedan buyers as Ford/Lincoln competitors do. If the competitors of Ford/Lincoln can, there is no reason why Ford/Lincoln can’t. In my case, besides the Mustang (or the Focus in Europe), until Ford/Lincoln produce a sedan I will buy nothing from them.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Dude. We get it.
      Shut up.
      Good lord, I’ve never heard someone whine so much about vehicles they don’t buy.
      I’ll believe your nonsense about leaving Ford for another company when you stop complaining and whining on the Ford Authority website. Until then, I can’t believe a word you say. I KNEW you were going to comment on this one.

      1. Jorge Esquinca

        I will not shup up and I don’t care if you get it or not or if you believe what I buy or I owe. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. I will continue giving my opinion (or whining if you like the term) every time it pleases to me. If it disturbs you that much, don’t read it, specially if, as you say, you know what I’m going to say. Not everybody likes SUV’s or Crossovers and is willing to buy one. Deal with that and be happy. Best regards and happy new year.

        1. Stalkbroker94

          Your comments don’t disturb me. They concern me. You don’t seem to be connected to reality. You seem to think that constant, consistent, and barely tangential comments will do something on a website that isn’t even owned by Ford. It won’t. It never will.
          I get that you don’t understand or drive SUV’s or crossovers. There’s likely a great deal more that you don’t understand based on your behavior.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Too Bad this Fusion base model didn’t live up to the Iconic name Lincoln slapped on the car. Who inside the company didn’t see that coming. Ford can’t water down the Mustang so what make you think Lincoln can water down the Continental

  3. Brock Wallace Sr.

    It’s unfortunate Ford and Lincoln will no longer produce sedans. I know the multitude of Americans prefer SUVs but I’ve always been partial to sleek and low four-door sedans. I love the design of the Continental. Although I can’t afford to own one right now, I look forward to acquiring a 2020 model in a few years from now. I see a well maintained lease return in my garage in the near future.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Keep in mind Chrysler and Dodge sales more 300’s and Chargers that’s been on the market for 18yrs than Ford and GM. I would have bought a Continental but they don’t build RWD sedans and I don’t buy FWD sedans. Lincoln was the last Auto Maker to switch to the water down FWD platform now that’s all they know


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