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Lincoln MKZ Discount Offers $3,000 Towards Lease In December 2020

During December 2020, a Lincoln MKZ discount reduces the price of select 2020 models by $1,000 in addition to offering interest-free financing. However, the combined offer is only applicable to MKZ Standard models, while Reserve models are eligible only for the special-financing offer without the cash incentive. In addition, a $3,000 cash back rebate is offered for those interested in leasing the midsize luxury sedan. Interested shoppers should note that the offers are only available in select markets.

Lincoln MKZ Discount Offers

Lincoln MKZ discount offers can vary by region during December 2020, but some appear to be offered nationwide:

  • Featured Offer: 0 percent APR for 72 months
    • Available nationwide
    • Includes $1000 bonus cash for Standard models
    • Observed in the Detroit and Los Angeles markets
  • Lease Offers: several market-specific lease offers are also in play, including:
    • $3,000 cash back with $424 per month for 36 months
      • $0 due at signing, $0 first month’s payment, and $0 security deposit waived
      • Offer observed in New York market

The above offers will remain in effect through January 4th, 2021.

Lincoln MKZ Incentive December 2020

For reference, here are the 2020 Lincoln MKZ trim levels and their corresponding starting MSRPs, including the $995 destination charge:

  • Standard – $38,390
  • Reserve – $44,140

Ford Motor Company discontinued MKZ production in July 2020, with the 2020 model year being the last of the midsize luxury sedan.


  • Must take delivery from an authorized Lincoln dealer’s stock by January 4th, 2021, unless specified otherwise.
  • See dealer for details.
  • Incentive for the United States of America, unless otherwise specified.
  • Some customers may not qualify for this offer.
  • Residency restrictions apply.
  • Offer not available with special finance, lease, and some other offers.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles and their incentives in question, but errors and misprints can happen. In addition, the manufacturer can change incentive information at any time and without notice. Always consult with your dealer regarding color availability information before making purchase decisions. Ford Authority will not be held responsible for any misprints, typos or any other errors.

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  1. Chris

    A beautiful sedan. It’s a good deal. Get one if you can before they’re gone forever. “Great” decision Ford! (eliminating all of your sedans) now you’re forcing us to drive lousy handling SUV’s. The MKZ was in a class by it’s self. Classy interior. Nice lines and curves on the outside. The 6 cylinder turbo with 400HP. Sweet!

    1. Jorge Esquinca

      Completely agree.

    2. Stalkbroker94

      Still whining about it? That’ll do a lot of good.

  2. Roy. Chile’s

    The Lincoln MKZ needs to be re-released as A Lincoln Zephyr and totally redone on the outside front and back as a AWD Audi fighter. Lincoln Continental with AVIATOR RWD market is Bentley at a lesser cost less build “ What Lincoln Is Suppose 2B”

  3. Jorge Esquinca

    This is the demise of one of the last real Lincolns. Not everyone likes SUV´s or Crossovers, is willing to buy one or even considers them as luxury vehicles. No matter how Ford intends to convince about their reasons, the cancelling of sedans, and specially in a brand like Lincoln is one of Ford biggest nonsenses in its history. Probably the mistake is as big as Edsel was. No luxury car brand in the world is staying without at least one sedan in its lineup due to the fact that not every luxury car buyer considers an SUV or a Crossover as a luxury vehicle. If Lincoln intends to compete with MB, BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar, Acura or even Tesla and Lucid, without a flagship sedan Lincoln is way behind its competitors and is not even competitive against them. The market is cyclic and letting a whole segment go, will only make that those buyers leaving now to other brands may not come back to Ford/Lincoln when market trends change again as they will become familiar with those other brands. Because market trends will change again . That´s mathematical certainty. This SUV´s and CUV´s fever will not last forever like no human activity does. Ford/Lincoln shouldn´t let that market segment go. Each one of Ford/Lincoln competitors know that and therefore are trying to keep that market. In my case, after over 30 years buying Ford, I have switched to GM (actually I drive a Chevrolet Volt) and my next car will be probably a Tesla Model S. Besides the Mustang, from Ford/Lincoln I will buy absolutely nothing until they produce a sedan again.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      You haven’t bought a Ford sedan in years and then have the audacity to whine about something that whining won’t change. You definitely ARE the kind of person who would drive a Volt, of all things.

      1. Jorge Esquinca

        Do you know me? You are talking nonsense. I owe 3 Ford sedans (one of them a collection item by the way). You are definitively the kind of person that can´t give a real argument and uses the insult. That´s mediocre and coward. Do you have an argument? Write it. Otherwise, don´t say anything.

        1. Stalkbroker94

          I doubt you own three ford sedans. The fact is that you’re whining. Whining won’t change anything. That is my argument. Unless you can suddenly change the laws of physics in some way that your whining will suddenly do something other than create sound waves and bring back sedans, I’m the only one here who HAS presented an argument.
          Don’t talk to me about cowardice. The fact is that you’re sitting behind a keyboard and monitor, same as myself.
          Mediocre? Okay, fellow forum member.
          At least I’m not pretending do be anything other than a person with an opinion.

          1. Jorge Esquinca

            I don´t care if you doubt or not if I owe 3 Ford cars or whatever car I own. You don´t know me the same way I don´t know you. I´m not whining but giving an opinion and an argument. Maybe you call that whining and probably that whining will not change things. It´s Ford business if they want to listen their customers or not and it´s, my business what I decide to buy or not. I´m not pretending to change nothing. I´m just giving an opinion but the fact that you don´t like it, doesn´t give you the right to insult.

            1. Stalkbroker94

              The right to insult? I’ll insult whomever I want and I hope you take advantage of the right to insult people. There is no right to not be insulted. By all means, I’m not trying to insult you. I’m stating my impression of your behavior. If you feel insulted, grow a thicker skin. My freedom does not end where your feelings begin.
              I’m glad you at least seem to understand the pointlessness of your actions here, so as long as you do, I’ve got no further quarrel with you. My work here is done.

            2. Stalkbroker94

              Can you explain what you mean when you say that luxury vehicle buyers don’t always consider a vehicle to be a luxury vehicle merely on the basis of it being a crossover or SUV? Because that’s laughable, if true. I’ve never heard such an insane statement before myself, but then, I’m sure we’ve all spoken to homeless people near a bridge. It’s a staggering concept because luxury has no direct correlation to form factor WHATSOEVER, but rather the features available. I mean, I’ve sold Lincoln Navigators and I’ve sold at least a couple Continentals and the only reason some of the buyers went with the Continental had nothing to do with an SUV not being a luxury vehicle, because it is. At this point, I’d have to find out what these supposed luxury vehicle buyers do for a living. If they can afford it with sub-par intelligence, there’s no reason I should have to require such a tight budget for myself.

              1. Jorge Esquinca

                Let´s begin with the fact that I live in Spain and Europe is not such an SUV or Crossover oriented market. Sales in Europe are still dominated by hatchbacks mainly and sedans. There are many people in Europe that don´t consider an SUV or a Crossover a luxury vehicle. Europe has a condition that the US don´t have and that is space. Everything in Europe is smaller since there is no sufficient space to expand, so the concept differs from the one in the USA or other countries in America. The fact that you haven´t heard it, doesn´t mean that it isn´t true. Yes, even in Europe Land Rover is considered to build luxury SUV´s, a Cayene or a Bentayga are considered luxury SUV´s but most of the luxury car buyers in Europe prefer an automobile and not everyone feels confortable in an SUV. And one important reason are the narrow streets, the narrow parking spaces and the cost of gas. SUV´s are mostly used for family transportation but you will barely see a company executive going to work in one. He will prefer an Audi A7 or A8, a MB S or E class or a Tesla Model S for mentioning some examples. Every country in the World is different and pereceive the same thing different. You say you have sold Lincolns. If you have access to the information, please verify the kind of Lincolns that are imported to Europe and you will see that almost all are sedans. Ford itself isn´t cancelling the Mondeo, the Focus (which is the main competitor of nr. 1 sales car in Europe: the VW Golf) or the Fiesta in Europe. We can discuss all day but you have your ideas and I have mine and probably both are based on life experience of each one. You feel OK with an SUV, then buy it. I don´t feel OK with an SUV, then I will not buy it. After all it´s a matter of tastes. Have a merry Chrsitmass by the way. Best regards

                1. Stalkbroker94

                  You love your logical fallacies, my spaniard friend.
                  Firstly, you might live in europe, but that doesn’t mean my understanding of your market’s needs are any less comprehensive than your understanding of our market’s needs. In fact, I’m aware it’s pretty common knowledge that europe tends to drive smaller vehicles than we do here in the US. I’m also aware how how many more people live in europe than in the entirety of the United States. It’s almost a 2:1 ratio. That being said, I’m again aware that you guys tend to prefer smaller vehicles and don’t understand sUV’s although you do have them.
                  This still doesn’t answer the question as to why you’re bothering to complain repeatedly. It won’t change anything regardless of the preferences you have.
                  “The fact that you haven´t heard it, doesn´t mean that it isn´t true.”
                  Please try to stay on topic here; your statement is quite random and inapplicable, as YOU are the one who withheld the context of the market you were referring to. Had you told me on the spot you were speaking about the european market, I would have dismissed your ramblings long ago.
                  I do hope they start offering critical thinking classes in europe soon, starting in spain, where you’ve made it pretty clear they are needed.
                  Regardless of how people in europe feel about it, the form factor of a vehicle has nothing to do with the type and level of features they have. A luxury vehicle is a luxury vehicle. From the Rolls Royce Wraith to the Bentley Bentayga, this statement is true; even if people don’t think that way, the statement rings true. When perception conflicts with reality, it’s not reality that’s suddenly wrong, but the perception of it.
                  We can discuss this all day, but you have your delusions and I have mine and mine are based far more in reality than your own. I am far more familiar with SUV’s and I don’t critique them on the basis that I don’t drive them, as you’ve done.
                  If you don’t understand them and probably couldn’t drive one anyway, it’s probably best that you don’t drive them. You should really stop complaining now that your arguments have been exposed to be nothing more than fallacies and opinions that are seen by yourself as fact, thus meaning they cannot be trusted.

                  1. Jorge Esquinca

                    I disagree in many things with you. My arguments are not fallacies but pure truth and like yours, are also based on reality. Not everyone in the planet thinks equally and everyone has different perception of same things. Due to my job (construction of industrial plants, refineries, thermal electric plants, airports, ports and any major or industrial infrastucture) I had to drive SUV´s and trucks and I´ve never liked them and also had to live in and visit several countries and have learned that every country is different and in every country people perceives things differently. I complain repeatidly, because why not. After all, that´s the only way you can make a point. Maybe nobody in Ford or Lincoln will pay attention to my comments or what people comment in this blog and those comments will also not change anything. But a complaint is also an opinion even if it´s repetitive. After all I cannot do it somewhere else. It has no sense that I put the same commment in a forum about construction or aviation. Best regards

                    1. Stalkbroker94

                      Alas, denial is an ugly thing. You should see someone for that.
                      The fact is, you dislike SUV’s because you can’t admit you’re wrong. You can go somewhere else to voice your opinions. It’s not like they bear relevance here anyway.

  4. Darrell Jones

    It may be considered whining , but it’s a shared sentiment of Ford Lincoln and oh Mercury Marquis Crown Victoria Sedan enthuisiast. the TRENDSETTER have now fallen behind in the automotive Line. don’t blame the UOAT or UAW. Who helped build the enterprise.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Oh, by all means, I own a 2006 P71 myself and it’s my daily driver. I get it.
      I used to drive a 2005 Buick Park Avenue. Loved it. I get it.
      I had a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. It at least had a reasonably smooth ride. I get it.
      Whining won’t bring sedans back. That fact is inexorably tied to the truth.

  5. Chris

    Hey Genius., a friend of mine just bought a new Chrysler 300 S. He wanted a new Taurus SHO. His 2015 had over 100K and went to Ford to get a new one and he found out that, SURPRISE! Ford isn’t making them anymore! FCA is smart they know people looking for a new Taurus (or Chevy Impala) and can’t get one now will pay their showrooms a visit. FCA has committed to building their Dodge and Chrysler sedans for a least 3 years. That sales strategy will pay off.

  6. Mick1

    Buy a Dinosaur before it’s gone. Or before you’re gone. Ford/ Lincoln age demographic is going down(slowly) with SUV/CUV.

  7. Chris

    Ouch! That hurts Mick1. I don’t think an MKZ with an available 400HP turbo engine is a dinosaur. If it is, it’s a Velociraptor. Have you seen the monochrome package? Blacked out rims. Blacked out grill. If Ford made more sedans like this, they would sell. The MKZ sales were respectable and the Fusion for God’s sake was 3rd in it’s segment.


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