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Manual Transmission-Swapped Lincoln Town Car Really Rips: Video

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Hot rodders have blessed many different makes and models with more power and serious style over the last several decades, including more than one Lincoln. But the later Lincoln Town Cars are almost never modified in this manner, mostly because they’re generally just great highway cruisers that are big, heavy, and super cushy. But that’s what makes this heavily-modified Lincoln Town Car, owned by a fellow named Zach, so unique.

This Town Car was actually Zach’s first car, and he’s been wrenching on it for some time now. Clearly, he likes doing things a little different than most as well, because he has modified his big old Lincoln for oval track and autocross use, which is something that perhaps no one else on the planet has ever done, for obvious reasons.

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That process began with the installation of a coilover suspension with Viking units up front and QA1 pieces in the rear. They give the luxury car an aggressive stance, yet can be adjusted for track days and highway cruising. Inside, a Mercury Marauder bench seat has been cut to make room for a center console, which is important because Zach needed room for a shifter.

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But not just any old shifter – one that’s connected to a T56 Magnum manual transmission. The original Ford 4.6L Modular V8 has received some upgrades as well, namely more aggressive cams that give it a nice lope at idle. Power flows back to a limited-slip rear differential, while a custom exhaust belts out tunes that are pleasing to the ear.

These modifications essentially transform this Lincoln Town Car into a big, luxurious Ford Mustang, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a combination that we’d love to see the automaker offer from the factory, though that’s highly unlikely to ever happen.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Well that’s his prerogative. But why ruin a beautiful sedan like that by putting a manual tranny in it in the name of retro.So what’s next a piston engine version of the BOEING 777 or next time you take AMTRAK will your train be pulled by a steam locomotive?

    • A manual does not ruin a car, it enhances the driving experience. An automatic transmission in the other hand, may ruin a car by isolating the driver from any involvement.

      • Smoother shifts hence easier on the drivetrain. By all means, there’s nothing stopping you from driving an automatic as you would a manual.

        • What???? If one spends a minute looking at privately owned vehicles that have gone a million miles–get ready–the vast majority are MANUALS. The simplicity of a manual, just keeps going and going. Regarding, smoooooothness, that is very much dependent upon the driver. Based on history, the manuals appear to be easier on the drive train. Guys living with their moms, may not be smooth at anything, shifting, or with the ladies, do not use this type to determine how smooth a good driver can shift a vehicle.

          • Well I guess we just have to agree to disagree. I’m 56 and a 35 year delivery driver. All 6 of my personal cars and all 7+ of my work van have all had automatic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like I said we all have our personal opinions and preferences plus the market determines these things

  2. Ford has spent a lot of time and money touting the seven speed stick in the new bronco, in small print-only available with the little four banger engine. Now, you must ask yourself, why can’t ford put a Big, American made manual transmission in the new bronco available with the V6???? The sad part is, the manual going into the bronco (MT88) will be a chinese made device. the last time this very plant made a manual for ford, the MT82…well the class action lawsuits are finished yet.

  3. I appreciate history and heritage as well. But you have to remember that the masses don’t care where their stuff is built. I know I like to be sarcastic but in all seriousness, FORD and other builders buy units from China for cost reasons. What are we doing to chase the jobs away rather than attract them. I make no apologies for being a Trump supporter. He wanted to get companies to build things here. There are so many spaghetti plate issues not just feds but state and local. Sad but it’s a factor.

    • No manual offered with the V6, who are you blaming for this? The old adage, “Once bitten, twice shy”, applies here. The MT-82, manual trans, is involved in Numerous class action law suits, Ford has dropped this piece of crap. Now the MT-88 is going to be produced by THE SAME plant that made the MT-82. Regarding the masses don’t care, yes, there is a large number of people that don’t care where their stuff is mfg, sad; however, if they needed a pace maker, and had a choice, Made in the USA, or save a few bucks and get just as good a model made in china, I think their “I don’t care”, may not be quite as lackadaisical.

      • Bottom line is manual transmission is only favored by a very small number of people now. If they get enough people interested then perhaps they build more of them here. Heck you haven’t been able to get a stick in any full size van forever now and almost as long for full size pickups.

        • We live in a world wide market, world wide the manual is still quite popular. ford made (is making) a big deal regarding the 7sp trans-in the new bronco. Far too many people live in mom’s basement, can’t parallel park, and have no idea how to drive a manual transmission (all three usually apply to same individual). Some of the most rugged off road vehicles in the world (I assume the bronco is suppose to be a rugged off road vehicle) come with a manual trans-toyota type 79 for example (BTW with a diesel also), even the Troller (now ford owned), and the list goes on, again, World Wide market for tough off road vehicles. I know, you may say, “But the heavy sound proofing, leather seats, carpeting etc. are different from those vehicles…”, you would be correct.

          • You have to admit that some vehicles are still best suited for automatic. Buses, fire apparatus, police cars, city delivery vehicles. Those people have better things to do than to stomp on the floor and move a lever just to be hot rod herrigan. Plus it’s much smoother acceleration.
            To be each his own.

            • I do admit some vehicles may be best served with an automatic, but we aren’t discussing buses, or city delivery vehicles, I thought we were talking about off road 4x4s! Funnee thing, “those people” at one time drove manual transmissions and the world survived! World wide many enthusiasts (those that love to drive) prefer a manual, ford sells many vehicles, the Troller for example, outside the US, in their off road 4×4 vehicles. One of the best/toughest 4x4s in the world (production vehicles) is the Toyota 79, manual. I didn’t realize everyone with a manual transmission was a “hot rod herrigan”!! This must be something new, I do know far too many boys (20-40 years old) still live with their mom, usually in mom’s basement, they’re great at computer games, but can’t parallel park, drive a stick shift, or find a job that allows them to move out of mom’s care. Sad. But remember, we are talking about a 4×4, off road vehicle, not police cars, and Ford has spent a lot of time and money touting thier 7sp manual transmission!!

  4. Stupid kid the hat, tells a story but no factual information. Typical. It is interesting and I would like to see how it was done and did he do it himself ?

  5. Love this car, awesome to see!! Will admit to being biased as my first car was also a Town Car, although a 1990 with a factory 5.0. My pops and I got it breathing better with a cold air intake and duel exhaust with high flow cats. It was a legit sleeper and sounded fantastic. Was handed down to me with over 200k on the clock and the original engine lasted to 270k with a teenage driver. Still my favorite car, even over my 5.0 mustangs which include a rare Saleen.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice and different! Being an owner of a 2003 Marauder of the “Panther” family I really take my hat off to him. These are awesome riding cars and with the worked suspension and manual in his Lincoln I can imagine the fun. I use my Marauder as a daily driver to save the wear and tear on my ’67 GT350, 2014 GT500 and 94 Lightning. Being different is cool and owning a “sleeper” is cooler!

  7. Nice change up article/video. Good looking car, MANUAL trans, blackout trim, suspension, bucket seats, etc. So unusual of a make over (read manual transmission) is what made this stand out. Unfortunate you didn’t interview/ride with Zack, who put it all together. I hope next time you’ll include the builders of these rigs with their impressive results.

  8. Like it alot! Think of it as an AMG Lincoln but more affordable and reliable than a AMG Mercedes. I would figure out a way to drop a set of front and rear seats from a current Continental into Zach’s ride. Well done!

  9. You’ve gone to “the market”, as opposed to defending you wrong position that an automatic is easier on the drive train. Of course, virtually all the cars that have gone a million miles (original) have a manual-I guess you are correct, we will just disagree, I go by historical fact. I still contend far too many “men” still live with their moms, can’t drive a manual, can’t parallel park, I guess do their own laundry, or cook anything to eat-this is why they still live with mom.

  10. Then how do you explain why there are no longer any full size vans or pickups with stick? Yes I know buses and fire apparatus are different than cars but over the last 50 years automatic has become standard equipment in them. 50 years that being the case so I would say that it’s hardly new and long accepted.
    A torque converter acts as a cushion so the gear changes are smoother. But somehow you revert to people living in their parents basement as if that’s the reason for automatic transmission. Have you considered people who may be physically unable to shift gears due to age or limitations and disparaging them too?
    Look if you want manual then get one. Most customers like me prefer automatic that’s all and the numbers reflect that.

    • HAHAHAHA, good one, we’ve now gone to people with physical limitations, rather than discuss the facts. Fact, most cars that have gone a million miles (original) have manual transmissions. Fact, the best 4x4s in the world (not sold in the U.S.) are manuals, world wide the manual transmission is still very popular. I am not reverting to anything, those that can not parallel park, usually can not drive a manual trans, they tend to live with mom, the “Reverting” in this string, is your “fire engines, and delivery truck nonsense. Their are a large number of people that would rather the transmission make their decision for them, the same guys that want mom to do their laundry! There is a huge difference between those that drive, and driving enthusiasts, you are obviously a driver.

      • I’m enthusiastic about driving a vehicle with automatic transmission. Any vehicle regardless of tranny can last that long if you take proper care of it. I did try driving my car like a manual this morning and thought it was silly. But I tried it anyway 🙂

        • The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of vehicles with over a million miles (original) have manual transmissions. I’d have thought a real enthusiast, such as yourself, would have known this! I don’t know how you “try driving like a manual”, it does sound silly, stupid as a matter of a fact. Those with little to zero off road experience have trouble understanding things such as, granny gears, super low gears, or the ability to rock a vehicle that may be stuck, or pulling another vehicle (often driven by a guy with little off road experience) out. Funnneeee, world-wide the finest 4x4s are available with a manual-and diesels for that matter. I’d have thought a real enthusiast would understand the reason for the automatics-mpg. The big mfg’s are trying to meet the requirements, EPA and others in the U.S. are trying allow china to dominate the auto market. If this isn’t their intention, their policies are resulting in this outcome. Ford, and others, build in china for profit, in a very few years more autos will be mfg in china, and more cars will be on chinese roads than in the US. They aren’t being held to any U.S. EPA standard. Nonetheless, you don’t really seem to be as big an enthusiast as you pretend to be. “..try driving my car like a manual…” says it all.

  11. I’ll grant you the favoritism for strictly off road vehicles such as the BRONCO and others like it so I can see it. I’m strictly a paved road guy but I actually enjoyed our little exchange.

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