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Modern-Day Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Rendered

Sadly, the Ford Crown Victoria was discontinued some time ago, and we’re starting to see the last Crown Victoria Police Interceptors still in duty begin to thin out in retirement. It’s truly the end of an era and a sad reality in our SUV and crossover-crazed world. But what if Ford was still cranking out Crown Victoria Police Interceptor models for law enforcement across the country? Well, it might look a little something like these renderings from artist Oscar V.

Interestingly, the renderings aren’t based on a Crown Victoria at all, but rather a last-gen Ford Taurus. From there, Oscar added on all the typical Police Interceptor goodies, including some steelie-style wheels, a push bar, and blue and red lighting all around. Instead of blacking out all of the chrome, however, some of it remains.

For fun’s sake, there’s also a rendering of the car both as an undercover model and as a not-so-undercover example. The latter has Oscar’s avatar on the front doors, along with a script reading “to protect and serve against negative comments” on the rear doors. Considering the constant criticism folks provide to people like Oscar on the web, it’s a funny, not-so-subtle jab at that kind of negativity. We’re also guessing the “NCP” written on the car stands for “Negative Comment Police.”

In either guise, these modern-day Crown Victoria Police Interceptor renderings are undoubtedly cool to see, yet obviously a total fantasy. It doesn’t seem like Ford will ever bring back its big, comfy sedan, but who knows? Stranger things have happened in the past, and trends tend to come and go. So perhaps one day, people will get sick of crossovers and SUVs and demand the return of the good-old-fashioned American sedan.

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  1. Chris

    That rendering looks good. Cops are really missing their Crown Vic cruisers. Too bad Ford took away the Taurus interceptor also. It made a good looking cop car. It’s good news for FCA though, cops also love the Charger police package. Big orders coming. A possible Chrysler 300 cop package on the horizon also.

    1. A. Paul

      The Taurus was the worst Police service vehicle ever.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Ford and Lincoln’s BIGGEST MISTAKE given the SEDAN MARKET AWAY. Nothing last forever including SUV’s

    1. Peter Lacres

      You’re so right Roy! Ford managers are completely wrong… image running a restaurant.
      People are vegan, vegetarian, fish lovers, meat addicts and so on.
      Police officers will still drive ‘normal’ cars… Ford China/Australia have designed the Taurus, which could be produced in the US to replace the Fusion and Taurus as the ‘NEW’ Taurus.
      Has anyone seen the sales figures of the outgoing Fusion?
      Anyway, the sales figures of the Escape are disappointing… WAKE up Ford. By the way, the European Focus is a great product and could be sold in the US as well!

  3. crabbymilton

    I like it and I’m sure the civilian version would be great. It likely would be sized between the old CROWN VICTORIA, TARUS and CONTINENTAL. Perhaps a V8 but more likely turbo V6 and non turbo for standard trims. All electric or hybrids for cabbies. Too bad the CARBON E7 not got off the ground. GM at least shows an interest in sedans in the form of the CELISTIQ which perhaps could spawn BUICK and CHEVRLOET versions. The CELISTIQ is all electric but there was some talk that it may offer a gasoline engine version. Time will tell.

  4. Chris

    Ford is making bad decisions. Pure and simple. It started with the guy who used to be the CEO of Home Depot (I think). He’s the one who put the kaibash on sedans. He just stepped down. It doesn’t look the like the new guy is gonna reverse any of that. Ford had a sharp CEO not too long ago. I think his name was Mulally.


      The guy you’re thinking of if the inexperienced unqualified furniture guy.

      1. Chris

        Thanks for the clarification. I knew it was somebody with no auto experience. Why to companies hire CEO’s like that anyway? So the guy who used to sell sofas is the reason we have no sedans at Ford. Sad.

    2. Jenn

      I am a Chevy Girl! But I have to say, I loved my Crown Vic! As I sit here looking around at the cars we might be ordering to replace broken and aging cars… I wonder WTH are people thinking? You’re absolutely right – they have made tons of bad decisions. The old Crown Vics were tanks and we ordered 8 to 10 each year. Talk about a guaranteed business! Instead they give us these crappy SUVs and say “no more cars!” They have a police advisory board but they apparently don’t listen to a word we say…
      This last batch had a recall right out of the gate! less than 50 miles on each one and they had to fix the whole rear electrical because it would fail. No brake lights, back up lights, no rear camera, and the hook ups for the police lights too! Zero get-up and go unless you get the turbo package – and that is more expensive for small departments. Just no thought at all as to how they could make a good product to ensure departments keep coming back.

  5. Tim Gonzalez

    Its to bad Ford didn’t use the Mustang platform to up date the Crown Vic. Just imagine a coyote powered, Mustang handling police pursuit vehicle, in four doors of course. All though as an owner of a newer GT350 am glad they didn’t.

  6. Gary Stein

    I”m old enough to remember Coke messing with the formula and then with great fanfare re-introducing Classic Coke. Or, in the interests of nostalgia and future collectible, before it all goes electric, why not throw a Grand Marquis, CV and TC, limited editions, with internal combustion engine on a truck platform? Great way to gauge a sedan comeback. Escalade saved Cadillac. Was considered desperation at the time.

  7. Bill Durkin

    In 1977 while on the Detroit Police Department we drove six cylinder Plymouths, no A/C. I never had the pleasure of driving a Crown Victoria.
    Needless to say it was difficult to catch a speeding car.

    1. Crabbymilton

      Why would they put such a low HP engine in those. They would be fine if they never had to engage in high speed chases but at least a small 8 cylinder back then.

  8. Doug Wymer

    I still own a 2004 Crown Vic. I am a big dude 6’4 280. I love the Vic. I also wish Ford would come out with an updated version. Not what I see here. I would like to see a full size car just updated.

    1. crabbymilton

      I have the ’04 GRAND MARQUIS version and I know I’ve said it before but I still love it after almost 17 years. I wouldn’t care what it looks like but at least keep the concept/platform in place.

  9. Don Burton

    The biggest gaffe Ford made was dropping the Crown Vic Interceptor. No auto manufacturer had anything comperable in handling, acceleration, nor room. When you live in your car for 10 hours a day, this was a very comfortable, responsive vehicle in which you can spend the time between stops.
    The dropping of the Taurus line was another mistake. Next to the Crown Vic, the Taurus presented a vehicle that was comfortable, responsive, and had the handling necessary for Police work. It was also a comfortable auto for everyday driving, While not as spacious as the Vic, it served the law enforcement credibly.
    I have been a Ford buyer for 55 years straight, and in law enforcement for 32 years, so I have an idea as to how Fords perform. Thank you for making these products.

    1. crabbymilton

      Thank You for your service sir. So were FORD built squad cars your favorite? We even had PONTIAC squads around here back in the mid to late 1970’s which I thought was unusual after seeing mostly PLYMOUTH’s back then as a little kid. That’s why I said it was strange that GM imported that CAPRICE for police work and not a civilian version. It would have be a good seller.

  10. Patrick Cauley

    Ford stop building cars because nobody wanted to buy what they were allowed to make . Way too many government regulations. consumers are left with what the government allows companies to make not what they want. All these regulations stifle innovation, a new startup company would have to have a fortune to sell a new car.this is just wrong.

  11. Theodore Sandberg

    I have no connection to law enforcement, except that I got a 2009 CVPI With 91,000 mi for $4,000 at an auction 2 years. It’s the best car I’ve ever had. I don’t care how many other cars I may purchase in my life, I’ll keep this one.

  12. George Alleman

    I’ve had 7 CV and Grand Marquis since1985. Couldn’t ask for a more reliable comfortable car. I drove my first CV to 247K miles. What ever they do on the new cars, I hope they put traditional wheels and tires on it. Balloon tires came out in the 30’s to get rid of the wagon wheels and tires that were used up to that time. These low silhouette tires that are on my 2019 Taurus are noisy on the road and make the car ride as rough as a lumber wagon. I’m on my 32nd Ford since 1952 and now I’m getting tired of bumping along the the modern tank trap highways.

  13. Aaron

    After 20 + years in Law Enforcement and being from the northeast, the Vic was great, and I did like the Taurus Interceptor AWD. Taking corners and trying to get somewhere quick, pursuits and the like are much better safer (as safe as you can be) in a sedan vs. an SUV. A ford rep asked why we were going to Dodge and I said make the car (sedan) again and I’ll def. put in a good word! Well that didn’t happen.

  14. Don Burton

    I retired after 32 years in Law Enforcement, and the “Crown Vic” was the “Police Car.” The handling, power, and safety were well beyond anything else. The reliability was second to none.
    I drove a Bronco Inteceptor too, and it was almost as good as the Crown Vic. I don’t know how Ford did it, but the Bronco held the road like a hand in a glove.
    Both vehicles were superb vehicles for law enforcement, and we were extremely sad to see them disappear almost simultaneously.
    Will Ford ever be looking, for real, to reissue the Crown Vic or the Bronco in an interceptor package?? Whether using the Taurus or 1990’s Bronco platform ??


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