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Modern-Day Presidential Lincoln Continental Limo Renderings Rival Cadillac

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Throughout history, the presidents of the United States have ridden around in all sorts of vehicles. But over the last few decades, these vehicles have largely been luxurious limousines, made by either Cadillac or Lincoln, with more and more protective armor added to protect their precious cargo. Currently, Cadillac holds the distinction of transporting the president, but we wondered – what would a modern-day presidential Lincoln Continental limo look like?

These renderings imagine exactly that – a dream scenario where the Lincoln Continental hadn’t been discontinued and was also being used to haul around the commander-in-chief. If that was the case, we think it would look something like this. By now, the Continental would have adopted Lincoln’s latest design direction, which includes an Aviator-style front end and wheels.

Otherwise, the presidential Lincoln continental is essentially a stretched, heavily-armored version of the long-running luxury sedan. One that pays proper homage to all of those Lincoln limos from the past that have hauled around the country’s leaders. And that’s a lot of them, as presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Regan have all ridden in different Lincolns, among many others.

Unfortunately, the last time we saw a presidential Lincoln was back when George W. Bush was president. Since then, General Motors has had a stranglehold on the distinction, and currently builds the Cadillac One limo, nicknamed “The Beast,” which isn’t really a Cadillac at all. Rather, it’s based on the medium-duty Chevrolet Kodiak truck and fitted with Cadillac body parts.

Personally, we think the return of a presidential Lincoln is long overdue. And while GM currently holds the contract to provide our commander-in-chief with his main source of transportation, it’s always possible that Lincoln could eventually retake those honors at some point in the future.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. The POTUS himself would have no say about it anyway. The Secret Service didn’t even let him drive it around that race track a couple of years ago. I do like that rendition. It would probably have the 6.7 POWER STROKE.

  2. Lincoln should get back into the game of building Luxury Flagship Limousines. It’s a great marketing tool which is why Cadillac out sale Lincoln in sedan sales Which means Lincoln needs a Luxury RWD Sedan to do so, what Americans see the President riding in is the level of luxury they want for themselves. As for the rendering it’s not dramatic enough looks outdated already. A bolder grill that follows a bolder design is Desperately need it now

    • I would agree Roy and it certainly would not sit well for a POTUS to be riding around in a MERCEDES.
      Cosmetic issues are easily changed but at least work on a platform/concept. Hey a CHRYSLER 300 beast would be great too and that CUMMINS could power that one.

      • A CHRYSLER 300 with A CUMMINS DIESEL that’s something you don’t see every day let’s name it DEMON good call Cranyberry

        • No problem. I still hold out some hope that FCA would resurrect IMPERIAL. A POTUS beast built on the RAM chassis with the CUMMINS and the IMPERIAL badge. There’s some car mind candy for you.

          • Absolutely no FCA vehicles or whatever they are called now! The American President must be driven around in in an American owed and built company vehicle!

            • Karl, they build them here.
              TOYOTA builds most of the vehicles they sell for this market here. My 04 GRAND MARQUIS was built in Canada.

            • FCA kept Chrysler true to its American history the brand has shown more life with Customer Loyalty in Luxury and Performance Sedans than can be said for Lincoln. The return of a IMPERIAL would be a statement maker

              • Honestly, what are they going to do? Put out a POTUS minivan?! I mean I love the old Chrysler, but their entire brand is a mom brand at this point. And FCA isn’t even American at this point. They keep on merging with brands from Italy and France and in the end all those brands fail here. Heck! They even were merged with the Germans at one point! Chrysler at this point has really just dug its grave. It can’t just have a mom mobil and one other car that hasn’t been redone since the early 2000s. Once again. I love the old Chrysler but they dug its grave.

                • The CADILLAC POTUS beast is built on a truck frame so if there was ever a CHRYSLER POTUS beast, it would be built on a RAM 5500 chassis.

                  • My point is, at this point the old Chrysler is dead. No imperial, no 300 in probably a year or two. ITS A MOM BRAND!!! Chrysler isn’t even a luxury brand!!! FCA has expensive cars but they’re all outdated performance cars! And the closest thing they have to luxury is a Italian brand. At least Ford and GM have a recognizable luxury brands. The old Chrysler had a luxury brand but it failed! Lincoln and Cadillac didn’t!

                    • WRONG AND WRONG more young people drive 300’s than you know. CHRYSLER IS A LUXURY BRAND. Lincoln is not at the moment they only sales SUV’s and not of RANGE ROVER LEVEL. CADILLAC and CHRYSLER still sales cars

                • What grave are you talking about CHRYSLER has been building 300’s for 18urs. Lincoln gave up the Continental after 3yrs due to
                  making it out of a FWD Fusion at least CHRYSLER was smart they used a RWD MERCEDES BENZ chassis. You don’t build what customers want they don’t buy it PERIOD POINT BLANK THE END

                  • I’m only 17 and I drive a Chrysler 300 S and the reason why I bought it is because it had nice materials and features for its price and it looked like a high end luxury car like a Rolls Royce. It even has a hemi in it. If Chrysler can resurrect the imperial brand and add more cars to their lineup, they might have a significant chance.

                  • Exactly. Why do people get so bugged up about a so called out of date platform. Perhaps that’s part of the problem where there is such an obsession with change just for the heck of it. They do a bad job of designing it then there are problems that could have been avoided if they had just left it the way it was. Or just make changes if they will be better not so many untested products. CHECKER had the same design for decades with changes being made as needed. True they no longer exist but they had planned an updated designed based on the same concept.

  3. They should really go back to Lincoln. I mean, the entire brand is named after a iconic American president. Not after some French guy. And they should really just stop with the whole fake sedan thing. At this point that thing is a suv. Besides, the majority of Americans don’t even have sedans so I think it would be a good idea to show off true American luxury and what Americans want. And if Lincoln really wants to make a statement, they take the Navigator, beef it up, add the gull wing doors like in the concept, and during the inauguration, they release the brand new navigator along with the presidential Navigator

  4. Since the Connie is now dead, Ford just conceded the prez limo market to Cadillac, so this rendering/post is nonsense, anyway. Since the Trumpster’s new limo was delayed so long, I bet Biden just takes the one that the Donald had, for a few years, anyway.

  5. Ford lost its way a long time ago. They should have sold The Lincoln Continental line in 1969. 1970, Profits were Job 1. No quality, no building a world class car, Profits.

    It is finished now.

  6. Just imagine many years from now. There may very well be a CADILLAC CELESTIQ version of the beast. But then again, can an all electric platform handle that extra weight? At least in the near term, the next beast will be mostly similar to the current one since the govt. seems to have a long term deal with GM.

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