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Next-Gen Ford Mondeo, Fusion Crossover Leaked Online

Production of the Ford Fusion sedan ended back in July at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico after Ford Authority was the first to report that the model was set to be discontinued this past summer. The Fusion was the last Ford sedan on sale in the U.S., so this marked the end of an era. However, as we reported last year, a Ford Fusion crossover, or Mondeo as it’s known in other markets, is on the way, and now some photos of this new model have leaked online via Instagram.

The new Fusion crossover will be built in China, the U.S., and Europe, making it a truly global vehicle. In a way, it features many of the same qualities that the current Ford Edge does, which makes that model seem a bit redundant. Perhaps uncoincidentally, we reported back in June that the Edge would be discontinued after the 2022 model year, and Unifor’s new labor agreement includes building a series of EVs at the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the Edge is currently produced.

The last time we saw a Fusion crossover prototype back in October, it was a very early build with piecemeal body parts. However, it also previewed the fact that the reborn model would be somewhat of a high-riding wagon. These new spy shots show something very similar, as the Fusion/Mondeo looks like a mix of wagon and crossover, with familiar front end styling and a grille that looks a lot like the one present on the current Edge.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this prototype is its interior. There, we get a good look at a massive screen that spans the entire width of the dashboard. The shape of the screen makes it look much like the one used in current Mercedes models, albeit considerably wider. The concept of extending this digital cluster/infotainment screen all the way across the dash is also something that Mercedes is working on with its new MBUX Hyperscreen display.


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Exactly when the new Mondeo/Fusion crossover might launch is still unclear, but earlier rumors suggested it could arrive as soon as the 2021 model year. However, at this point, we believe that it’s more likely to launch in 2022 as a 2023 model.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. JimL

    The beastie in these photos has a very chunky, squared-off rear; as opposed to the general wagon shape of the cobbled-up model in the older spy shots.
    Let’s talk about the dash, though. I LOVE it and hope that’s coming.

  2. Jorge Esquinca

    And why does Ford mistakenly beleive that an owner of a Ford Mondeo/Fusion, one of the best and most affordable sedans, is going to trade it for a boring Crossover or SUV? Not everybody likes them or is willing to buy one no matter what. As owner of a Ford Mondeo, I’ll never trade it for a boring Crossover or SUV for the simple reason that an SUV or a Crossover doesn’t cover my needs and tastes. Specially when there are sedans like the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Renaul Talisman, Opel Insignia, VW Aerton, etc. Letting a whole segment go, is one of biggest mistaks from Ford in its history as those buyers leaving to other brands may not come back as when market trends change again. There is a good reason why all of Ford competition is keeping at least one sedan in its lineup. One single sedan in its lineup, that’s whar Ford needs, in order not to let a whole market segment go. It seems Ford competition is aware of that. Ford isn’t. At least in Europe Ford is keeping the Focus. I must admit that the dashboard looks good, but besides the Mustang or the Focus in Europe, until Ford produces a sedan I will not buy anything from Ford.

    1. FFSOwner

      As the proud owner of a Ford Fusion Sport with the 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 engine, I am very unlikely to trade my car in and buy any type of SUV. I really like Ford, and was originally planning to buy a Lincoln for my next (and future) cars. However, since Ford stopped making sedans, I have to look at other manufacturers now. I’ll try to make my Fusion Sport last a long time, but when I replace it, I will likely leave Ford forever unless they change their minds about sedans before then.

  3. Raymond

    If that new Fusion/Mondeo is electric, then I will trade in my 2014 Fusion for that new model.

    Doy las gracias a esa fuente española de las fotos.

  4. Roy Chile’s

    Ford customers will buy this SUV because of the new dash which looks really nice. Too Bad Ford didn’t add it to the next Fusion and Lincoln Zephyr sedan which would have sold just as well with the new dash

  5. Jon Cohen

    What are the odds of Lincoln having some sort of a version of this? Single line products seems rather inefficient/non-productive. Could be a “hot rod” or “shooting brake”.

  6. Mark L Bedel

    Maybe this is signaling the reversal from SUV’s back to wagons! One can only hope…

  7. Me

    Built in the US? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  8. Andrew

    I’m getting some fastback Mach-E vibes from the rear

  9. FFSOwner

    As the proud owner of a Ford Fusion Sport with the 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 engine, I am very unlikely to trade my car in and buy any type of SUV. I really like Ford, and was originally planning to buy a Lincoln for my next (and future) cars. However, since Ford stopped making sedans, I have to look at other manufacturers now. I’ll try to make my Fusion Sport last a long time, but when I replace it, I will likely leave Ford forever unless they change their minds about sedans before then.

    1. Walter Berry

      My 2010 V6 is being rebuilt.
      I’ll stay in this configuration until the parts stop

  10. David Pickford

    Maybe, although I doubt it, this will replace the Edge/Endura in Australia which has been an absolute disaster in sales in Australia; the main reasons being limited exposure via advertising, only in 5 seater configuration in a sales point dominated by 7 seaters and a piddly 2 litre diesel and not even the hi output version. Unfortunately I believe Ford Australia is heading in the same direction as GM Holden as a result of the American bosses dictating what cars overseas customers should want despite what the market actually wants. The only thing they’ve got right in the past 10 years has been the Ranger and Mustang.

  11. James Louis

    Was a Olds guy until GM kill it. Moved to Pontiac, they killed that. Move to Chevy Impala, killed that. Moved to Gord and drive a Lincoln MKS and a Edge. Looking for a another Lincoln but sedans are gone and most of their engines require premium gas. America auto makers are making hard to buy an American/Union made vehicle.

  12. Archknight

    This looks to be an electric model because it has the same door handle design like the Mach E, not to mention the solid textured grille. Hopefully, there is a gas powered version of this design because it would standout from the Outback and be unique in Ford’s line-up. Very curious if Ford will go the Bronco Sport route and make it AWD only, so they can move the price into the $26k-$28k starting range? Also curious if they will use the 1.5T for the lower trims and the 2.0T or 2.3T for the higher trims? They should definitely give the US a “Vignale” trim like they do the EU or “Platinum” trim from the Explorer, if there isn’t a Lincoln (please don’t for a change) counterpart.

  13. Mark L Bedel

    On a somewhat related topic, I was watching “A Faster Horse” for about the fourth or fifth time last evening…this is the story about the creation of the S550 Mustang peppered with historical context about the creation of, and continuation of the Mustang…and a repeated comment in this story was the “beauty” and the “design” of the car saying by Kemal Curic the designer of the current platform, “that a well designed car is like a piece of art”.

    This took me back to my design studies, and a theory which I think proves why we’ll never see SUV’s as pieces of art. It has to do with the fact that we as humans evolved as creatures who show a preference for horizontal lines, not vertical lines. When we hunt or travel we’re focused on the horizon…not the sky. This preference was and is a survival instinct.

    Take architecture for example, architects always want to create beautiful vertical structures. But when you’re walking through a city, unless a building is called to your attention, how often do you look up?

    I think this innate preference almost guarantees that when something is lower to the ground and presents with a greater horizontal presence, there is a desire to spend more time examining its lines…good or bad. This could be one reason we find “cars” so attractive to look upon.

  14. PD

    Looks like it’s finished and more of an electric model from that grille. The Fusion/Mondeo replacement is supposed to make it’s debut sometime in ’21 as a ’22 model, so maybe spring announcement. Could Ford opt to do this as a hybrid model instead of traditional NA engine? Other automakers seem to be opting for this to get higher fuel economy along with more power. Ford could use the 1.5T or a detuned 2.0T hybrid combo, so that it meets the higher emissions standards in Europe/China while giving the US the power we look for. A little concerned that we haven’t seen any more prototypes running around since the earlier ones from almost a year ago.

  15. gareth

    Ford still make the best overall cars and vans in Europe better then other manufacturer.I don’t like the full length informate screen its just overkill its ridiculous.
    The screen in the mustang mach E is big enough and with the small screen infront of the driver with the important information thats how it should be done(I do think buttons are good idea for certain things but how the screen is done in mustang mach E with the climate control and other bits always to hand on the main screen is good).

  16. Darnell

    Very very annoying to read. I’d rather see a sexy new Fusion sedan to compete with Camry and Accord. Instead, another dumb crossover. People love Fusions and Mondeos and they will be forced to look at other brands when they replace their cars. It’s mind-boggling to me. Why let 200,00 sales a year go to your competition?

  17. Jorge Esquinca

    You are completely wrong. The fact that I only owe cars, doesn’t mean that I haven’t driven SUV’s or trucks. If I don’t like SUV’s or Crossovers is precisely because I have driven them. As a matter of fact, I prefer trucks than SUV’s by far. Due to my job (construction of industrial plants and major infrastructures) I have to drive them. The only close minded here is you. You are the one that is not willing to listen other point of views but yours. You don’t owe reality no matter if you sell cars.

  18. Jorge Esquinca

    Again you are completely wrong. The fact that I only owe cars doesn’t mean I haven’t driven SUV’s. Its precisely because I have driven them the reason why I don’t like them. Due to my job (construction of industrial plants and major infrastructures), I have to drive particularly trucks (which I prefer a 1000 times over an SUV or a Crossover). You don’t owe reality and if there’s anyone close minded is you. If you sell cars, you should be aware that each person is different and that majority doesn’t mean all. What do you do when you have a client that doesn’t like SUV’s and can’t convince to buy one? Sell him nothing? Disqualify him?

  19. Jeffrey Sproul

    I understand why you prefer cars to suvs and that is your choice and you are entitled to your opinion. It is narrow minded that others tell you to buy what you don’t like just to go along with their views. You are correct each person is different.


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