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Next-Gen Ford Mondeo, Fusion Crossover Leaked Online

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Production of the Ford Fusion sedan ended back in July at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico after Ford Authority was the first to report that the model was set to be discontinued this past summer. The Fusion was the last Ford sedan on sale in the U.S., so this marked the end of an era. However, as we reported last year, a Ford Fusion crossover, or Mondeo as it’s known in other markets, is on the way, and now some photos of this new model have leaked online via Instagram.

The new Fusion crossover will be built in China, the U.S., and Europe, making it a truly global vehicle. In a way, it features many of the same qualities that the current Ford Edge does, which makes that model seem a bit redundant. Perhaps uncoincidentally, we reported back in June that the Edge would be discontinued after the 2022 model year, and Unifor’s new labor agreement includes building a series of EVs at the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the Edge is currently produced.

The last time we saw a Fusion crossover prototype back in October, it was a very early build with piecemeal body parts. However, it also previewed the fact that the reborn model would be somewhat of a high-riding wagon. These new spy shots show something very similar, as the Fusion/Mondeo looks like a mix of wagon and crossover, with familiar front end styling and a grille that looks a lot like the one present on the current Edge.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this prototype is its interior. There, we get a good look at a massive screen that spans the entire width of the dashboard. The shape of the screen makes it look much like the one used in current Mercedes models, albeit considerably wider. The concept of extending this digital cluster/infotainment screen all the way across the dash is also something that Mercedes is working on with its new MBUX Hyperscreen display.


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Exactly when the new Mondeo/Fusion crossover might launch is still unclear, but earlier rumors suggested it could arrive as soon as the 2021 model year. However, at this point, we believe that it’s more likely to launch in 2022 as a 2023 model.

We’ll have more on this new crossover as soon as it’s available, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Fusion news and 24/7 Ford news coverage.

2023 Ford Fusion Photos
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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. The beastie in these photos has a very chunky, squared-off rear; as opposed to the general wagon shape of the cobbled-up model in the older spy shots.
    Let’s talk about the dash, though. I LOVE it and hope that’s coming.

  2. And why does Ford mistakenly beleive that an owner of a Ford Mondeo/Fusion, one of the best and most affordable sedans, is going to trade it for a boring Crossover or SUV? Not everybody likes them or is willing to buy one no matter what. As owner of a Ford Mondeo, I’ll never trade it for a boring Crossover or SUV for the simple reason that an SUV or a Crossover doesn’t cover my needs and tastes. Specially when there are sedans like the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Renaul Talisman, Opel Insignia, VW Aerton, etc. Letting a whole segment go, is one of biggest mistaks from Ford in its history as those buyers leaving to other brands may not come back as when market trends change again. There is a good reason why all of Ford competition is keeping at least one sedan in its lineup. One single sedan in its lineup, that’s whar Ford needs, in order not to let a whole market segment go. It seems Ford competition is aware of that. Ford isn’t. At least in Europe Ford is keeping the Focus. I must admit that the dashboard looks good, but besides the Mustang or the Focus in Europe, until Ford produces a sedan I will not buy anything from Ford.

    • As the proud owner of a Ford Fusion Sport with the 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 engine, I am very unlikely to trade my car in and buy any type of SUV. I really like Ford, and was originally planning to buy a Lincoln for my next (and future) cars. However, since Ford stopped making sedans, I have to look at other manufacturers now. I’ll try to make my Fusion Sport last a long time, but when I replace it, I will likely leave Ford forever unless they change their minds about sedans before then.

    • You’re so predictable, Jorge.
      Keep whining and try to enjoy Spain with your guy’s supposed inability to accept that form factors other than sedans exist. Very close minded, is what it sounds like.

      • What I don’t understand is why do my comments disturb you so much. It’s not a question of if other products exist or being close minded. It’s s as simple that I don’t like SUV’s and Crossovers and I will not buy one no matter what. Maybe you call it whining but I just write an opinion and I will keep doing it. Maybe you need to accept the fact that not everybody like SUV’s and Crossovers. Deal with that and be happy. Best regards and have a happy new year.

        • Your comments don’t disturb me. They concern me. You don’t seem to be connected to reality. You seem to think that constant, consistent, and barely tangential comments will do something on a website that isn’t even owned by Ford. It won’t. It never will.
          I get that you don’t understand or drive SUV’s or crossovers. There’s likely a great deal more that you don’t understand based on your behavior.

          • I completely disagree with you. I know very well that my comments will not change anything and they won’t be read by Ford even if this blog belonged to Ford. You are the one that doesn’t live connected to reality or doesn’t understand many things as you don’t accept anyone that thinks different from your reality.

            • Again, you are the only one rejecting reality. Your exercises in futility are the only essential evidence to this point.
              I do accept that people think differently from myself. If you could quote me as to when I’ve said otherwise, I’d be happy to be a bit more introspective, but now, you’re just making things up to distract from the issue. By all means, continue to dig your fallacious hole. Keep bloviating.
              I work on a car lot and have sold many different types of vehicles. I will maintain my status here as the more objective one and thus the burden of the one who doesn’t understand things is you. You don’t own SUV’s. You confessed yourself on an earlier article that you only own cars. And even then, it’s a Chevy Volt, so it’s not much.
              You’re the close-minded one here because you said that, due to very arbitrary reasons, you’ll only drive sedans and nothing else.
              You cannot continue to argue without stepping on your own castle of sand.

  3. If that new Fusion/Mondeo is electric, then I will trade in my 2014 Fusion for that new model.

    Doy las gracias a esa fuente española de las fotos.

  4. Ford customers will buy this SUV because of the new dash which looks really nice. Too Bad Ford didn’t add it to the next Fusion and Lincoln Zephyr sedan which would have sold just as well with the new dash

  5. I do like that dash on this thing. the front and sides look okay but the rear looks like a dodge caliber. I do agree with Jorge when it comes to sedans. Granted I was only a fan of the American Fusion with the 2.7L Sport package, Ford was off it’s rocker for not replacing the cars it got rid of for better cars and also not offering better SUVs and Crossovers. Now this is coming from a person who is a fan of Ford and a Fan of Ford Performance but as I’ve learned more it’s not American Ford Performance, it’s Ford of Australia that I’ve grown to love as well as their Performance line and also Ford/Ford Performance of Europe. Ford had a great version of the Mondeo in Australia called the XR5-Turbo along with the true Ford Performance car family, the Falcon. Being that this new Ford CD6 platform is Modular and global, to me it would make sense to have the Mondeo family of vehicles and Falcon family of vehicles be made global. The Mondeo family being front wheel drive based with smaller engines while the Falcon family would be rear wheel drive based with larger engines. The problem with Ford America is that most customers are too close minded. They only want what they’re used to when there are other vehicles out there that can do better. Ford could easily have the Mondeo family as a sedan and this crossover variant with a regular version and a hybrid version, a vignale version and performance version and have the Falcon family with a base Fairmont sedan, the performance sedan variants, the mini-pickup version, which can be commercialized as they did in Australia, and also had with a base fairmont version and the performance family and then have the Falcon Territory version (replacing the explorer and better competing with the Durango) and have your regular versions, vignale version and performance version. Bring the Ford Puma from Europe over and have your regular, ST, and RS version and right there with those vehicles Ford has not only brought back a sedan to fill the Fusion’s void, but also replaced the Edge with the Mondeo crossover, they’d have a replacement for the Focus & Ecosport with the Ford Puma crossover, and it would save them from dragging the Mustang’s name further into the mud as they are talking about four door variants and electric variants since now you have the Falcon as a better all-around family of vehicles. On top of that, you still have the Bronco family so the Bronco sport really takes over for the Escape. As much as I like the Bronco, the Bronco really should have been on the F150 platform and taken the spot back from the Expedition and then bring the Everest up on the Ranger Platform, especially if the Ranger and Everest look anything like what their conceptual designs look like.
    As far as electric goes, granted it should NOT wear the Mustang name, but the Mach E is going to be good and I think a Mach E family of electric vehicles should come from the Mach E such as a midsize sedan and maybe something else in the future. Electric vehicles should have their own names and not piggyback off of other cars. the EVOS would have been a perfect name for the Mach E and bring back the C-MAX as the E-Max sedan and hatchback The pickup truck should be called the Atlas, not the F150E or whatever and it should have it’s own look, even if it’s based off the F150. Transits and Transit Connects should be electric, Super Duty trucks should be electric, this is where Ford would do great at electrification. Why? Because when fleet trucks and commercial trucks dock for the evening they can be charging via cable or via charging pad.

    • The reason why the Falcon in Australia was killed off in 2016, was the fact it was a proper 4 door sedan, rwd available in 6 or V8 configurations and a well sorted chassis. A much better set up car than what was available in the States. Ford Australia even tried to get the Falcon/Fairlane package made in LHD for the American market, but Dearborn in their infinite wisdom said no.( Afraid to p/o the unions and to show up how inferior the American product was). There was at one stage that the Mustang and Falcon was going to share the same floor pan and rear end set up…but the Americans said it won’t work.(this when Ford Australia had the control blade independent rear and Mustang still the live axle set up). So what does Ford America do, they kill off the Australian Falcon and then raid the good bits then set up the Mustang with independent rear and supercharger for the V8.

      • I just think fords trying to stay competitive and make money. Trucks and SUV are where they make their money. That’s why their cars are gone. They never made that great of a car. The Japanese do it so much better

        • I disagree with you.Staying competitive is not letting a whole segment go. Trucks and SUV make money today, but trends change all the time like all human activity does. Being competitive is giving a solution to all market segments a company had, has and will have.This SUV fever won’t last forever and those buyers leaving today to other brands may not come back to Ford when market trends change again. Because they will change. That’s mathematical certainty. Ford did many great cars and many of them much better than anything coming from Japan. I myself am owner of a RWD1995 Ford Scorpio Cosworth, one of the best cars produced anywhere in its segment. Audi produces and sells succesfully 6 sedans worldwide in its lineup. Every car company is keeping at least one sedan in its lineup while this SUV fever lasts. That’s being competitive. Letting a whole market segment go by a company with the history and expertise of Ford is nonsense and a very poor management.

          • I agree with you to a point. I recall several reading several articles that, simply put, said that it was easier to design a body to put over an existing frame and mechanicals than to design a whole new vehicle. One can put a sedan/station wagon/hatch-back/shooting-brake etal on top on frame if/when needed.

  6. What are the odds of Lincoln having some sort of a version of this? Single line products seems rather inefficient/non-productive. Could be a “hot rod” or “shooting brake”.

  7. As the proud owner of a Ford Fusion Sport with the 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 engine, I am very unlikely to trade my car in and buy any type of SUV. I really like Ford, and was originally planning to buy a Lincoln for my next (and future) cars. However, since Ford stopped making sedans, I have to look at other manufacturers now. I’ll try to make my Fusion Sport last a long time, but when I replace it, I will likely leave Ford forever unless they change their minds about sedans before then.

  8. Maybe, although I doubt it, this will replace the Edge/Endura in Australia which has been an absolute disaster in sales in Australia; the main reasons being limited exposure via advertising, only in 5 seater configuration in a sales point dominated by 7 seaters and a piddly 2 litre diesel and not even the hi output version. Unfortunately I believe Ford Australia is heading in the same direction as GM Holden as a result of the American bosses dictating what cars overseas customers should want despite what the market actually wants. The only thing they’ve got right in the past 10 years has been the Ranger and Mustang.

  9. Was a Olds guy until GM kill it. Moved to Pontiac, they killed that. Move to Chevy Impala, killed that. Moved to Gord and drive a Lincoln MKS and a Edge. Looking for a another Lincoln but sedans are gone and most of their engines require premium gas. America auto makers are making hard to buy an American/Union made vehicle.

    • While the GM brand Cadillac, Oldsmobile Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet are all under the same Umbrella. They all have there differences the Olds didn’t look like a Buick, the Pontiac G8 was RWD more inline with SS while Chevy Impala is FWD

      • Hey that’s fine Roy and thanks for the reply. GM is famous for “badge engineering”. Perfect example Pontiac Trans Am is nothing more than a Chev Camaro, with a Pontiac badge.
        As for GM “5” or 6, including GMC which stands for> General Motors Chevrolet, none of the engines are really any different from each other. They’ll ALL(6) inefficient cast iron OHV 2 valve push-rod relic’s from the original 1950’s.

        • All due respect, “GMC” does not stand for “General Motors Chevrolet”. I would like to know where you found that information.

          While the two GM divisions share a common ancestry and were established in the same year (1911), GMC predates Chevy by several months and didn’t start sharing Chevy platforms until 1920 or so.

  10. This looks to be an electric model because it has the same door handle design like the Mach E, not to mention the solid textured grille. Hopefully, there is a gas powered version of this design because it would standout from the Outback and be unique in Ford’s line-up. Very curious if Ford will go the Bronco Sport route and make it AWD only, so they can move the price into the $26k-$28k starting range? Also curious if they will use the 1.5T for the lower trims and the 2.0T or 2.3T for the higher trims? They should definitely give the US a “Vignale” trim like they do the EU or “Platinum” trim from the Explorer, if there isn’t a Lincoln (please don’t for a change) counterpart.

  11. On a somewhat related topic, I was watching “A Faster Horse” for about the fourth or fifth time last evening…this is the story about the creation of the S550 Mustang peppered with historical context about the creation of, and continuation of the Mustang…and a repeated comment in this story was the “beauty” and the “design” of the car saying by Kemal Curic the designer of the current platform, “that a well designed car is like a piece of art”.

    This took me back to my design studies, and a theory which I think proves why we’ll never see SUV’s as pieces of art. It has to do with the fact that we as humans evolved as creatures who show a preference for horizontal lines, not vertical lines. When we hunt or travel we’re focused on the horizon…not the sky. This preference was and is a survival instinct.

    Take architecture for example, architects always want to create beautiful vertical structures. But when you’re walking through a city, unless a building is called to your attention, how often do you look up?

    I think this innate preference almost guarantees that when something is lower to the ground and presents with a greater horizontal presence, there is a desire to spend more time examining its lines…good or bad. This could be one reason we find “cars” so attractive to look upon.

  12. Looks like it’s finished and more of an electric model from that grille. The Fusion/Mondeo replacement is supposed to make it’s debut sometime in ’21 as a ’22 model, so maybe spring announcement. Could Ford opt to do this as a hybrid model instead of traditional NA engine? Other automakers seem to be opting for this to get higher fuel economy along with more power. Ford could use the 1.5T or a detuned 2.0T hybrid combo, so that it meets the higher emissions standards in Europe/China while giving the US the power we look for. A little concerned that we haven’t seen any more prototypes running around since the earlier ones from almost a year ago.

  13. So, this finally explains why the Edge is being discontinued. I currently drive a Fusion (’17) and planned on my next vehicle being a compact CUV for accessibility reasons, if nothing else. This is OK but doubt pricing will be realistic – probably $40K, or close, to start. And that infotainment screen is likely to appeal to 20-somethings, who won’t be able to afford it, for the most part, and no one else. I find it beyond atrocious. The Sync3 screen in my Fusion is distracting enough, thank you. This is simply laughable. And most buyers won’t want it.

  14. Ford still make the best overall cars and vans in Europe better then other manufacturer.I don’t like the full length informate screen its just overkill its ridiculous.
    The screen in the mustang mach E is big enough and with the small screen infront of the driver with the important information thats how it should be done(I do think buttons are good idea for certain things but how the screen is done in mustang mach E with the climate control and other bits always to hand on the main screen is good).

  15. Just get an SUV for pete’s sake. Stop being so close-minded and stuck in your ways.
    Or stop insisting on needing new vehicles.
    I have a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Love it to death alongside my SUV.

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