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Some 2021 Ford Bronco Buyers Are Getting Tired Of Waiting And Buying Other Vehicles

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The last Ford Bronco rolled off the assembly line way back in 1996. Then, Ford announced that it was bringing back its iconic off-road SUV in 2017. After three-plus years of impatiently waiting, the 2021 Ford Bronco was finally revealed to the masses in July. So we certainly can’t blame the Bronco’s 190,000+ reservation holders for getting a little tired of waiting for their vehicle to enter production.

This problem was only compounded by a recent announcement that 2021 Ford Bronco deliveries were being delayed until the summer of 2021 after they were originally slated to start in the spring. For some reservation holders, this was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, it seems.

“After waiting three years for the Bronco, I’m sad to go in another direction,” Ford Authority reader Brian told us. “My preference is Ford and I waited as much as possible for the new Bronco to come out but my truck (2004 Ford F-150) is falling apart and I need a new one today so I can’t wait anymore. It’s now between the Colorado ZR2 and Wrangler…leaning towards the Jeep. Maybe I can get a Bronco later once they’re released.”

“Long time reader, first-time commenter,” added John. “Was so excited for the Bronco but had to cancel my reservation since I just can’t wait much longer…definitely can’t wait through another delay since my lease expires in March. Will probably end up getting another Wrangler, maybe the Jeep truck. I can’t be the only one in this situation. Ford needs to hurry up and release this thing or risk losing a lot of orders.”

As Ford has pointed out in the past, the development process for the 2021 Ford Bronco has actually gone very quickly. Problem is, it announced the model’s return earlier than it typically does, a move that certainly helped create more hype behind the Bronco’s return, but also has seemingly caused some folks to get impatient as well. Throw in the fact that some reservation holders saw the price of their builds jump unexpectedly due to some errors in the Build & Price tool recently, and it’s easy to see where all this frustration is coming from.

Ford is attributing its latest delay to COVID-19 related supplier issues, which were likely unavoidable. But we can certainly understand why some people will be forced to go in another direction, especially if they’re in need of a vehicle in the next couple of months.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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Leave a Reply
  1. Those who cancel their reservations are impulse buyers who didn’t plan their reservations. I want to buy the 2021 Mustang Mach-E but I am not in a hurry and I can wait until my local Ford dealer has one on their lot.

  2. I don’t see how a month or so could change a $35k+ decision. Go ahead and buy something you’ll no-doubt be disappointed in and regret.

    • More like buy a vehicle that is brand new. One that is liable to end up in the parking lot, so the suppliers can finish assembling it. Then take delivery, and sit back and wait for the long string of recalls, dealer excuses as to why things don’t work, and denial of warranty claims.

  3. So the timing didn’t work out for 2 people and the author makes it seem like people are canceling orders left and right? GTFO

    I seriously can’t believe some of the click bait trash written on the internet these days lol

    • Just because we only included the stories of two people doesn’t mean they are the only two reservation holders on the planet that are canceling their reservations, and nowhere in the article does it say that people are canceling them “left and right.” There are plenty more folks who are doing the same thing or at least thinking about it. A simple search will turn up more results if you would like to do some additional research before jumping in and calling something “clickbait trash.”

      • To add to that, your article doesn’t say anything that’s not accurate or that can’t be verified.
        People cancel reservations and orders all the time under many circumstances and for many manufacturers. Your article pointing that out doesn’t mean it’s clickbait.

      • I have to agree. There is nothing of significance in this article. Finding 2 people who canceled their reservations and indicating there are more, is not a story. Even if the launch went perfectly, you could still find 2 people who came up with some sort of reason to be dissatisfied especially when there are 190K reservations holders and the only requirement to get on the list was a $100 fully refundable deposit.

        Here are some suggestions for a meaningful article:
        – Survey Bronco holders to find out what percentage have decided to cancel.
        – Categorize the reasons they are canceling.
        – Compare to stats from other manufacturers.

        I believe Tesla has something like a 30% reservation to order conversion rate. While not an apples to apples comparison, it demonstrates that Ford should expect a lot of non-converted reservations.

      • Your article “easy” on the cancellations, was not click bait, but rather making your point in a gentlemanly manner. The bronco roll out has been a carnival side show. Delays: covid did it, more delays: covid did it again, ordering price and build sheet problem: we are new to computers and didn’t know how to test for it… ETC. ETC. Covid is real, and one death it to many, but it appears the covid has a mind of its own, and it does not like ford. Why are the other mfgs able to put New Models on their lots, right now? I believe you gave two examples, that were just that, examples. they exemplified the situation, some people have a problem understanding “for example”. With the Jeep’s new V8 offering, the Bison, and other very capable 4x4s for sale, bronco is not the only choice. Now, if Yugo would just start mfg a “real tough looking” 4×4, offer it in some flamboyant colors-they could sell a stack of them!

      • I gave up last summer and traded my 13 Fusion for a 17 F-150. Been waiting since I bought the Fusion, two more years of delays was more than I cared for and at the point of changing my mind I needed a vehicle that could tow my boat, cargo trailer and atv. Maybe it will come back into my decision making sometime in the future but it wont be in 2021.

  4. I’m getting a Wrangler 398. Ford doesn’t care enough to stick a V8 in the Bronco. They could easily put in the coyote engine.

    • It’s not that Ford doesn’t care enough. The original Bronco didn’t even debut with a V8. What Ford likely realized is that a good replacement for displacement is forced induction. Ford doesn’t need to put a V8 because even Jeep doesn’t usually have them. They only panicked and shoved a V8 into the Jeep AFTER Ford dropped an incredible product. That’s really all Jeep/Dodge can do anymore. They aren’t known for innovation, but they are known for their somewhat gullible customer base who would think that a hastily packed V8 option IS innovation.

      • They did not panic because they are selling everything they can make with the turbo 4 and V6.
        After market shops have been putting the 5.7 and 6.2 liter hemi in jeep wranglers for years but FOC did not need to do that because they, again, were selling everything that they can make already so why make a delivery problem by adding a new option.
        Nothing hasty about this and its good timing as they already will beat the Bronco out of the gate with the hemi option.
        Regarding turbos, they are fine but do not make torque at low RPM so they are not a good option for off roading and figure on replacing the turbo every 100,000 miles.

        • Lol. Fca is advertising Jeeps at thousands below msrp because of the bronco reservation numbers. No way are most people going to be able to afford the v8 wrangler. I bet it’ll start at 65 to 70k. Twice the price of a base bronco

          • You realize to “reserve” a bronco is only $100 right? You also realize you can cancel it at anytime for a full refund? Nobody has actually converted any reservation yet to an actual order so I am willing to bet they won’t have near 190,000 actual orders.

      • I was under the impression ford still built a V-8, just didn’t put it in the bronco. Why do they still build a V8, if FI is better? My guess, a V-8 vs a tiny 4 banger heavy on FI, or a small v6 with Dual turbos, will not have the engine life of the V8, not by a long shot. I wonder if the Ford mustangs-you know the good ones-come with a V8? Do any of the super duty trucks come with a V8? If yes, shouldn’t those idiots in charge of trucks and mustang production be fired, and replaced with those really smart “let’s just hang another turbo on it” guys? Ford has not been concerned with the engine life/reliability of its little mills for years. Bic lighters work great, when they’re working…..

    • FCA has had how many years to contemplate putting the 398 in the Wrangler? And they are just now doing so. Why is it that everyone seems to expect the Bronco to have every option under the sun available in the first model year?

  5. What this article leaves out that are also causing reservation holders to drop are the B&P delays/inaccuracies, pricing increases, option packaging, lack of communication from Ford, showing one thing but not offering it (saddle interior that can’t be had and offering navy pier for the FE) and the list goes on. Ford has absolutely botched pretty much every part of the Bronco rollout. People don’t want to pay $50k for a vehicle and have to settle on options because they’re not available or priced out because of packaging.

  6. FoMoCo is a joke and has been a joke for a long while now. Inferior Products that are overpriced and unreliable. Please move on. Every Delay is blamed on Covid-19
    The foreign car companies are not having the same issues.

    • T D J. not sure if your trolling for clicks for F.Authority, but the average person on this site has their own opinion of Ford, their Employees, and workmanship. Every manufacturer, non-automotive included, is having issues with adjusting to Covid, have you seen the price of a 2×4 lumber? Eyes wide open my friend.

      • I believe his comments are spot on. Yes, everyone, world wide, has been hit by covid, in one way or another, yet many car companies are able to deliver, new model year vehicles, and on time. ford seems to have been hit harder, and more often than many (if not all) others. It is difficult for me to believe, the build and price “screw ups” were covid related, what is worse is that they happend at all-ford had all the time it wanted to check and recheck their own procedures-this is a problem with leadership.

    • That’s why the F-Series is the best selling vehicle for 40 years, the Mustang outsells their laughable competition and the Explorer is the best selling SUV in history. Be gone with your nonsense.

  7. I reserved a bronco 4 door badlands back in July. I bought a new ZR2 Bison this weekend. Ford has ruined this whole bronco process to the point that the bronco was going to be my 9th Ford vehicle and now I am driving a Chevy for the first time, and will likely never support ford again. Too many lies and miscommunications through all of this. I suspect that ford got in over their head with more reservations than they could fulfill and are trying to get people to cancel. That’s the only possible explanation for how they have treated us.

    • It’s probably for the best that you don’t buy a vehicle that’s not out yet. It seems to be a more complicated process than you’re ready for. Best stick with something simple like a Bison.

  8. I had an 03 F-150 was waiting for the 2019 Bronco. My 03 fell apart. I got 13 F150. To hold me over for the 2020 Bronco… Now the transmission is going and now waiting for the 2021 Bronco!!!! I’ve wasted alot of money waiting on this freaking thing!!!!!

  9. I had an 03 F-150 was waiting for the 2019 Bronco. My 03 fell apart. I got 13 F150. To hold me over for the 2020 Bronco… Now the transmission is going and now waiting for the 2021 Bronco!!!! I’ve wasted alot of money waiting on this freaking thing!!!!!

  10. Nobodies cancelled any orders yet. Just the refundable right to reserve to order one. I have a 7/14 timestamp on my reservation but my preferred bronco config won’t be available till MY22. I’m buying a cheap $2-4k beater truck to last me until then. Definitely not cancelling my reservation tho. The people that are cancelling were just never that committed in the first place. Once people start putting some skin in the game and make actual orders, and then cancel and lose their deposit, we can treat the situation like people are abandoning ship.

  11. People are cancelling because they’re sick of the lies, delays, and bait-and-switch from Ford. The Bronco launch is an embarrassment. No other automaker could screw this up as badly as Ford.

    • This seems to be a Ford tradition. In late 1957 the public was introduced to an all-new vehicle from Ford. The dealers were receiving vehicles off the transports, only to find various parts and pieces in the trunk and passenger compartments. The dealers were expected to finish assembling the cars.

      That car? The Edsel.

  12. This is frustrating for sure, and there have been some significant miscalculations and glitches from Ford. The web builder is definitely one, and something that is driving cancellations of reservations due to increased pricing. They missed on nurturing campaigns to maintain interest (i.e. sending paint sample sheets, small Bronco swag, or anything to reservation holders in the build up to build and price, order placement, etc.)

    On the flipside, if there’s any year people should understand delays and irregular timelines, it should be 2020. Whether you want furniture, TP, or a new vehicle, these are challenging times. Ford relies on a multitude of outside suppliers to assist with getting vehicles to market, which substantially compounds a situation like this.

    Loss of reservations is not a surprise due to controllable botches (pricing/configuration/communication) and the uncontrollable (supplier issues, staffing problems). It’s very hard for any company to handle the times we live in with the Amazon effect of “immediate gratification” baked into society. Waiting seems like an antiquated part of the world, but the expectations of no hiccups or changes to original rollouts are unrealistic.

    • FYI, I too am a reservation holder for 4-door Badlands Bronco. Anticipated waits and changes due to COVID so no impact for me. People that are used to high demand vehicles know this isn’t news: Porsche 911(especially GT cars), C8, Demon, etc.

  13. A lot of people complaining on this post is like a lot of people in America. You go out and order a big ticket item then you can’t wait for it to come out, So you impulse buy something that you really didn’t want or it brakes down.Next thing you know 6 mos your UP SIDE DOWN because you traded the F150, Colorado or 392 on the the Bronco you was waiting for in the 1st place. This is what you get when everyone is RUSH, RUSH GOGO I CANT WAIT NO MORE

  14. I am ready and waiting for the new tremor F150 to come out this summer. My 2011 F150 has approximately 250,000 miles but is holding up and I will wait for what I want. I refuse to settle and I am fortunate enough that I don’t have a lease and can wait it out. I would recommend to those that are changing their minds due to inpatients to think it out. I wish you all the best luck in what ever decisions you make.

  15. So while some windows of opportunity are closing, due to lease expiring, vehicle can’t make it any longer, others will now be open because their lease will now be up during the revised period and vehicles that were okay for a few months, will now need to be replaced in the new period.

    Not like Ford can do anything about a Pandemic.

  16. Fords first mistake was offering too many trims levels. Should have been a base, mid range and loaded Bronco. Should have a standard black interior and other colours optional. The minute you start confusing people with too many models and options ,not to mention pricing, they will walk away.First rule of thumb i learned in sales. If Ford was serious about this vehicle they could have put more resources to make it, then trying to get out a new 150,Mach E, Mach 1. I am a pissed off reservation holder and waiting for a build date after i place my order. If its too long i am going with a Toyota 4 runner. A vehicle that has proven itself. The only opinions that matter here are the reservation holders.

    • While I agree that figuring out all the trim levels is a challenge and that overall, buyers are often happier with fewer choices, for every person that says the Bronco came out with too many trim levels, there are 100 others that say they can’t get the options they way. You get complaints either way.

  17. I agree with you 100%.
    Back in late October I ordered a 2021 F350 DRW Platinum with the 7.3L gas motor.
    The WEB site was not anywhere near complete, I could not see color options and it took me a week of going back and forth with the dealer to figure out all of the options and than, me, later checking on the web site to further clarify what we ordered and if I/we missed anything of value to me.
    I was so mad I actually called Ford and guess what, they told me they were working on the new Bronco site. I told them, you are building the 2021 Super Duty now so let me look at what I ordered.
    Surprisingly, and maybe just by coincidence, the site got populated soon after the call.
    Ford has a new CEO and he’s got his hands full.
    The retiring furniture guy was all hot air and ignoring mid terms issues that need fixing before they get their heads around E cars and self drivers.

  18. I could not wait. Because of virus end of 2020 was a buyers best deals and choose a Jeep Gladiator.PS the guy who wants that electric Mustang . There’s a reason they don’t show a side view it is Hideous

  19. i’m sure there are plenty of bronco wanters that were left out because of the limited supply. they’ll be snatched up in a heartbeat

  20. Nah canceling my order my lease ends in April I can’t wait that long they promised it to us by April they took our hundred dollars and now just playing us f##k that I got a job and $hit can’t wait that long for a car that will be delayed till the summer of 2021

  21. Ford has done this before when the 2003 Baby Bird was reintroduced. The trucked all over the country with a car carrier and five of them stopping at various country clubs for people on the wait list to drive because production was also delayed. Ultimately I got tired of waiting and bought the new Cadillac XLR two seater built on the Corvette production line. Loved the vehicle especially because unlike the TBird it had a retractable hardtop and no issues with needing a second person or a lift to remove it. Anyway I went on the own three of them. Ford lost a lot with me over those years. In 2012 I finally found a 50th Anniversary 2005 like new TBird never driven in the rain with 15,000 miles on it, from an older couple who just couldn’t handle the roof removal. I keep it at my Naples home and of course I installed a roof lift to remove the top. It sits beside by new Mustang GT convertible. Anyway long story short I’m sure anyone backing out will make some other buyer happy to move up on the list just as I did in 2003 with my TBird. I don’t believe this time Ford is at fault. No one could have predicted the full effects of Covid. Happy New Year to all. be safe out there.

  22. I am ready and waiting for the new tremor F150 to come out this summer. My 2011 F150 has approximately 250,000 miles but is holding up and I will wait for what I want. I refuse to settle and I am fortunate enough that I don’t have a lease and can wait it out. I would recommend to those that are changing their minds due to inpatients to think it out. I wish you all the best luck in whatever decisions you make.

  23. I’m probably going to cancel my reservation and just lease the 2021 Nautilus or the new F-150 for a year or two and wait until the 22’ or 23’ model year. Very disappointing.

  24. I decided to cancel my reservation until 2022. My spec’d 2021 Bronco was $60K, it wouldn’t be driven much because I work from home now. I didn’t want to see it depreciate in my driveway!

  25. I was waiting for the Bronco (full size, not sport), but with the wait time to even actually SEE one in person at this point, it is frustrating. Not to mention, I need a new vehicle NOW, I thought I could hold out until the Spring release, but now they say summer, and my local dealerships say all they are getting is pre orders. Add to that that we just bought a brand spanking new F350 from Ford, and it spent 3 of its first six weeks with us in the shop due to a major defect from the manufacturer that no one at Ford cares about. Now I’m wondering if I’m waiting for a vehicle that is going to roll right off the showroom and right up onto the mechanics rack. I’m going to shop for alternatives this weekend. This Bronco is a dream but the release, the shoddy F350 and the concerns I have are starting to make me feel like it’s time to let this dream go.

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