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Woman Tries To Steal Lincoln Corsair From Dealer, Drags Salesperson In Process

Test drives are a normal thing for dealerships, who generally let folks take multiple vehicles for a spin on a daily basis. But we imagine that one poor salesperson at Falls Ford in Wichita Falls, Texas never expected to go on the ride-along they did recently when a woman tried to steal a Lincoln Corsair after requesting a test drive.

According to KFDX news, the woman arrived at the dealership with a valid driver’s license and requested to test drive the new Lincoln Corsair. This seems normal on the surface, but the dealership employees noted that the woman was acting a bit suspicious, so they declined her request. Thus, the woman left.

However, she returned a little while later and asked if the dealer would let her take some pictures of the interior. The dealer obliged, but when a salesperson unlocked the crossover, she asked for a key so she could start the vehicle and take some pictures of the instrument cluster. And that’s when things went horribly wrong.

Instead of taking pictures, the woman simply drove off, dragging the salesperson along that was at this point trying to stop her. Unfortunately for the woman, the police had no problem tracking her down. They contacted her parents, who said that she had shown up with the new Lincoln Corsair, leaving in it the next day. Now, she’s charged with the unauthorized use of a vehicle, which seems like a pretty light charge, all things considered.

Ultimately, this might end up being the most expensive test drive of that woman’s life, so we hope that she at least enjoyed her short time behind the wheel of the luxurious crossover, mainly because it might be a little while before she’s able to do so again.

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  1. Lee Scott

    Please tell me where Wichita Falls, Kansas is. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Jim

      Well, Texas/Kansas it’s close right!?

  2. Rocky Harris

    Actually; Wichita Falls is in Texas not kansas

  3. Bob Hicks

    Wichita Falls is in Texas, Wichita is in Kansas.

  4. Hellothere

    Should’ve at least went for the Aviator.

    But in all seriousness, people really have the nerve to do this? Damn.

    1. Mohammad

      This kind of people is ignorant and worthless.

  5. Shocked

    Wow, just wow.

  6. John

    Wichita Falls is in Witchita ! lol.

    1. Flores

      Wrong, Wichita Falls is in Texas…and Wichita is in Kansas

  7. John D

    Kansas City Chiefs are from Missouri…Wichita is Kansas biggest city and Wichita Falls must have waterfalls. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. pete

      no public endangerment, attempted vehicular homicide or stolen vehicle charges? Really?

  8. Howard J

    You know that this woman must be white because if she was black she would be charged with grand theft auto.

    1. Antifa thuggs

      Do you millennial antifa types ever think of getting a job and buying your own things

      1. Howard J

        I’m not antifa. I’ve been a factory employee for 20 years. I buy my own things. That woman nearly killed someone trying to steal an SUV but was only charged with “unauthorized use of a vehicle” and you want to question me? Smh

    2. Coco Eugene

      How long have you been a racist

      1. Howard J

        (Sigh) Again. This woman nearly killed someone while stealing an SUV but was only charged with “unauthorized use of a vehicle” and in your mind I’m racist for calling it out for what it is? I wonder if you were almost killed while your car was stolen if you would be ok with the criminal receiving the same charge as this woman. To answer your question I am not racist. I also know that if I had committed the same crime I would be facing more serious charges.

  9. Jukka Hayrinen

    So where was this sales person dragged in? Under the car? For how long? He/she is ok? ;- P


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