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2021 Ford Bronco Camping: Everything There Is To Know

The 2021 Ford Bronco promises to be a very capable off-roader, which when combined with the exploding popularity of overlanding and camping, will certainly make sleeping in one a popular pastime. Thus, it should really come as no surprise that the sixth-gen Ford Bronco was designed specifically to accommodate in-car camping, as we reported back in November. But now, Ford Authority has learned all the specifics related to 2021 Ford Bronco camping that prospective campers will want to know.

2021 Ford Bronco Sleeping Dimensions
Longitudinal (front-to-back) 6 ft 6 in
Longitudinal With Tailgate Extender (front-to-back) 8ft 1.4in
Diagonal 7 ft 6 in
Diagonal with tailgate extender 8 ft 9 in
Width 3 ft 7 in
Additional space 10 inches additional elbow room in door area

As is clear from these dimensions, the 2021 Ford Bronco camping situation looks pretty solid, even for taller folks. The Bronco provides 6 feet, 6 inches of sleeping space, front to back, and up to 8 feet, 1.4 inches with the optional tailgate extender. Diagonally, campers have 7 feet 6 inches of space, or 8 feet 9 inches with the extender, which is more than enough room for everyone – even an NBA center.

Width-wise, the Bronco provides 3 feet, 7 inches of space, which is enough for two people to sleep side-by-side. Plus, there are 10 additional inches of elbow room in the door area if needed. However, depending on how the Bronco’s occupants sleep, things could be a little more or a little less cramped.

To fit two people comfortably, occupants will need to sleep longitudinally. Sleeping diagonally cuts down on the width considerably, but leaves enough space for one person and perhaps a dog, depending on how large of a canine it is. Sleeping longitudinally or diagonally with the tailgate extender makes the available space longer, but the camper’s feet or head will be exposed. The extender itself measures in at one foot, 7.64 inches deep/long, and 3 feet, 1.56 inches wide.

If more room is needed, an additional 21-square-feet of space can be obtained by folding down the rear seats and pushing the front seats forward. And for those that want to watch the stars, the Bronco’s various tops can be removed to reveal the 13.3 square foot open-top to provide best-in-class second row and overall openness.

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  1. Christopher Tidmore

    “If more room is needed, an additional 21-square-feet of space can be obtained by folding down the rear seats and pushing the front seats forward.”

    To get to this 6ft 6 in of space the rear seats already have to be folded down. Otherwise this generation of Broncos would be built on the F150 frame and not the Ranger.

  2. Ken

    So, you can sleep on top of the folded down rear seats? I’m suspect. If you’re sleeping inside a 4 door, just how are you nestled in there, Brett?

    1. Christopher Tidmore

      Ken, Ford has already confirmed that the rear seats will lay flat. From the recent pics coming out of the interior and rear seat area I believe them. I don’t think anyone wants to sleep directly on that cargo area floor so an air mattress will be needed, at least a thin one.

  3. Kermit Johansson

    So how does the tailgate extender change the level when the rear seats are folded down? Does it make the difference in what appears to be a difference in height between the rear floor and the seats folded down so that the extender is necessary to achieve the flat floor?

    And what about the hinges of the seats that seem to stick up above the floor level – don’t they affect the guy sleeping diagonally?

    But most importantly, what about the 2 door edition? Can the rear seats be folded down and the diagonal would yield a space for one person? With the extender? Only the dog need consider sleeping in? Or is the tent above the 2 door the solution?

    1. Christopher Tidmore

      Kermit, from the pictures I’ve seen the extender is just added to a dead space already in the build. Adding it is not necessary to create a flat floor. Also due to this the hinges for the rear seats do not protrude above the pivot.

      So using the cargo volume metrics for both 2 dr and 4 dr and what we know about the sleeping area on the 4dr I calculated the cargo area height to be approx. 3.4 ft. Using this I figured out the front seat back to door on the 2dr to be 4.4ft. No way is anyone but a kid or dog is sleeping in there. On diagonal it increases to 5.5 ft. Adding the extended tailgate brings it to just under 6 ft longitudinal and about 6.9 ft diagonally.

      Please be aware that I have not officially measured any of this and with the shape of the cargo area I could be off in terms of dimensions.

  4. Kermit Johansson

    Thank you very much for your research. That will do for stop, sleep, go – I’m 5’6″ and the bears can nibble on my toes when I sleep.

  5. Albert RODRIGUES

    WOW Are you guy’s late coming to the game. We used to Sleep/Camp in the back of our 1979 Bronco. It was an awesome experience. We out grew that and bought a 26′ travel trailer that we pulled with our 1990 Bronco with the 5.8L EFI.

  6. Erica

    What are the dimensions for the two door with the seats down?


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