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2021 Ford Bronco Order Banks Officially Open Up On January 20

The 190,000 plus Ford Bronco reservation holders are likely chomping at the bit to actually take delivery of their shiny new rides, and that will finally happen this summer after a bit of a delay from the originally slated date of spring due to a COVID-19 related supplier issue. Ford has also now confirmed that 2021 Ford Bronco order banks will officially open up on January 20th, which puts the Bronco on track for that aforementioned summer arrival.

When 2021 Ford Bronco order banks open that day, reservation holders will be able to begin converting their reservations to actual orders at their selected dealerships. This process will continue until March 19th, which is the deadline to finalize dealer selection, place orders, and agree to a selling price with the dealer.

In May, customers who have a Bronco order placed will receive details regarding their estimated delivery timing. This will depend on a variety of factors, including their reservation timestamp, the Bronco model/trim level selected, the vehicle’s configuration, and the dealer’s allotment, or the number of Broncos it is slated to receive.

Following this process, deliveries will begin in the summer. However, don’t expect to see one sitting on a dealer lot or in the showroom, as Ford has said that no Ford dealerships will receive stock of the 2021 Bronco. Instead, the automaker is focusing on filling the 190,000 plus reservations that have been placed to date first. This way, as many customers as possible can receive a 2021 model rather than being pushed back to the 2022 model year.

Certain features – including the Shadow Black-painted hard top and Sasquatch Package coupled with Ford’s new seven-speed manual transmission – are late availability or won’t be available until the 2022 model year, as we’ve previously reported, so selecting those options will result in a delivery delay.

As a bit of a consolation for the delay, those that order a Bronco will earn 42,000 FordPass rewards points (an over $200 value) to use toward maintenance, service, accessories, and more at their local Ford dealer. On top of that, Ford is adding an additional 20,000 rewards points at the time of delivery, which adds up to 62,000 points, or an over $300 value.

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  1. Ken Cater

    Only a 2 month window to successfully navigate Ford’s sometimes balky Bronco web site, along with another 190K would-be buyers, and then final your order in discussions and negotiations with your respective dealer. Certainly hope Ford’s not using the same strategy the government is now using for the Covid vaccine rollout.

  2. royly

    I have serious doubts that 90% of those that put up $100 (fully refundable) to get a place in line-to allow them to order will actually turn into sales to the depositor. More initial orders will be filled in MY 2022, along with another very long wait, you can be sure, there will be some “small price increases, and some other small changes….”, in short they’ll jack up the cost. There will be zero discounts/rebates/discount financing-anytime you pay full MSRP you’ll take a haircut on the cost of ownership (with the exception of small run super cars) over the first FIVE years.
    I’ll be amazed if 50% of those putting up the $100 will actually place an order and take delivery, I’ll also be amazed if Ford actually prints the figure.

  3. frank manzare

    so i contacted the Ford dealer i was assigned to when i put up my $100 back in July to make an appointment to actually place the order. I was thoughtful enough to ask if i would be paying MSRP or would there be a mark up above MSARP. I was told they would be adding $5000 to MSRP! Many Ford dealers are not doing this but it is too late to change my reservation without going to the back of the line! So buyers beware! You better ask otherwise you will place your order then when it arrives and you go to pick it up it will be a surprise…Oh sign here and we are adding X to the MSRP…Have a nice day. I talked to Ford customer service and they say they have no control over what the dealers charge…Really? I kinda doubt that


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