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2021 Ford Bronco Order Guide Revealed Ahead Of Order Banks Opening

While it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the 2021 Ford Bronco to arrive, we’re getting very close to that momentous occasion. Despite a minor delay that recently pushed back deliveries of the new Ford Bronco from spring to summer, order banks for the Bronco are scheduled to open up tomorrow, January 20th. But reservation holders won’t have to wait until tomorrow to see the full 2021 Ford Bronco order guide, because Ford Authority has obtained it for their viewing pleasure.

The 37-page 2021 Ford Bronco order guide is a must-read for the 190,000+ folks holding a Bronco reservation, even though only a percentage of those folks might actually be taking delivery of a 2021 model. It’s an extensive list of every single standard feature and optional piece of equipment, broken down by trim level, which goes into far more detail than the Bronco’s build and price configurator.

The 2021 Ford Bronco order guide lists every component present in each optional package, as well as order codes, late availability options, and mechanical, exterior, interior, and safety features. It also breaks down every single available feature for each trim level and provides order codes for each, as well as a simple and easy to read chart for each trim level showing what equipment is standard or optional.

The guide also provides us with a chart showing axle availability, as well as a picture guide for all the available Bronco wheel options, exterior and interior colors, materials, and top options. Most notably, fuel economy ratings and horsepower and torque figures are not provided, as none of them have been finalized or certified by the EPA as of yet.

The Bronco’s build and price tool should get a new “convert to order” option shortly, which will allow dealerships to review and place orders for customers. Meanwhile, the 2021 Ford Bronco order guide is subject to change and likely will, as is always the case. Regardless, it can be viewed in its entirety just below.

2021 Ford Bronco Order Guide - January 19 2021

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  1. royly

    190,000 people have a fully refundable deposit, that gives them a place in line, thus allowing them to actual order one. I’d like to see a discussion regarding the expected price increase for MY 2022. If even 30% of the “reservation holders”, actually order, let’s say 55-60,000, how many will actually get a new bronco prior to 2022? Once the fan boys are finished with buying frenzy, how long will it take before ford starts discounts/rebates/special financing?


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