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2021 Ford Expedition Will Delete The Conversation Mirror From Its Overhead Console


As we’ve reported in recent months, the 2022 Ford Expedition will receive a refresh that includes a new taillight design and a large infotainment screen. However, in the meantime, the 2021 Ford Expedition is in line to receive a few changes as well. One of those, as Ford Authority has learned from sources, is that the 2021 Expedition will delete the Conversation Mirror from its overhead console.

On the 2020 Expedition, the Conversation Mirror was standard equipment on the fleet-only XL and XL Max trim only and was part of the Overhead Console with Sunglass Storage and Conversation Mirror feature. Thus, not many buyers will even notice that it’s gone, but it was a neat feature that allowed drivers to be able to see passengers or children sitting in the rear two rows.

In addition to losing its Conversation Mirror feature, the 2021 Ford Expedition will also no longer come with Ford’s windshield wiper de-icer, as Ford Authority reported back in September. Buyers will be able to opt for a new STX package, however, and as we exclusively reported recently, possibly a two-row seating layout in addition to the current three-row configuration.

The Expedition is a full-size, body-on-frame SUV with an aluminum-alloy body built on the Ford T3 platform. It is a modified version of the half-ton platform that underpins the Ford F-150, and it utilizes a four-wheel independent suspension system.

2021 Ford Expedition order books opened up on September 16th, 2020. Production is already underway at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky after it began back on November 30th, 2020. The Expedition will continue to be built alongside the Ford F-250-F-550 Super Duty line of trucks, plus the Expedition’s platform-mate, the Lincoln Navigator.

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  1. Chris

    Get your facts straight, this info is easily available on the internet….the conversation mirror is on all the trim levels. I’d miss it going from my ‘20 XLT 202A. Lazy reporting.

  2. David Powers

    When is ford going to update the terrible milk toast front grill. The current grill is an abomination to car / truck design. Just my opinion.

  3. James

    I’m not even sure what a conversation mirror is. Chances are I wouldn’t miss it.

    Then again, even now being only 35, I grew up on a steady diet of ‘60s Mustangs. My first car was an ‘00 Focus…and today I drive a ‘97 Civic. You newfangled kids and your things lol.


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