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2022 Ford Maverick Leaked In New Assembly Line Photo

Over the last several months, we’ve seen multiple 2022 Ford Maverick prototypes out testing, which has given us quite a few clues as to what to expect from the forthcoming compact pickup. But those prototypes have been wearing some seriously heavy camouflage, which has concealed the truck’s styling to an extreme degree. Now, however, we’ve got our first really good look at the 2022 Ford Maverick. Or, at least it’s front end.

The picture was posted over at Maverick Truck Club, and shows the prototype coming down the assembly line at the Ford Hermosillo Plant in Mexico, where the Maverick will be produced alongside the Ford Bronco Sport. While the truck is still wearing a good bit of camo, the front end is completely exposed, giving us our first look at its surprisingly aggressive styling.

Previously, we reported that the Ford Maverick would share its Ford C2 Platform with the Bronco Sport, as well as some styling cues including an upright front end and masculine design language. This is certainly the case here, though the front end design is quite different from the Bronco Sport.

The reverse C-shaped headlights with turn signals inside of them on this Maverick prototype are more reminiscent of the 2021 Ford F-150 than anything else, as is the grille design, which is punctuated by a single horizontal bar and Blue Oval emblem. The overall design, including the bulging fenders and squared-off cab, is very truck-like and belies the unibody platform that lies underneath – something that traditional truck fans will certainly appreciate.

This model is a crew cab, which, as Ford Authority previously reported, will be the sole configuration available. The Maverick is expected to be offered with either Ford’s 1.5L EcoBoost Dragon I-3 or an optional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, both of which are expected to be paired with FoMoCo’s 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s currently unclear, but a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder is also a possibility, as is a hybrid drivetrain. The compact pickup will come in front-wheel-drive configuration, but all-wheel-drive will also be available.

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  1. Ford Owner

    Offer the Maverick as a hybrid, and for 2023 offer an electric model.

    1. Stephen Ketterer

      No way.

  2. fpvfan

    If the 2.0L Ecoboost engine can fit under the hood, why not the 2.3L Ecoboost? Ford wastes so much money with making so many different engines. The 2.3L is more than capable of powering this, and any vehicle it is put in. With 350hp/350tq and a Focus RS derived powertrain that is rear biased, this would be one hell of a little truck. Looks nice enough as a small get around vehicle, nothing major but it could be better. Hopefully the next ranger will look alot like this and grow in size with a 6ft bed. Would be nice if Ford made the 3.0L Ecoboost V6 the standard engine in the Ranger/Bronco and the 450hp 3.5L V6 the standard engine in the F150.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      Maybe Ford wants to sell a small truck. Maybe they do not want to sell a truck shaped hot rod. Some people buy trucks to use them as… Trucks!!

    2. Ryan

      The Ranger does not need to grow, it’s huge already. Unless they are going to offer an extended cab to get that 6′ bed. That would be ok.

      2.0 is a good motor, we have it in our Escape. 2.3 might be fun, but also more expensive and going to have lower mileage. This is an entry level vehicle, I think the 2.0 is a good fit for it.

    3. Stalkbroker94

      It’s not as though Ford didn’t manufacture the 2.0L Ecoboost before the Maverick. They aren’t losing money to R&D for this or anything. Besides, the 2.0L Ecoboost has been in things as large as the Edge and even the Explorer, provided it was in FWD configuration.
      There’s more to vehicle development than just seeing how much power we can cram under a hood. We as enthusiasts tend to forget that. Vehicle buyers aren’t going to know or care what the engine is, even if you or I would.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    This should have been named 2022 Ford Courier which was the compact truck for the company back in the day

    1. Ryan

      I don’t think the styling really matches the ‘Courier’ name. To me that sounds like a more humble looking truck (as the old truck was), whereas this new truck is much more ‘beefy’ styled. I think ‘Maverick’ matches the look better. Now, I would not mind if the truck market went away from the current styling trend of making everything look huge and tough, but it’s selling so it is what it is.

      I think ‘Courier’ also has more of a business/fleet/economy flavor to it, and I’m assuming Ford wants to hit the retail market hard with this truck.

      1. Andrew

        Agree. Maverick is a much better name than Courier for this.

        1. ROD DUERKSEN

          The Maverick name was for a low budget car at the time. They were marketed as an upsized Pinto, and certainly not a truck. Personally I would also vote for the Courier name, a title that was also used for the sedan delivery.

  4. Roy Chile’s

    You can always upgrade a returning model, but giving a truck a name used for a 2dr and 4dr sedan of the 70’s that never had a truck in its line up show very little imagination thought went into this. It don’t look like a Maverick at all because history shows that model was a car. So Courier makes the most sense as it was a truck,if you don’t like that Ford could have named it Ranchero or Splash which would put it in line as a compact Ranger not a Bronco which is getting its own truck model in the future anyway

    1. Stalkbroker94

      It’s a name, Roy.
      Deal with it.

      1. Roy Chile’s

        Find another jock to ride I don’t play that

  5. sdog4127

    Ford, as does GM, has a history with using nameplates across completely different platforms, i.e., Ranger and Explorer were both F-series trim at one time. there is probably more, but these come to mind.

  6. The Gentle Grizzly

    The Ranger name harks back to at least to the 1958 model year. The car it was on used names for models that went on to live on other makes: Ranger to a pickup from Ford, Citation to GM’s first mass-market front-drive Chevrolet, Pacer became an AMC model, and the Villager became a down-market model for the Mercury station wagon line.

    That car? The Edsel.

  7. Roy Chile’s

    Creativity goes along way Ford marketing used none in the case of this model. Ford didn’t need to bring a car named from the past when they had a Econoline, Courier, Rachero and Splash all vehicles with beds. Ford have a Eco Sport add a truck EcoRange, hopefully it will sale well either way it was just lazy marketing to name it Maverick

  8. RT

    Are you sure this is not the redesigned Ranger in a prototype? This appears to be a truck platform instead of the C2???


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