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2023 Ford Fusion Crossover Prototype Spied Testing For The First Time

Back in 2019, Ford Authority reported that the Ford Fusion, which was discontinued last summer, would be coming back as a crossover for the global market. Then, this past October, we saw an early prototype wearing piecemeal body parts. We just got our first real look at the 2023 or perhaps 2023 Ford Fusion crossover last week thanks to some leaked photos, and now, we’ve caught the very first prototype out testing.

The reborn 2023 Ford Fusion will likely be called the Fusion Activ in North America, and the Mondeo Activ in Europe and China, where it will replace the outgoing Mondeo sedan. The new model will ride on the Ford C2 platform, which is shared with the Ford Focus, Ford Escape, Lincoln Corsair, Ford Bronco Sport, and the forthcoming Ford Maverick pickup.

These photos confirm what we already knew about the 2023 Ford Fusion in that it will be more of a high-riding wagon in the veil of the Subaru Outback than an SUV-like crossover. The vehicle has very sedan-like styling, albeit with a taller greenhouse and a hatchback-type design in the rear that should allow for better cargo space than the outgoing sedan.

This prototype is heavily camouflaged, which makes it difficult to discern additional details. But in the leaked photos we saw last week, the Fusion was wearing a front grille that looks a lot like the one present on the 2021 Ford Edge. The Fusion crossover does seem to make the Edge a bit redundant, as it offers many of the same qualities.

Those previous shots also revealed an interior design that’s a big departure from what we’re seeing in current Ford products. The prototype featured a large screen that spanned the entire width of the dashboard, which is similar to what Mercedes is doing with its new MBUX Hyperscreen display.

As of now, it looks like the Ford Fusion/Mondeo Activ will launch as a 2023 model in North America, Europe, and China, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this new model every step of the way and reporting back as we have more.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    FORD your product planning makes NO SENSE, if your going to name this model FUSION ACTIV ? That means the FUSION SEDAN could have remain in production and this model should have been add to the line up

    1. Jorge Esquinca

      Completely agree

    2. Richard Klima

      Ford does not want any sedans, but a crossover (hatchback) is acceptable.

  2. JimL

    Apparently “crossover” means 4-doors, a hatchback, and AWD. On TFLCar Tommy said the Mach-E and the Tesla had “the ground clearance of a wiener dog”, and he was right. It’s such a meaningless term anymore. This looks to be a 4-door hatchback (“5-door”). Too bad it’s not at least going to be a real wagon.
    In beige.
    With a stick shift.

  3. Jorge Esquinca

    As owner of a Ford Mondeo (Fusion), I will never trade it for this nonsense. Ford decision of cancelling all sedans and letting a whole market segment go is one of Ford’s biggest mistakes as those buyers leaving now to other brands may not come back to Ford when market trends change again. Market is cyclic like all human activity is and this SUV cancer will not last forever. All competitors of Ford know that and are keeping at least 1 sedan in its lineup and are even capable of selling them successfully. A company with the expertise and experience of Ford should be capable of doing the same. As a client of Ford and after 30 years buying Ford products, besides the Mustang or the Focus in Europe, I will buy nothing from Ford until they produce a sedan again.

  4. Archknight

    They should just give it the Evos or StormTrac name and move on. If the Fusion is dead then let it go. This Active naming is just more crap to stamp and money wasted.

  5. Chris

    Why Ford? Why??? You’re breaking our hearts by disfiguring our beloved Fusion.

  6. Jim

    I don’t get why they think we need a station wagon but it looks like a fairly decent vehicle. Wish it was a sedan to revive the segment for Ford or possibly the entire segment but whatever. Regardless it looks like a nice station wagon. If it’s affordable I think I might buy it considering that my only other option is a Subaru.

  7. Chris

    Stalkbroker: You mean the same Fusion that was #3 in sales 3rd and 4th q in the segment last year. That Fusion?


    It’s surprising Ford has gone and put all their eggs in two baskets. One is for all the SUV’s, regardless of size, the other in the trucks (F 150 and upwards) and the Ranger ute. These are the only choices a buyer has, purchase what we sall or go elsewhere. The main problem with Ford vehicles are they are no longer reliable as they used to be. Ford’s vision has been blurred over last 4-5 years and evrn though some models are made in Asian countries where cheap labor is priority, however, when selling these vehicles, the price tag is on the high side, especially if you live in certain countries. As australia is a right had drive country, the only vehicle keeping Ford’s nose above water, is the ranger. Ford sales in Australia have dropped by around 7 – 8%. Many people comment that Ford will soon go the way of the Holden brand. Australian Law Enforcement Agencies main vehicles were a mixture of the Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores sedans for pursuit vehicles. Anyone could by a Falcon or commodore with added options list, could be purchased by even people on minimum wages. L.E.A.’s scrambled to find suitable replacement vehicles which consist of BMW, MERCEDES and KIA STINGER GT for pursuit vehicles and general use vehicles come from a range of manufacturers available in Australia. A report posted in one major newspaper stated Police Officers are complaining about vehicles going into limp home model when idling for a long period, lack of speed, seating comfortably and other issues. Hyundai and Kia are going to work with Police Officials to produce vehicles suitable for Police activities, however, this could take a few years to perfect. Ford will lose a great deal of vehicles sales annually.

  9. Andrew

    Two comments:
    Red calipers and big black wheels? Probably one of two things. Either this is an ST variant being tested, or they’re trying to make us thing there will be an ST and there really won’t. My money’s on the first.
    Also, it kind of looks like Ford will be going with the awful split-headlight trend (Blazer, Kona, Cherokee, Outlander Sport, etc.) here. Please don’t. It looks terrible and will probably be out of style soon. Just keep the headlights up right below the hood, where they’re supposed to be.

    1. Cody

      Revised Mach-E?

      1. Andrew

        Interesting. Now that you mention it, there certainly are some similarities there. Not sure what to think of it…

  10. Cody

    Is it just me or is it getting hard to tell the difference between a MACH E, a fusion, and a focus. They all have the same body lines and they all have the same grill shape. If Ford wanted to make an electric mustang they should have made it a mustang. Mustangs are 2 door sport cars

  11. Chris

    Ease up on all the text. No one has time to read all of this. Less is more!


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