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2023 Ford Fusion Crossover Prototype Spied Testing For The First Time

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Back in 2019, Ford Authority reported that the Ford Fusion, which was discontinued last summer, would be coming back as a crossover for the global market. Then, this past October, we saw an early prototype wearing piecemeal body parts. We just got our first real look at the 2023 or perhaps 2023 Ford Fusion crossover last week thanks to some leaked photos, and now, we’ve caught the very first prototype out testing.

The reborn 2023 Ford Fusion will likely be called the Fusion Activ in North America, and the Mondeo Activ in Europe and China, where it will replace the outgoing Mondeo sedan. The new model will ride on the Ford C2 platform, which is shared with the Ford Focus, Ford Escape, Lincoln Corsair, Ford Bronco Sport, and the forthcoming Ford Maverick pickup.

These photos confirm what we already knew about the 2023 Ford Fusion in that it will be more of a high-riding wagon in the veil of the Subaru Outback than an SUV-like crossover. The vehicle has very sedan-like styling, albeit with a taller greenhouse and a hatchback-type design in the rear that should allow for better cargo space than the outgoing sedan.

This prototype is heavily camouflaged, which makes it difficult to discern additional details. But in the leaked photos we saw last week, the Fusion was wearing a front grille that looks a lot like the one present on the 2021 Ford Edge. The Fusion crossover does seem to make the Edge a bit redundant, as it offers many of the same qualities.

Those previous shots also revealed an interior design that’s a big departure from what we’re seeing in current Ford products. The prototype featured a large screen that spanned the entire width of the dashboard, which is similar to what Mercedes is doing with its new MBUX Hyperscreen display.

As of now, it looks like the Ford Fusion/Mondeo Activ will launch as a 2023 model in North America, Europe, and China, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this new model every step of the way and reporting back as we have more.

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2023 Ford Fusion Activ Photos
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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. FORD your product planning makes NO SENSE, if your going to name this model FUSION ACTIV ? That means the FUSION SEDAN could have remain in production and this model should have been add to the line up

  2. Apparently “crossover” means 4-doors, a hatchback, and AWD. On TFLCar Tommy said the Mach-E and the Tesla had “the ground clearance of a wiener dog”, and he was right. It’s such a meaningless term anymore. This looks to be a 4-door hatchback (“5-door”). Too bad it’s not at least going to be a real wagon.
    In beige.
    With a stick shift.

  3. As owner of a Ford Mondeo (Fusion), I will never trade it for this nonsense. Ford decision of cancelling all sedans and letting a whole market segment go is one of Ford’s biggest mistakes as those buyers leaving now to other brands may not come back to Ford when market trends change again. Market is cyclic like all human activity is and this SUV cancer will not last forever. All competitors of Ford know that and are keeping at least 1 sedan in its lineup and are even capable of selling them successfully. A company with the expertise and experience of Ford should be capable of doing the same. As a client of Ford and after 30 years buying Ford products, besides the Mustang or the Focus in Europe, I will buy nothing from Ford until they produce a sedan again.

    • You’ve said this many times. We’ll believe you when you stop putting useless comments such as this on a website that’s not run by Ford. Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result every time. You’ve lost it.

      • I was sure you couldn´t read this comment without saying something. You are also doing insanity according to the definition, since you keep answering the same and saying also useless things. I´m not expecting any different result. I´m just writing an opinion even if it bothers you. This is a free country and I will keep doing it as many times as I want (and probably you will keep answering the same all the time). Be happy and best regards

        • Except, that’s not how it works. Your statements will never change anything, but mine would not exist without yours and if you were a reasonable adult, you would stop your fruitless efforts. It’s perfectly reasonable to reply, but unreasonable to expect anything from your own actions.

          • I am doing no effort and the only unreasonable adult here is you. No matter what you write, you are completely wrong and completely mistaken. Regards

            • You clearly make some form of effort otherwise you would not respond so quickly.
              I’m going to give you an offer. Perhaps you would like to have a discussion that’s as face to face (or voice to voice) as our geographical locations will allow?
              Maybe we can find some common ground?
              Do you use any platform that allows the use of a mic?
              I have a Youtube channel and a Discord if that works.

            • Since I’m aware you have notifications turned on for replies, be aware my offer stands. If there’s a language barrier, I can have someone translate. It would just be a matter of hearing from you. Please let me know when you would like to have a good discussion and prove to me you aren’t just here to cause trouble.

              • Language is no problem (I speak 4) and I am not here to cause trouble but to give just an opinion so I have nothing to proove. You can agree or not with my opinion, but it’s only that. An opinion that doesn’t pretend nothing. I’m not trying to convince you, Ford or anyone here. This is a blog to write opinions, just that. If you want that we have a conversation, it can be of whatever you like but I will not discuss anything. You have your opinion and I have mine. Who is right or who is wrong, only time will tell. Regards

      • I would have thought that was the point of this site. We all know it’s not run by Ford but it is a place for people who are passionate about the brand to read articles and express their own opinions. I think if we had an open channel to communicate our concerns and voice opinions we would.

  4. They should just give it the Evos or StormTrac name and move on. If the Fusion is dead then let it go. This Active naming is just more crap to stamp and money wasted.

  5. I don’t get why they think we need a station wagon but it looks like a fairly decent vehicle. Wish it was a sedan to revive the segment for Ford or possibly the entire segment but whatever. Regardless it looks like a nice station wagon. If it’s affordable I think I might buy it considering that my only other option is a Subaru.

    • Outback wagons are flying off lots. Ford wants to tap into this market where people want AWD with some utility in a sleeker, more economical package.

    • I didn’t mention sales nation wide. I said anyone here.
      And, that only happened AFTER Ford announced they weren’t going to be making it anymore.
      Please stay on topic.

  6. It’s surprising Ford has gone and put all their eggs in two baskets. One is for all the SUV’s, regardless of size, the other in the trucks (F 150 and upwards) and the Ranger ute. These are the only choices a buyer has, purchase what we sall or go elsewhere. The main problem with Ford vehicles are they are no longer reliable as they used to be. Ford’s vision has been blurred over last 4-5 years and evrn though some models are made in Asian countries where cheap labor is priority, however, when selling these vehicles, the price tag is on the high side, especially if you live in certain countries. As australia is a right had drive country, the only vehicle keeping Ford’s nose above water, is the ranger. Ford sales in Australia have dropped by around 7 – 8%. Many people comment that Ford will soon go the way of the Holden brand. Australian Law Enforcement Agencies main vehicles were a mixture of the Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores sedans for pursuit vehicles. Anyone could by a Falcon or commodore with added options list, could be purchased by even people on minimum wages. L.E.A.’s scrambled to find suitable replacement vehicles which consist of BMW, MERCEDES and KIA STINGER GT for pursuit vehicles and general use vehicles come from a range of manufacturers available in Australia. A report posted in one major newspaper stated Police Officers are complaining about vehicles going into limp home model when idling for a long period, lack of speed, seating comfortably and other issues. Hyundai and Kia are going to work with Police Officials to produce vehicles suitable for Police activities, however, this could take a few years to perfect. Ford will lose a great deal of vehicles sales annually.

  7. This is similar to the Honda Crosstour–a lifted hatchback related to the Accord.

    Seeing how popular the Subaru Outback has been for decades, you’d think Ford’s version would be more wagon-like. This seems like a compromise between a wagon and a sporty hatchback.

  8. Two comments:
    Red calipers and big black wheels? Probably one of two things. Either this is an ST variant being tested, or they’re trying to make us thing there will be an ST and there really won’t. My money’s on the first.
    Also, it kind of looks like Ford will be going with the awful split-headlight trend (Blazer, Kona, Cherokee, Outlander Sport, etc.) here. Please don’t. It looks terrible and will probably be out of style soon. Just keep the headlights up right below the hood, where they’re supposed to be.

  9. Is it just me or is it getting hard to tell the difference between a MACH E, a fusion, and a focus. They all have the same body lines and they all have the same grill shape. If Ford wanted to make an electric mustang they should have made it a mustang. Mustangs are 2 door sport cars

    • I disagree with your last thought. Nobody I know that’s into Mustangs wants battery power.
      The sound a Mustang makes is the main reason they wanted one.

      • The gas Mustang ( I had two) is still being made and sold but its lifespan is shortening, and will end by 2040 (I will be gone, too). The next generation is the 2021 Mach-E, and its first production is completely reserved and is beginning deliveries now.

  10. I don’t understand Ford at all. The killed the Falcon and the Mondeo when there really was no reason to. Here’s my thoughts on this. In Australia, the Falcon was actually the performance family of the Fairmont. If Ford s planning this rebirth of the Mondeo, why not do it the right way and put it on the CD6 platform seeing that the CD6 platform is a modular platform that can accept FWD, RWD and AWD powertrains. In regular Mondeo trims, the car should be offered in sedan and this active thing power can always come from any of the smaller 2-liter and smaller ecoboost engines and hybrid variants while the Falcon variants would be 2.3L and above. Ford has the 350hp/350tq 2.3L Ecoboost, the 400hp/415tq 3.0L and the 450hp/510tq 3.5L Ecoboost V6. Even if Ford were to leave the Falcon performance variants with transverse mounted drivetrains, that’s not really a big deal if the vehicles had rear biased AWD systems. Acura is currently in development of the TLX Type S sedan which has a setup like this with a double wishbone front supension. Although the CD6 platform doesn’t support the front end suspension, alot of parts from the current mustang have been reported to fit the CD6 platform. The thought here would be to take an enlarged version of the Focus RS rear drive unit with a larger driveshaft, place this under the Falcon variant Mondeo sedans, drop in a normal and a sport- hybrid variant of Tremec TR9080 DCT transaxle and bring out a performance family of sedans. Bring out a 2.3L 350hp ST, a 3.0L 400hp RS and a 450hp 3.5L XR6T and make the world happy. give the V6 cars a sound similar to the Ford GT supercar and some of the aero and styling designs from the Mustang GT performance pack, GT350 and even Mach 1 & GT500 blended with an evolutionary styling of the Mondeo. Give the interior a European feeling that will rival AMG but still be affordable. Get Ford Performance, Roush and Mountune involved in offering factory backed upgrades for these vehicles and make them global. Diehard Mustang fans will still be around buying up the Mustang, which is what you want, but customers looking for something different will look at the Mondeo/Falcon because now Ford has something exciting to bring to the table. Offer the Falcon in a Sedan/sportbrake configuration and the Mondeo in Sedan/Active and now you have some decent offerings.

    • In all fairness, as much as I hate to see the sedans go, Ford does have a reason to kill them. Ford isn’t in the business just for market share anymore, Ford is in the business for profits. SUVs and trucks sell much better than sedans, and they bring in a lot more profit per unit. It makes sense that the executives and planning directors have decided not to invest in (relatively) low volume and low profit cars and instead use that capital to try to make even better trucks and SUVs that will sell like hotcakes and bring in loads of profit.

      • You are completely right, but it’s a very short minded point of view from Ford and a mistake. One single sedan is what Ford needs to keep the sedan market segment and the Fusion is the ideal candidate. Being #3 in sales in its segment the 3rd & 4th quarter of 2020 is a clear sign of this. Even when SUV’s & crossovers sell like hot cakes today, this SUV cancer will not last forever like no human activity does. Not everyone likes SUV’s or is willing to buy one. Market trends will change one day and clients that go today to other brands looking for a sedan are lost clients. Every company car knows this and absolutely all Ford competitors are keeping at least one sedan in its lineup.

          • Don’t mind him. He’s some rando from Spain who doesn’t like SUV’s because of basic assumptions he’s made without any testing. Thinks his opinion matters more than anyone else’s for some reason, thinks he knows more than the people doing research at Ford… you know…typical boomer.

            • I don’t like SUV’s precisely because I have driven them. Due to my job (construction of industrial plants and major infrastructures) I have to drive them and also trucks. You are the one who gives opinions without knowing anything. My opinion doesn’t matter more than the opinion of anyone but for some strange reason you don’t like it just because it’s not the same than yours.

  11. This is getting nothing but HORRIBLE comments all over the rest of the ‘Net. Honda Crosstour all over again and that was a flop. Full-width digital dash; no one wants it. Lower front headlights, AGAIN? Copycat. Yawn. Already time for a do-over, Ford.

  12. The problem with Ford is not only their short sightedness, but also the fact that they wont do what they need to do with their cars in the market to make them desirable on top of the fact that they wont modernize their cars fast enough and they do the wrong things with the wrong vehicles. Mustangs are Mustangs, that’s what they should be. I already mentioned my thoughts about the Mondeo/Falcon thing as a midsize sedan/active/sport brake family of vehicle but Ford had another vehicle that could have done well and that was what they’d done with the Ford Taurus. Where the Mondeo/Falcon would be great to go after vehicles like the Acura TLX Type S and whatever cars come into that segment, the Taurus could have served as a serious weapon against vehicles like the Dodge Charger/BMW M5 and the likes of cars like that. Although it’s easy to go straight for the Ford Modular V8 family of engines for a car of this size, the 5.0L V8 and it’s bigger 5.2L brethern could sit this fight out as well for the most part. Imagining a GT, ST, RS and SHO Taurus is no hard task, especially when you have a 400hp/415tq 3.0L Ecoboost, a 450hp/510tq 3.5L ecoboost, a 494hp/630tq 3.0L Hybrid Ecoboost and a 647hp/550tq 3.5L Supercar Ecoboost V6. Again, place the car on the CD6 platform but this time give it a longitudinal AWD drivetrain and go from there. DCT transmissions, 10-speed automatic and 7-speed DCT units, performance suspensions, Brembo brakes, Recaro seats, Aero upgrades, modern styling inside and out and you’ve got yourself another good car. Drop in a 2.7L 325hp/400tq engine for the standard cars and give it a 10-speed and AWD standard and you’re good to go. Same thing for the Explorer. This vehicle should be competing with the Durango and the Range Rover in every single aspect and yeah the 450hp 3.5L Ecoboost and a performance variant of the 494hp/630tq 3.0L Hybrid ecoboost and the 647hp 3.5L Ecoboost should be right in there as well. Let the Mustang stay the Mustang but bring back the Mondeo/Falcon and the Taurus on the CD6 platform so people can have cars again. Want to do electric? Bring out the Mondeo EVOS concept as an electric performance vehicle. Electric F150 variant, fine. electric/hybrid mustang coupe/convertible, sure why not. Take the Mustang name off the Mach E and let it just be the Mach E. bring back the C-Max as an electric vehicle. Want to do small crossovers? Make the Puma global and give it a 2.0L ST and a 2.3L RS variant and let it run wild. Drop the Ecosport and let the Bronco Sport sit in it’s place, drop the Edge and the the Mach E sit it it’s place. Drop the Expedition and bring us a full size Bronco on the F150 platform like it should have been in the first place. Redo the Ranger and bring up it’s true stablemate, the Everest and make them global. Make all of your super duty and fleet vehicles electric and give them certain automation features. This is how you introduce electric and automation to the industry. You want do luxury, bring back a Zephyr family of vehicles with electric power and performance like Tesla, Lucid, Porsche and Rimac but with Luxury to rival the British machines with a price tag to make BMW and Mercedes uncomfortable and reliability to stomp all over Kia, Hyundai and Genesis. Give the Zephyr family a black label trim that’s as elegant as high class New York but the muscle and performance to match the real streets of New York. Do the same with the Aviator, a redesign Navigator and an all new flagship Lincoln Excelsior CD6 sedan, the pinnacle of 1,000hp all electric travel with 400+ mile range not including a 30-mile range auxiliary motor with a chassis and suspension adjustability for a true American electric Grand-Touring machine experience unlike no-other, all from a vehicle that truly defines the Lincoln motto of “quiet luxury” The vehicle should be classy with a genuine performance feel to it. This is how you do electric. Not by forcing it down people’s throats but by offering electric vehicles as options along with your regular vehicles and by offering attractive electric vehicles.

    • “Imagining a GT, ST, RS and SHO Taurus is no hard task, especially when you have a 400hp/415tq 3.0L Ecoboost, a 450hp/510tq 3.5L ecoboost, a 494hp/630tq 3.0L Hybrid Ecoboost and a 647hp/550tq 3.5L Supercar Ecoboost V6”
      Why clutter a lineup so much?
      Why do you see it essential to have all of those labels in a single lineup for a vehicle that didn’t sell particularly well in its last years?

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