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$2M In NOS Ford Parts Up For Grabs In North Dakota Warehouse

Though there are plenty of aftermarket parts manufacturers out there making just about anything a classic car restorer could want, there’s just nothing like NOS Ford parts. Top-notch restorations typically work hard to feature as many original Blue Oval parts as possible, which also makes them more desirable. As such, this massive eBay find with $2 million in NOS Ford parts should prove pretty enticing to someone.

The plethora of parts, consisting of FoMoCo, Autolite, Rotunda, and Motorcraft goodies, is being sold by a company called All Classic Motors Ltd. in Velva, North Dakota, which seems like a good place to stash a bunch of investments if one wanted to hide them away from the world.

According to the listing, the parts collection spans the 1963-1978 model years but is mainly made up of goodies for 1964 1/2-1973 Ford Mustang, including Shelby, Mach 1, and Boss bits. However, the stash also includes parts and accessories for a variety of other Blue Oval models including the Fairlane, Torino, Cyclone, Pantera, Galaxie, Maverick, Cougar, and Falcon. Engine related parts are also available for a wide span of powerplants including Ford’s 289, 390, 427, 428, and 429.

This treasure trove of FoMoCo goodies is stored in a temperature-controlled building and neatly arranged by part number, which should make it easy to sift through. Those interested in buying can arrange an appointment and check them out in person, or get a detailed list of what’s available, which is a good idea considering how much dough they’ll be dropping here – a full $675k.

Regardless, if this bunch of NOS Ford parts are what the listing says they are, this could turn out to be a bargain for someone patient enough to sell everything individually. Original NOS parts are often hard to come by, depending on the make and model, and we’re betting there are some real gems buried in this stash.

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  1. Dave Mathers

    I’m sure the words ‘Parts, can you hold a minute please’ have been spoken there many, many times!! LOL

  2. Robert A.

    It’s interesting that in the second photo, on the first, white shelving unit, on the fifth shelf down, is a box with an AC Delco logo on it. That doesn’t look like an original Ford part.

    1. Adam

      Robert A, If this stock is from a dealership it could be they ordered the AC Delco part for a used car they had at one point. Or a customer car that happened to be a GM product. Part was never installed for whatever reason and it could not be returned to the original selling dealership because it may have been opened or whatever. It happens. I worked as a auto tech for close to 20 years, mostly Ford Dealership and more recently a GM dealer. I’ve seen it happen where a tech orders a part and for whatever reason it is not used and it is unable to be returned. Not saying that is the case here, just a possibility.

    2. Ed Jenkins

      Ford used ac delco fuel pumps at the factory on some cars

    3. Joel Quinn

      Actually Fords run better with AC Delco parts


    Lots of junk. Notice the shelves of old bell housings ? That’s not NOS. All those little boxes of small parts are not valuable items. Looks like some old dealership parts department. You could probably cherry pick some parts but most of that stuff is useless. Notice there is no inventory list, that gives it away.

  4. Ryan M.

    Clearly you’ve never shopped from Rock Auto, almost everything they sell is from places just like this.

  5. C'mon Man

    Clearly I think I’ve seen all of u unfortunately on youtube in the circle jerk finals.

    1. Gush

      Your right! The internet seems to attract people who always want to disagree and argue.

  6. Art Hansen


  7. Tory

    It’s pathetic that Green Sales or Vintage Parts either passed on this lot or weren’t approached for the sale.
    If you never worked ford parts your comments are worth less than others who have.

  8. Dave shepel

    Trump is a pinhead.

    1. Mike

      But he won

      1. Tommy leon

        No, Putin won

  9. Ed Jenkins

    Ford used AC Delco fuel pump for a few years.

    1. Robert A.

      Yeah, that’s pretty common in the auto industry, with one manufacturer supplying parts or assemblies to other manufacturers. Before GMs bankruptcy, the Saginaw Steering Gear division (now Nexteer) made most of the tilt and telescoping steering columns for the industry. But, you would think Ford would demand that those replacement parts be boxed with the Motorcraft logo and livery on them, so that there would be no confusion for the ultimate buyer, especially if they were to buy the part for installation at home.

      1. Jay Rankowitz

        My Ford leafs the Ford Recall list…maybe I should grab here

  10. Triplea

    My first car 65 Mustang.Now that i can afford parts I’d like to own another one.Trump won but if the election process is flawed now it was when he won as well.

  11. Yarissa mata

    I need a gas pump for a f250 5.4 2005

  12. Lurch

    Velva: birthplace of Lawrence Welk. He didn’t even speak English until he was grown. Yes, a good place to hide these parts.

  13. Grumpy Wafflebutt

    Lawrence Welk was born in Strasbourg ND you pinhead.

  14. Penny Martin

    Iam interested in the inventory, there is no way its worth that money unless the parts warehouse is included.

    1. Richard Benson

      There may be some 427sohc parts there,and other exotic parts that only a blue oval can would know

  15. Ira Harris

    I wonder if there are parts in that warehouse for a 1973 Ford Ranchero 500 429 4 barrel carb. C 6 auto trans and a 1967 Mercury Cougar original C 4 transmission and 351 W engine from wrecked 1969 . Mustang. Thanks! Ira Harris

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  17. alex jhon

    Hello good morning I look for the hose or line of the A/C of a Ford Ranger of the year 2018 engine 4 cylinders, if you answer me i will send you pictures and vin nº of the vehicule wait for your comments
    thank you so much
    alex jhon


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