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Bill Ford Praises Joe Biden’s Move To Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford
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Shortly after Joe Biden assumed the role of U.S. President yesterday, he signed a flurry of executive actions addressing a variety of things ranging from COVID-19 to immigration and climate change. Those moves included directing the United States to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement, a legally binding international treaty on climate change that aims to limit global warming and reach global carbon neutrality by 2050.

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford

Ford executive chairman Bill Ford took time to praise this move on LinkedIn, posting a lengthy letter explaining why he thinks it is necessary and “critical to reestablishing the United States’ role as a world leader,” as Ford described. “As a global company, and one whose manufacturing and products contribute to carbon emissions, Ford’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement matters and our position has never wavered,” Ford said.

Ford notes that The Blue Oval has a “particular responsibility” to help change the course of history, which is why it “was the only full-line American automaker to stand with the Paris Agreement, and the only one to support California and adopt its strongest-in-the-nation greenhouse gas standards.”

“We believe that real and lasting change will only come from our will and a commitment to our values on a global scale to do better for our children and grandchildren,” Ford said. “And, what we do to change our practices and products will have an exponential impact on the future.”

Ford notes that his environmental focus has remained intact since he began working for the automaker in 1979, a position that wasn’t terribly popular back then. But he also makes it a point to look forward to the future as well. “While we were not the first company to produce electric vehicles, we are committed to building the best electric vehicles,” Ford said. “We are committed to sourcing 100 percent renewable energy for all our operating sites by 2035, and to be fully carbon neutral worldwide by 2050.”

“Our work is nowhere near done, but President Biden’s action today is an important step,” he concludes. “We are pleased and proud to support the United States’ re-entry to the Paris Climate Agreement, and we hope that everyone shares our optimism that this is a fresh start for a common cause. In a world that grows more fragile and connected every day, we need to work together to bring real change that is good for our planet, our customers, and our company.”

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. FORD gets no sympathy from me supporting Biden on hindering them. Talk about Stockholm’s syndrome. They get what they deserve at this point forward.

  2. What a sucker, Ford supporting a fraudulent election of a a fraudulent president.
    I’ve been a loyal Ford owner longer then he has been on this earth. Throwing billions
    of our hard earned tax dollars at the Accord did nothing for us except stifled our economy.
    A half wit nobody knows better then that, look at what President Trump did for the
    Auto Industry over the past four years, he brought back jobs to the US and especially
    Michigan. Do you really think the Accord is going to better us— Mr Ford?
    Make autos and stay out of politics, you venture into the wrong stable and you’ll get a swift
    kick where it hurts.

  3. I’m no scientist, chemist or anything like that, however I do understand the need for clean energy. I know that companies are working on Algae based Biofuels, hydrogen fuel cells and electric vehicles so we are moving towards a much cleaner future when it comes to fueling vehicles and other things. I feel like it would be much more effective to reduce carbon footprints and becoming closer to neutral by converting homes, businesses and other buildings to run off complete solar power along with the use of Hydro-electricity and wind power. I’m from the Philadelphia area where we have two major rivers running right near the city. Not to mention the fact that being that the Schuylkill river is to shallow for large ships to pass through, the fact that Wind turbines could be set up in the channel of the river which still allows for people to fish, it wouldn’t pollute the water and it would provide power to the surrounding Philadelphia area. While my focus on this is small, this idea could be used anywhere. As far as cars are concerned, I’m sure within the next 5-years bio-fuels will be more stable, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be more mainstream so clean energy is definitely coming.

    • That may or may not be true, but the kill America Accord will do just that, kill American jobs and send American money to the UN and other communist organizations and countries. Then again, we’ll be one of those countries soon enough.

  4. They can’t even build police cars without the potential of the engine and driveshaft falling out and now they can’t even get something simple like washer fluid right. You actually think they’ll build all electric vehicles and get them right? Thanks but no thanks.

  5. Perfect. Get behind a gigantic virtue signal that means only limiting US potential for the sake of something that means nothing as long as the likes of China continues to build coal powered energy plants and pollute the earth every other conceivable way. Just another snide up-yours to the outgoing administration under which the entire US thrived.

    • Your very smart comment(s) fall on deaf ears. China and India are virtually exempt from the accord, the people it hurts the most are those countries that have already made huge strides (and still making huge strides). the Paris accord people usually cannot intelligently discuss the provisions, most have not read the damn thing, yet if one of their favorite politicos says, “It’s great” they’re on board.

  6. What a hypocrite. I wonder how junior would feel if Biden said to stop producing F 250s and 350s to save the planet? I know public affairs is important in business but embracing mandates like California’s commie governor recommends is overdoing it. As a shareholder I would be pissed.

  7. I’m sick of all the traitors, and virtue signalers. I’m not sick of winning…I forgot what it was like to lose. I remember now and I don’t like it. Trump 2020…come on military protect the republic from the fraudulent election and traitors!

      • That may or may not be true, but the kill America Accord will do just that, kill American jobs and send American money to the UN and other communist organizations and countries. Then again, we’ll be one of those countries soon enough.

      • This is one of the most idiotic remarks yet! IF the Paris accord is so good for jobs as you claim, why is China exempt for 10 years????? If it were so good for jobs, china not only wouldn’t want to be exempt, they’d want everyone else to be exempt!!! Someone has been smoking far too much crack, love to have it both ways-or they just say what ever their politico leads tell them to say…..

  8. What’s sad is everyone who thinks the jobs of the 1900s are what will be the engine of American dominance in the future. You guys are worried about jobs that are long gone. Things that only America used to be able to do, can be done by anyone now.

    The purpose of investing in a green future is to BE THE INNOVATORS of the next wave of technologies/materials. Be the country producing things that no one else can produce. That is where American exceptionalism lies in the 21st century. Not trying to build old things, but building the new things that China, India, Indonesia cannot. Building the batteries, capacitors, inverters, silicon, and other components that drive new products and new business . Creating entirely new industries not yet imagined because the technology doesn’t yet exist. THAT is where America needs to be. Not fighting for jobs making buttons in a factory for a wage that can’t be livable or competitive in today’s American housing/living market.

    Some of you can’t see it because you’re too clouded by what is no longer. We need to be leaders and innovators again and I’m excited for it. It takes VISION to be a VISIONARY and visionaries aren’t shackled by what used to be.

    • I wonder how much you Purchase ($$$) products mfg in China??? Pollution, slave labor, re-thinks camps from muslims, etc.? The problem is China is innovating, a new wave of world dominance. Button factories? maybe they have some. How about heavy machinery, the fasting growing nuclear arsenal/ navy/ military in the world? BTW, just about anything we “Innovate” will be ripped off without a second thought as to intellectual property. Get a grip.

  9. Well then why not build all electric versions of existing gasoline and diesel versions of vehicles? That way customers can chose which power type they want and let the market prevail?
    The all electric crowd seems to want everybody to have one when in fact they don’t. Why else are they so anxious to the point where it becomes all but a political mandate?

    • Funny, that’s the same garbage that Obama used as an excuse for his whole second term and why we never got out of that depression until Trump got in. Funny how all those supposed jobs that were never coming back and that supposed “new” unemployment rate was here to stay, was blown out of the water within a year of Trump being in office. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s just ignorance.

      • Sorry that was supposed to go under another comment.

        Do you realize how much that would cost. People have already spoken, the Nissan Leaf is gone, the Cadillac is gone, Tesla doesn’t make any money on cars, barely sells any. The BS part is we don’t need them. There is no man made global warming, there is no oil shortage. It’s just commie BS to hurt capitalist countries. Sadly, they’re running everything again.

  10. China and India get to continue their polluting while North America has to change their lives to meet these ridiculous requirements. Thanks China, the virus wasn’t enough, keep it coming. Creepy Uncle Joe will sink this country faster then he forgets where he is.

  11. 48 hours into his term and Biden has already eliminated 52,000 jobs, millions
    of dollars in wages, and about to add 3.9 billion in debt, sounds about right
    for a democrat

    • Dale, you’re right on; however, you are being kind when you say “millions of dollars in wages”, it should read, “BILLIONS of dollars in wages”!! If one makes a safe assumption that the average job lost under biden would have made $50,000/year, the figure is well over 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!! I can guarantee we’ll be going back to the “obama care disaster”. China has bought and paid for biden and his drug addict son, they plan on collecting…..

  12. As a Teamster I have always tried to support American workers. So far the only auto maker I have bought brand new from is ford. 12 of them. This spring I had intended to purchase a 2021 F150 and a bronco sport for the wife. I never in my life thought I would say this out loud, but think I’m going to look at Toyota. Bill Jr, you just lost a lifelong Ford buyer. But you don’t care, just keep repeating the the propaganda. Thank God for the Libs, (that have done nothing in their lives) for saving the world

    • Great post, you speak for many. Their is a good chance the toyota will be build in the U.S., we know the BS will be built in Mexico.

      • Thanks, but I’m sad. I have loved my ford vehicles. This ceo is an idiot, why would you alienate at least 50% of you’re buyers.

        • I’m with you, 100%. I’ve owned a LOT of fords throughout my life, in fact I keep an “antique vehicle”, f150 1978, 460CID (professionally rebuilt+improved), 9in rear, etc. I love those old All Steel Fords. I wonder how many of the “new fords” will be around 40 years from now? The “fly-over” states, account for a very large portion of fords business-in his own way, Ford is endorsing the “basket of deplorables” sentiment held by so many east and west coast city dwellers. My days of buying a new Ford, may have hit a brick wall. Fords big move into china is at the heart of this thing, $$$$ are more important to them, than a free and prosperous United States. It’s sad.

  13. I’ve been a Ford owner since high school, but when I see the CEO of Ford Motor Company bend over backwards to kiss the backside of an illegitimate ‘president-elect’, it makes me seriously consider taking my business elsewhere.
    Henry is probably rolling over in his grave. God help us.
    Y’all should plan on moving to a new place (country?), because China is probably moving in. Wouldn’t be surprised if Biden has already signed the deed to the country over to the CCP. Sheesh, how stupid is this country?
    Bill Ford ought to be ashamed of himself.

  14. Wow, there are a BUNCH of posters here who have been drinking far too much of the Trump Kool Ade. He lost. PERIOD. And this from a life-long member of the Canadian Conservative Party (Conservative = Republican). And I agree with Bill Ford on rejoining the Paris Accord.

    • Of course Canada likes this deal, as if you actually read it, The UNITED STATES, pays for it!! The “Deal punishes American energy producers, while American Tax Payers subsidize the weak, hand out countries, oh, and BTW-china gets a 10 years pass!!! Only an idiot actually believes china will “fall in line” in ten years!!! this isn’t an accord-it is a rip-off of America, so again, I’m sure you as a canadian love it.

  15. See even Canada has RINO’s. You are correct China won since no Democrat ever wants to attract jobs here. Perhaps the next beast limo will be built in China just to return the favor to Biden. What flavor of KOOL AID do you folks up there drink? 🙂

  16. What a comment from FORD. That just helped me make my choice of pickup to buy. Been a Ford LOYALIST for years and have a F150 LARIAT 4 DR 4WL drive. For MR ELIEST FORD,maybe he should further his education in the real world. He is obviously educated beyond his intelligence. You want an explanation of what s wrong with the world, U just got it.

  17. Biden is a mule, if he were really interested in the climate, and the environment-he would not allow products to be imported into the US that were mfg in countries that did not follow EVERY inch of the Paris accord, as of now, places such as China, will do our polluting for us, and take our money while they’re at it. Those that are virtuous, and applaud the return of the accord-but continue to purchase from polluting countries are hypocrites, and fools.

  18. What a friggin idiot. This guy is gonna chase me out of Fords. The ignorant, useless treaty only hurts America, and makes China much stronger. Friggin America hating tree huggers.

  19. If you buy a ford f150 you are buying a American product so you are supporting American jobs so what is the problem REALLY?
    Ford will still make electric,hybrid vans,trucks,Suvs in America so again whats the problem?

    • Are you really that ignorant? Ford is a multi national, profit to ford is multi national, when you add dollars to ford’s coffers, they’re able to politically support (with dollars) crazy anti-American jobs/politicians/ etc. Ford is importing cars from Mexico (to include the BS), these should be build in the US, not mexico. Ford’s new ads talk about America, they are careful not to mention all the jobs they’ve shipped to Mexico (and other places), nor are they bragging about the chinese made manual transmissions they use, or the chinese made transmissions they plan on putting in the “made in the USA” broncos (when they actually start assembling them in country). The transmissions are being built in a Largely ford owned plant in china-one they moved from Europe! There are NONE so Blind as those that will not see.

  20. I believe in the “GO WOKE GO BROKE” mantra. If your ceo talks in virtual signaling, lib speak, How smart can he be? I might still buy, but am very disappointed. So I guess THAT is my problem.

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