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Custom Ford F-150 Lightning Renderings Add A Little Beef To The Mix

The Ford F-150 Lightning has been out of production for quite a few years now, and yet, the performance pickup still has its fair share of fans. Not to mention people who would love to see this street machine with a bed make a comeback. That includes artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel, who recently drew up a pretty cool custom Ford F-150 Lightning that isn’t too over-the-top, yet features a few cool modifications that make it truly stand out from what we’ve seen so far.

Emmanuel is known for making pretty much everything a widebody, but showed a little more restraint here. In fact, this theoretical Lightning retains its stock bodywork, save for slightly widened fenders.

But in this case, those fenders are functional, because they make room for a seriously huge set of wheels and tires. Again, Emmanuel doesn’t go crazy in that department either, optioning for “only” 18-inch Centerline Convo wheels wrapped in sticky Hoosier rubber.

Outside of the rolling stock, this custom Ford F-150 Lightning has some white stripes added for a little extra visual punch, along with a billet upper and lower grille insert, smoked headlights, fog lights, and taillights, and a side exit exhaust.

He also added hood pins to give the pickup a little more of a race-inspired look (fitting for a Lightning) and tossed a seriously beefy engine under the hood for good measure.

As we can see in a render with the hood off, the truck’s 5.4L V8 is sporting a new Roush supercharger in place of the stock piece, and it looks mighty mean as a result. Overall, this fictional Lightning has a serious NASCAR vibe, thanks mostly to the ultra-wide wheels and tires, and we’re certainly digging it. Now, we just need someone to build it in real life.

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    Pi$$ on the useless renderings. Show a REAL truck and stop wasting space.


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