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Electric Ford F-150 More Appealing To Consumers Than Tesla Cybertruck

The first-ever electric Ford F-150 isn’t due to launch until mid-2022, and we know very little about it, outside of a few teaser testing videos released by the automaker in recent months. Meanwhile, a whopping 650,000+ people have reportedly put down a $100 refundable deposit for a Tesla Cybertruck. However, according to a new survey from Cox Automotive, potential electric truck buyers find the electric Ford F-150 more appealing than its uniquely-designed rival.

Electric Ford F-150

Cox asked consumers about their views of the many EV pickups preparing to enter the market in the coming years, and came up with some rather interesting data. Nearly 2-in-5 buyers looking at purchasing a truck in the next two years are considering an electric pickup. Half of those consumers find the current crop of EVs on the market appealing, though their top priorities including price, performance, design, size, and brand name.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to which brands they’re most interested in, 3 out of 5 potential buyers – roughly 60 percent – found the electric Ford F-150 to be the most appealing compared to the Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, and Rivian R1T, without brand and model indicators involved. The Hummer EV came in second at 41 percent, followed by the R1T at 39 percent, with the Cybertruck finishing last at just 19 percent.

When it comes to the electric trucks that buyers indicated they might actually purchase with brand and model indicators revealed, the electric Ford F-150 once again led the pack at 45 percent, followed by the Cybertruck at 32 percent, Hummer EV at 28 percent, and R1T at 25 percent. According to Cox, Ford’s history with trucks likely drove this result, as the automaker led every single category except technology.

Name value came into play with the rest of the forthcoming EV pickups as well, as we can see from Tesla’s jump from ranking to ranking. Meanwhile, despite its monumental fundraising in recent years, Ford-backed Rivian hasn’t yet established itself in terms of name recognition, though it seems like the R1T will beat its rivals to market.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    The FORD F150 truck looks better by far without seeing nothing more than a light bar. Truth is I haven’t seen a truck by Tesla, I’ve seen a thing they are calling a truck that I wouldn’t buy

  2. Ron

    Tesla is going to take a massive bite out of the truck market. Loyal Ford owners will switch to an electric Ford eating into Ford’s petroleum powered offerings. Most electric vehicle purchasers will be dumping their gas ⛽⛽⛽ vehicles not affecting Tesla’s dominance in the least.

  3. Richard

    63% in 2019. Nuclear and renewables make up the rest. Coal was at over 40% and has dropped to half that as of 2019..

    Not a fan of renewables, but the argument that the us only uses coal and gas for energy is dated and more so with every passing year.

  4. Bill Howland

    American made…

    Besides the Biden/Harris consortium wants to drop a bomb on the relatively few remaining Coal Plants. My Favorite American-Made fuel that was SUPPOSED to power my 3 electric cars. So just like the Keystone Pipeline Cancellation – more American and Canadian workers forced out of their jobs. I’ve lived downwind of my town’s coal plant for my entire life – and the only ‘pollutants’ it discharged were 99% reduced Sulfur Dioxide and 90% reduced Mercury. The sludge was never allowed to build up – it feeding an American made Drywall plant – not that dangerous Formaldehyde Chinese stuff that Lowe’s used to sell which made people sick and turned copper pipes leaky and black. But NY State banned all coal plants a few years ago.

    Back to FORD, does anyone think that “INVERTED SQUARE U” headlight thing looks dopey? That would probably be a killer for me, the same as the Mach-E’s funny door latches would kill the sale for me. I don’t need to be frozen out of my car due to some designer’s wet dream.

    As far as ‘Dangerous Greenhouse Gasses’ – does it bother anyone that by far, the most efficacious GHG is WATER vapor, and that Sweden has just reported that its ‘climate’ hasn’t changed in the past 200 years. If anything, the world is overall getting colder. As a “Carbon-based-organism” myself, I love CO2, and so do plants since it is their only food.

  5. Jacob

    For work possibly a ford but looks plain, boring, and unexciting. For everything else a cybertruck. I’m getting the cybertruck

    1. RICHARD


  6. David Knoop

    My Rivian will be powered by Good old Snake River Hydropower brought to you by Idaho Power. No coal fired plants needed here.

  7. REW

    Won’t waste money on Tesla. Build quality isn’t all that great ( see Rich Rebuilds,on YouTube for examples) . Coworkers who did jump,on the,Tesla wagon soon got rid of them and went back to their Infinitis and Scooby Doos.

    Cited as main reason? They realized they were being treated worse than Apple devotees when it came to maintenance, pricing , and stupidly expensive privileges that are standard features on other cars

    I’d buy an electric F150 or R1T. At least I could buy after market accessories for the bed and actually WORK out of it.

  8. Ron

    Isnt going to matter which truck is appealing if it isn’t affordable. I noticed there wasn’t any mention of about how much any of them will cost. Poor folks will all be forced to pay the upcoming high prices for gas because of the incredibly high price on these vehicles. Only the rich people will be able to afford them. I’ll be retiring soon, so I’ll be one to get my finances choked short because high fuel prices.


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