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Ford Bronco Sport Cargo Management System Overview: Video

The Ford Bronco Sport is full of innovative and thoughtful features that make it quite the utilitarian little crossover. That includes the available Bronco Sport Cargo Management System, which allows owners to configure the vehicle to suit their own specific needs by configuring the cargo area in a variety of ways. And this new video from Ford demonstrates exactly how this innovative new system works.

The Bronco Sport Cargo Management System begins with a cargo divider that’s stored behind the rear seat in the rear cargo area. To use the divider in full shelf position, simply slide it onto the tracks on each side of the vehicle, then align the triangles and turn the latches to lock it in place. The divider can also be folded to allow for additional space in the rear portion of the cargo area.

To use the divider as a full table, slide it into the first locking position, align the triangles, and turn the latches to lock it. Then, from underneath the divider, pull the table legs down and lock them in place on the bumper.

To use half the table, fold the legs back in place and fold the divider back. Sectioning off the cargo area is possible as well and can be completed by inserting the shelf into either of the slots on the sides of the cargo area.

When the divider isn’t in use, it can be stored in place behind the rear seat once again. What’s particularly nice about the divider is that it takes up a very minimal amount of space when it’s stored away, and yet, it’s quite flexible when needed.

The five-way configurable Bronco Sport Cargo Management System is just one of the crossover’s many innovative new features, but we imagine that it will be one of the most popular among owners.

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  1. Scott

    I ordered the Cargo Mgmt System w/ my Bronco Sport. I think it was a late-availability item, which probably explains why my vehicle isn’t scheduled for production until March. It’s going to be worth the wait, however. This is a pretty clever set-up.

  2. Greg

    I received a notice that my Ford bronco sport was scheduled for production two weeks before Christmas but haven’t heard anything since. Is there a way I can find out where it is?

  3. Christian

    I am missing a picture of the pulled-out table (with the legs locked in the bumper) as described in the text. Would appreciate if you could add that.

  4. Ronald simmons

    I didn’t order my Badlands. I bought it off the lot when the original customer canceled his order at the last minute. He had ordered the cargo management system. It’s a $110 option. I find it useless and a waste of time and money. I took it out and stashed it in my shed.

    1. Joel

      Do you still have it? I would buy it

  5. susan

    I bought a Bronco Outer Banks. It does not have the Cargo Management system. Can this be purchased and installed?


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