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Ford Dealers That Invest In Bronco Showroom Upgrades Can Get More Allocations: Exclusive

Ford dealers will find out exactly what sort of 2021 Ford Bronco allocations they will receive soon, and as red-hot as the new Ford Bronco is, that number is going to be a big deal. Dealers will want to get their hands on as many of these vehicles as possible, and now, it appears that there will be a way to increase allocation by investing in Bronco showroom upgrades or standalone, dedicated facilities, according to a document obtained by Ford Authority.

The document states that Ford has established a Bronco-branded facilities program that includes options for either a dedicated Bronco showroom display or an entire, standalone Bronco-only facility. The program is completely optional for Ford dealers, and is not required to sell or service the Bronco. However, dealers that do opt to invest in the program will be eligible to receive additional allocations based on how much they spend.

Ford Bronco Branded Facilities Program
Dealer Bronco Elements Spend Incremental Dealer Allocation
$0-$12,499 0
$12,500-$24,999 1
$25,000-$37,499 2
$37,500-$49,999 3
$50,000-$62,499 4
$62,500-$74,999 5
$75,000+ 6

Dealers investing less than $12,500 will receive zero extra allocations, while spending between $12.500 and $24,999 will net one extra allocation. From there, allocations increase by one for every spending level – two for $25,000-$37,499, three for $37,500-$49,999, four for $50,000-$62,499, five for $62,500-$74,999, and a maximum of six extra allocations for dealers investing $75,000 or more.

There are quite a few caveats to the program, and those interested must be approved by Ford and meet a host of criteria. The Bronco-specific facilities are subject to Blue Oval guidelines and state franchise laws, and dealers who have unfulfilled commitments or “substandard” facilities will not be approved for the program. Ford must also approve the location of Bronco-specific facilities, which will only be allowed to sell new and used Bronco products – the Bronco and Bronco Sport, for now.

Ford says that the additional Bronco allocations granted through the facilities program will be spread out over the 2021 and 2022 model years, and will be based on a variety of factors including demand and production timing.

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  1. trailhiker

    With Ford cramming Lincoln into their dealerships, I don’t see how they have room on the showroom floor. They really need to have Lincoln be stand alone dealerships again, or at least a seperate building for sales while sharing the Ford repair garage.
    The Bronco brand is only going to get bigger!

  2. Dave Mathers

    Once again a franchisor forcing changes on franchisees without offering up any monetary assistance. Takes me back to the Ranger diesel ‘essential tools’ days and all the ‘direct entry’ changes where dealers had to direct enter warranty claims, parts orders and delivery data. Those jobs had been done by Ford but were forced onto the dealers with NO compensation whatsoever.

  3. Paul Meyer

    Smart move… the Bronco ‘family’ is going to be huge ala Jeep for Chrysler.


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