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Ford F-250 Super Duty Frees Stuck Semi From Deep Mud: Video

We all know that the Ford F-250 Super Duty is capable of towing and hauling some incredibly heavy loads. This has been the case for quite a few years now, and each passing generation sees these numbers increase exponentially. But aside from mere numbers, it’s amazing to see just what this particular Ford F-250 Super Duty managed to pull – a semi-truck stuck in the mud.

The owner of the pickup says that he was driving down Highway 183 in Irving, Texas when he noticed the stuck semi sitting off to the right of a service road. He offered to help, which the driver accepted, and proceeded to hook up the Ford Super Duty to the front of the rig. However, that didn’t work too well, as the semi didn’t move too far despite their best efforts.

Thus, the Ford pickup owner decided to try something different and instead hooked up his Super Duty to the back of the semi. This worked much better, and with a little effort, the truck was able to free its rather large counterpart from the deep mud so the truck driver could go on about his business.

The semi was empty at the time, which undoubtedly helped, but this is still an impressive feat nonetheless. The Super Duty, which is sporting a six-inch lift and aftermarket wheels and tires, did have to put in a bit of work to make this happen, but the fact that it managed to move the semi with little traction is quite cool to see, regardless.

Still, this sort of exercise probably isn’t the best way to keep a Super Duty from breaking. Personally, we would have just waited for a proper tow truck to come along rather than risk tearing up our fancy pickup, but that doesn’t make this feat any less entertaining to watch.

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  1. Dave Mathers

    In November 1996 my wife and I were heading east on I-40 near Winslow in a snowstorm when we saw TWO Covenant Transports in the median. One facing west and one facing east and they had hit each other!! What are the odds of THAT? LOL About thirty miles down the road we saw one of their trucks with another one wrecked on a flat bed. D’oh!! Having said that jerking another vehicle like that can be hard on differentials, axles and U-joints. Just saying.

  2. Ford Owner

    Most commercial tow trucks are Fords.

  3. Jason S.

    That big truck was stuck and going nowhere. No weight on trailer equals low traction.
    This is a great example of helping another person out of a jam. What a tough Ford truck. Good job!


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